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Odoo Consulting Services FAQ

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What are Odoo Consulting Packages from Confianz Global?

Odoo Consulting Packages are time blocks you are buying from Confianz Global to be used in implementing the Odoo ERP system for your company.

How can I use the packages?

You can use the hours in the time block you purchased for either Odoo consulting over the phone with one of our highly-trained team members, Odoo customization, or both.

I paid for the plan, how do I get started?

Our Account Manager will reach out to you via email in less than 24 business hours to get started with your Confianz Global experience.

Is the 2-hour Odoo consulting package really free?

Yes, you do not pay a dime or provide credit card details. You provide us with your contact information and Sean will contact you in less than 24 business hours to get started. The 2 hours can be utilized to understand your current processes and software systems in place to make recommendations for improvement, or for a simple Odoo customization which you want to get done. If you are near the 2 hours mark, our team will let you know that you need to buy a package to continue further.

Can we talk before I make a purchase?

Yes, please contact Sean Walker at 704-215-4622 ext. 403

Why you haven't provided the cost for a dedicated developer?

The cost of a dedicated developer depends on their expertize, number of years of experience, and complexity of the tasks. Once we learn your Odoo needs, we will create a custom Full Time Equivalent package cost for you.

Can I get a refund for a package I already purchased?

Yes, you can get a refund for hours not utilised if you notify us in writing that you do not wish to continue as a customer of Confianz Global.

What is the minimum commitment for a dedicated Odoo Developer?

The minimum commitment for an FTE Odoo developer is 2 months. Both parties have the right to cancel the contract by giving one month’s written notice, with or without any explanation.

Why are dedicated developers more affordable than the other options?

We are providing you a dedicated developer with a minimum of 160 hours of work per month. This helps with our planning and resource allocation, and as a result, we pass that financial advantage to our customer.

Our company wants to hire more than one dedicated Odoo developer, QA tester, project manager, business analysts, etc. Is this possible?

Yes, please contact Sean Walker at 704-215-4622 ext. 403