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Manage every Business Workflow efficiently with our Odoo Customization Services

Every company needs to evolve its business processes from time to time as per the changing requirements. Using an out-of-the-box ERP solution rarely ticks all the boxes.

In comparison, customizing Odoo ERP enables developers to modify your existing system to transform business functionalities. This helps the employees in running the business harmoniously. In addition, Odoo has the benefit of having more applications as your business needs change.

Odoo Enterprise Edition has highly advanced features targeted toward innovating and optimizing your business operations to achieve customer satisfaction.

Confianz can help businesses customize the Odoo Enterprise Edition by following a detailed and end-to-end implementation approach. Our Odoo Customization Services empower you to succeed against other organizations globally.

Why Choose Confianz Global For Your Odoo ERP Implementation?

Odoo Apps: Customizable Solutions for Your Business Needs

Confianz can customize Odoo apps based on your business requirements to furnish tailor-made solutions. Here are the categories of Odoo apps that are customizable:

Business image Website Apps

Website applications are specifically designed for small to mid-scale organizations in e-commerce, blogging, e-learning, etc. domains to have a simple and interactive Odoo platform for its users to learn about a business and what it offers.

Business image Sales Apps

Sales is the heart of any business. Using sales applications given within Odoo, e.g., CRM, Sales, Point of Sales, etc., companies can understand their buyers buying choices for commodities. By implementing custom reports, enterprises (businesses) can better analyze processes and gain insight into their buyers' buying behaviors to implement strategies to grow their business.

Business image Finance Apps

The vital applications required for running any business are accounting, invoicing, managing employee expenses, etc., and are integrated with many other Odoo apps, helping in sharing information across the corresponding departments of your business.

Business image Inventory and Manufacturing Apps

Having an inventory application is a huge relief for businesses that supply commodities to warehouses.

Business image Human Resource Apps

Odoo has an intelligent HR application that can manage and automate information about employee recruitment, payroll, leaves, performance, etc.

Business image Marketing Apps

Marketing apps help design campaigns and marketing through emails, SMS, and social media.

Business image Services Apps

Service apps in Odoo comprise a project management application, a timesheet application to manage billable hours, a helpdesk application having a ticketing platform to support your customers, etc.

Business image Productivity Apps

Productivity applications streamline communication required for your business. A productivity application like Odoo VOiP integrates with other Odoo applications. This simplifies every business workflow to execute operations.

With Odoo ERP’s custom-made solutions, business owners innovate business practices and meet their current challenges easily. For example, by implementing custom reports, enterprises (businesses) can better analyze business workflows, gain insight into their buyers' buying behaviors, and implement strategies to grow their business.

Types of Odoo Customization

Business image

Modules Customization

Odoo ERP system can modify built-in modules like Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, etc., to cater to custom requirements. These modifications should always be performed by expert Odoo partners like Confianz to get the most out of your Odoo apps. Odoo also has an option of adding your custom modules, which can be the case when you want to migrate from an existing ERP system to Odoo.

Business image

Theme Customization

Most businesses require a symmetrical look and feel of applications which is easily achievable using the Odoo ERP system. Odoo has the functionality to create and execute a custom theme specific to your business that includes company headers and footers, color schemes, icons, fonts, and many more. Configuration options, as well as add-on applications, allow users to create a theme. In addition, Odoo also has a variation for a dark or light theme, which users can do with minimal configuration changes.

Business image

Integration with third-party tools

A scenario common in businesses is the requirement of third-party tools, like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, DHL, etc. These tools are used regularly across day-to-day business activities and can be added and integrated into your complete Odoo application based on your needs.

Odoo Customization Services offered by Confianz

Some of the main Odoo Customization services offered by Confianz are illustrated below:

Business image
Expert Odoo Developers

Odoo Report Customization

Businesses require many reports for analysis and year-on-year growth. Input factors for these reports vary based on business requirements. To overcome this challenge, Confianz can help configure and implement custom report generation; to create reports that make the most sense for your business.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Odoo Dashboard Customization

Confianz can help configure and set up a custom dashboard based on day-to-day activities performed by users to reduce the time spent on such activities and speed up business operations.

Industry Experience

Odoo POS receipt Customization

Sometimes a POS receipt needs to be configured based on the printer setup of a business. Point-of-sale receipts can be custom-made easily using expert services by Confianz.

Industry Experience

Odoo Invoice Customization

Odoo offers a lot of built-in invoice templates for your business. However, there can be a need to modify the invoice format. This is where businesses require some Odoo Invoice Customization. Confianz can customize and store custom invoice templates in the Odoo system which can be used as needed. By Odoo Invoice Customization, businesses can have tailor-made invoices aligned with business processes and branding.

Industry Experience

Odoo CRM Customization

Each business handles its customers differently. Confianz can furnish tailor-made CRM modules to help businesses strengthen their customer base.

Odoo Customization Service Benefits

Odoo ERP has a variety of services that are customizable to the extent that they assist business processes in being executed efficiently. These services are given below:

Custom Module Development

There are many significant advantages of having an open-source Odoo ERP. Developers can enhance your business workflow by customizing Odoo ERP modules (existing in Enterprise Edition) and integrating new modules into Odoo as per your business needs.

Integration with Third-Party Tools

In many businesses, there will be a requirement to integrate third-party systems like delivery tracking, Amazon, payment gateways, external messaging services, etc., to simplify tasks. Odoo ERP simplifies these tasks with easily available APIs, making the end-to-end business process operate seamlessly.

Theme Customization

Many business organizations must maintain the look and feel of their business. Odoo ERP contains the functionality to modify the user interface theme based on a business’s brand requirements. This helps to build uniformity across all business applications and establish standards.

Migration and Upgrade Services

Customization doesn’t always imply modification of code. Some customization activities include migrating your existing ERP system over to Odoo. This means data migrations, user training, and numerous other processes to be followed in successfully migrating systems. Sometimes Odoo releases new versions of the application which results in upgrade activities to be performed. To resolve these activities, Confianz provides code migration services.

Data and Reports Customization

One of the most common custom business requirements is to have data reports specifically fine-tuned to business activities. If you want a specific report that is not out-of-the-box, our developers can help by customizing the code.

Training and Consulting

Once the Odoo system is in place for your business, there will always be a learning curve for all users. Confianz provides end-user training to get everyone up to speed with changes based on any customizations done.

Workflow Automation

Odoo can be customized to create business workflows designed specially to automate end-to-end business processes.

Inventory Management

Every business organization manages inventory differently. Odoo customization can help build the perfect inventory management application capable of automating inventory stock analysis and issuing alerts on low stock availability.

E-commerce Integration

Odoo is easy to integrate and communicate with external applications. This is particularly advantageous for various e-commerce platforms as most of these companies require integrating third-party applications, e.g., Shopify, Amazon, etc., to execute their business operations seamlessly. This is achievable through the use of third-party connectors. Confianz also has its connectors built for Odoo. Visit our Odoo App Store for more information.

Accounting Customization

Odoo’s accounting module can be customized as per requirements to perform business-critical activities like invoicing, balance sheet management, etc. This assists businesses to better manage their capital and enhance their profitability.

HR Management

An organization’s main strength is its human resources. Odoo has a powerful HR module that is customizable to keep track of employee performance and time management based on business policies.

Mobile App Development

Many business activities are performed on the go nowadays. Thus, it is crucial to keep business mobile and active in real-time. Confianz can help businesses develop and deploy a mobile application specifically designed for catering to specific business needs.

Custom Dashboards and Analytics

A dashboard created specifically tuned as per business needs can go a long way toward saving precious time for the users. Odoo’s dashboard can be created based on user roles, meaning every user can perform their duties conveniently.

Odoo POS Customization

The most significant step in a business is executing a sale efficiently. Customizing the Odoo ERP POS module comes in handy by integrating barcode scanners and card readers directly. Odoo POS Customization helps in making the final sale seamlessly for the customer and assists in tracking inventory appropriately as well.

CRM Customization

A powerful CRM tool is crucial for any business to grow. Odoo has a smart customer relationship management module that can be custom-made further to personalize customer engagement. It can help to fine-tune customer feedback analysis and convert prospects into loyal customers.

Project Management Customization

Every business has to fine-tune the Project Management based on what it does. A project workflow can be tailor-made in Odoo with the project management module, to keep track of all the project phases and tasks.

Fleet Management

A business can have its fleet of resources, like cabs, buses, etc., that require management. As every company manages its fleet with its requirements, Odoo has a customizable fleet management application that can be used.

Document Management

Usually, there are many documents involved in having a business execute smoothly. These documents can be a handful to organize and store, but with customization options available on Odoo’s Document Management module, businesses can manage crucial contracts, balance sheets, and many other documents systematically.

The Advantages of Odoo Customization Service for Your Business

Improved efficiency and productivity for businesses

Tailor-made end-to-end Odoo solutions are capable enough to handle business tasks more efficiently; saving time for making informed decisions. Hence, employees can prioritize tasks, gain visibility about business performance, and collaborate with their colleagues on strategies to boost growth and productivity.

Better alignment of business tasks with specific requirements

Our Odoo development process can create custom-made solutions that match your business needs by performing code customization. It ensures the optimized performance of your ERP solution.

Increased flexibility and scalability

Odoo is highly flexible due to its vast array of applications. Thus, many business workflows can be accommodated into it. It has open-source business apps that are customizable. Moreover, you can also add your applications to the Odoo ERP suite.

While initially, we must determine the number of users logging into the application, you can scale the number of users up or down as needed. Odoo is highly scalable and adapts seamlessly to growing businesses without hindering business operations.

Enhanced user experience and adaptation

Odoo ERP system provides an elegant and easy-to-use user interface, considering all user activities traditionally performed on screen. Odoo Enterprise enables our Odoo developers to modify and enhance processes not present in the out-of-the-box edition. Odoo has a simple UI and familiar workflows to which users can adapt to ERP systems.

participatition image

Why Choose Odoo ERP system, and what makes it different from other ERPs?

Our Odoo Customization Service enables you to have simple business workflows designed as per your requirements. Automated processes save time and minimize the effort in executing a business operation. Custom development tailors the ERP to meet your company’s needs by removing, modifying, or adding functionalities. It empowers business owners to make informed decisions for the growth of their company.

how long take image

Odoo Implementation for creating Custom-Made Odoo ERP Solutions

Odoo Customization is a complex process. It must be performed by Odoo experts. Confianz has a dedicated team of designers, developers, and testers who can perform Odoo Implementation processes to ease your business workflow and processes.

Confianz starts this Odoo Implementation process with a detailed analysis of the current system and works to understand how the business functions. In the next step, we document how your business will fit into Odoo’s business automation workflow and determine what modules require customization. All these requirements will be categorized and recorded in a tracking tool like Jira. Post a rigorous Odoo development and testing cycle, Confianz would be ready to go live with the final Odoo ERP system. After the deployment activity, training and support services are put in place to ensure the Odoo implementation is executed successfully and seamlessly enhances business processes.

Factors Affecting Odoo Customization Cost

Expert Odoo Developers

Complexity of customization

Businesses can require customizations based on their business needs. The cost of implementing complex business needs can be higher due to the skills required to implement it.

Expert Odoo Developers

Data migration

If there is an existing system already in place for the business, customization might require the migration of data from the current business application into the new Odoo database. Such data migration activities add to the customization cost.

Expert Odoo Developers

Functional requirements

Sometimes even if the scale of the business is large, customizations are required only in certain functional areas. This impacts the customization cost as there are specific skill sets necessary to fulfill these requirements.

Integration with third-party systems: Certain business processes have a dependency on external APIs and third-party systems. The number of integrations required changes the cost of customization accordingly.

Expert Odoo Developers

Customization timeline

Some businesses set tight deadlines for completing the customized application, and that can impact costs and increase the number of resources performing the required development and testing activities.

Our Custom-made Odoo ERP services to innovate business workflow

Odoo Implementation is a complex process. Confianz uses Odoo open-source functionality to create customized ERP software for you within a given time frame; keeping in mind your business needs. With a tailor-made application, a business can reach new heights and get its users to perform day-to-day business activities more strategically. Confianz can help create custom report generation tools, dashboards, invoices, etc., that take your business to new heights.

Why Choose Confianz Global For Your Odoo ERP Implementation?
Why Choose Confianz Global For Your Odoo ERP Implementation?
Our commitment to delivering you the best Odoo ERP solutions

Confianz focuses on creating customized Odoo ERP software based on your inputs. With your specific business requirements, challenges, and pain points, our skilled team performs a gap analysis and proposes a solution for Odoo ERP implementation. We encourage you to consider a tailored solution created with only the required changes. To know more about how Confianz can create customized ERP solutions with Odoo, you can communicate with us at (704) 214-4622 EXT 403. Kindly fill in your details here, and we will contact you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Odoo developers at Confianz perform custom code-level customization. This Odoo development phase is useful in customizing Odoo modules, as well as customizing or adding applications to the module.

Confianz, an Odoo Customization Company is an Odoo Official partner of Odoo offering their Custom Plans. Confianz has a team of experts who will perform customizations on the code based on your requirements. Kindly contact us at our customer support number (704) 214-4622 EXT 403. You can provide your contact details here, and we will communicate with you soon.

The best practice for customizing Odoo ERP from a customer side is to clearly define their requirements so our team can document business processes. Secondly, we perform Odoo development and customization. Post this phase, we perform rigorous testing before deploying it to production. Thirdly, avoid performing over-customization. It causes difficulties in maintaining and upgrading the system.

The time taken and the cost to customize Odoo ERP depends upon the level of customization required by the customer and the size of the project.

Odoo Enterprise is a very complex business management software. For Odoo development and customization based on your business requirements, it is always advised to be performed by a team of Odoo developers like the one provided by Confianz.

We offer end-user training and maintenance services which are scoped into the customized proposal. These services can be taken post-customization.

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