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Why Companies Are Switching To Odoo

Companies looking for an ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution are quickly making the switch to Odoo to boost productivity, increase sales, and better manage operations across their company. With Odoo, you can manage all aspects of your organization from one simple, user-friendly dashboard. This gives everyone in the company access to all of the tools, applications, and modules they need to successfully do their job.

Odoo works for all departments of companies of all types of industries, including warehousing, sales, human resources, accounting, HR, e-commerce, and more. It currently has over 2 million users across the world, making it among the most popular and affordable open-source ERP solutions available on the market.

Unlike other software, Odoo offers seemingly endless integration options. Plus, its open-source format means that it can grow faster than other software. Automatic updates and usability improvements allow Odoo to evolve faster than other solutions on the market by ensuring that customers always have the most up-to-date version.

Here are some reasons why companies are choosing Odoo for all their software management needs.

  • Easy to use interface

  • Over 2 million users globally

  • Improve sales and productivity

  • Ideal for companies in any industry

  • Over 10,000 customizable modules

  • Affordable per-user cost and licensing

  • Access Odoo’s web-based solution from anywhere at any time

  • Simplify your company’s workflow across departments

  • Full suite of business modules and applications

  • Easy to manage all your business processes

  • Fastest growing open-source ERP system

Why Your Company Needs An Odoo Consultant

The open-source software Odoo provides an intuitive dashboard to store a collection of several business-related applications and modules, including those for sales management, CRM, HRMS, E-commerce, warehouse management, and accounting. Odoo stands for “on-demand open object.” Its premise is simple enough, but actually figuring out the best ways to utilize Odoo for your company can take some effort. With so much opportunity available from one platform, it can feel daunting for a business to get a handle on the best ways Odoo can benefit their business. That’s why Odoo consulting from Confianz Global Inc. is here to help. Whether you’re brand new to Odoo or have been using it for a while, our expert Odoo consultants can help you get the most out of the software to improve efficiency across your company.

Odoo services

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Odoo services

How an Odoo Consultant Can Help Your Business

Odoo’s model as an open-source software means that it’s constantly updating and changing.

Odoo is plugged into developers and business leaders worldwide who are able to contribute to building apps on the platform. It can be a challenge for business owners and executives to keep up with the ever-evolving platform. Fortunately, there are Odoo consultants available to help you stay on top of the latest news and updates from Odoo that are directly relevant to your business. Confianz Global, Inc. offers Odoo consulting services to help you customize and implement Odoo. We also help with migration and training, to make sure all of your employees have the tools they need to be successful. Our continuing support services are available to help you build your own cloud infrastructure and make it fully customized to your organization.

Odoo Consultants Improve Customer Relationships

At Confianz Global, Inc., we’re here to help you make the most out of your software. To do that, we need to know more about your organization.


Our Odoo consulting services start with a meeting with your team to learn as much as we can about your business methodologies, your business process, and your business needs. With this information, we can help you figure out if Odoo is right for you and what, exactly, your business needs to attain your goals.


Once we have a solid idea of how your organization works and what goals you have, our Odoo consultants get to work developing a strategy. Because we are familiar with all the available Odoo modules, we can start an in-depth examination into which ones will work best for your business. We study the modules’ functionality and limitations before determining a plan to tailor them to meet your business objectives. During this phase, we also come up with a plan to seamlessly migrate data from existing systems to Odoo.


Once we have figured out the best modules to use and have migrated your existing data to Odoo, our Odoo consultants will start customizing your Odoo dashboard. This includes customizing modules and module development, along with any other areas that are required based on your business’s needs.


No matter what size your organization is, implementing a new software system takes considerable effort and planning. Our Odoo consultants will help you navigate this process with ease using proven methodologies to seamlessly implement your Odoo ERP system across departments. We handle all the technical aspects of implementing, integrating, and deploying Odoo.


Our work isn’t done once Odoo has been successfully implemented for your organization. Our Odoo consultants will continue to provide support and training as long as you need it. Learn more about Odoo consulting services from Confianz or contact us today to get started with customized Odoo consulting for your business.

Odoo Apps

The goal of any business is to help clients so you can make money. Our Odoo consultants can help you generate customized leads that will lead to more sales. We start by getting to know what challenges your business faces during the sales cycle. Then, we’ll help you incorporate and integrate the right applications and modules into your Odoo software to help you achieve your goals.

No matter what industry you’re in, you need to foster good relationships with clients in order to be successful. With help from a professional Odoo CRM consultant, your organization can learn which tools you can leverage to improve customer relations. These can include tools that increase your efficiency, provide more transparency between you and your customers, and have improved insight into the needs of your customers.

Odoo customization
Odoo Training

The Odoo consultants at Confianz Global, Inc. are equipped with insight and knowledge that will help your business maximize efficiency and productivity without spending a fortune. We can help you find the most cost-effective methods to increase customer engagement to improve customer relationships so you can spend more time helping customers and less time trying to figure out what they need.

The value our Odoo consultants add to your organization cannot be overstated. Our trained consultants are able to determine the best applications to add to your Odoo dashboard for a fully customized experience that will help you achieve your organization’s specific goals. If your goals pivot, count on our Odoo consultants to give you the support and advice you need to manage change and still get the most out of your software.

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