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Our company boasts an impressive track record that stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Over the years, we have consistently delivered outstanding results across a diverse range of projects, showcasing our proficiency in various industries.


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How Confianz Innovates and transforms your ideas into an intelligent mobile application

Your search for an experienced partner to create high-performing applications ends here. With over 10 years of experience in application development, our expert developers at Confianz possess expertise in creating custom Android and iOS applications, especially for enterprise mobile app development. Our company offers end-to-end services to build and deliver applications capable of harnessing maximum efficiency from your business.

Our company is aligned with global innovations in technology and creates robust applications using them. Our team offers intelligent technical solutions like cross-platform applications that run on several devices with one codebase. We aim to deliver a smooth user experience for you and your customers.

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We cater to various business requirements for creating small to complex applications to meet your business goals and expectations. Our project team connects with you regularly to facilitate updates as well as receive your feedback for improvements. We envision and create secure, scalable applications complying with all standards and regulations.

Our best technical solutions empower businesses to know their customers' behavior, understand their requirements, enhance brand visibility, improve processes, and boost efficiency. You can harness the benefits of our best-quality apps with customer engagement, and sales, and through big data and analytics, resulting in high productivity and revenues.

Why it is important to have a smartphone application

  • Customers are crucial to business success. This is why customer engagement and loyalty are one of the greatest assets for increasing sales. This is achievable easily with a mobile application that directly interacts with a customer through their handheld devices. Without smartphone applications, businesses face challenges in gaining new customers.
  • Marketing a company’s offering is imperative for promoting products and services. This is possible by using a mobile application rather than just a website to create direct marketing strategies.
  • Nowadays, businesses are fast-paced, where immediate responses and actions are an everyday necessity. One of the reasons for prompt decision-making is the help of smartphone applications. This results in administrative decisions taking place from anywhere, at any time. If a business does not have a corresponding mobile application, it means that it is falling behind its competitors that do have an app.
  • Old business practices like collecting and processing data manually are no longer used in many organizations globally. These processes are slow and can cause discrepancies in data. This is why pacing with modern trends has become vital and prevalent in several companies. With our high-performing applications, you can run your business for your customers smoothly.
  • The online shopping experience through a handheld device is more efficient than through websites or brick-and-mortar shops. A web application helps buyers to make purchases quickly and have a seamless and delightful shopping experience.

Why is Confianz, a leading mobile app development company, your perfect partner for smartphone application development?

Confianz is determined to equip you with the right solutions created with smart strategies and upmarket technologies. We envision, analyze, and create applications for you and your target audience. Our focus is to know your business needs and goals to ensure the application meets your expectations. We test your mobile applications extensively before making them available to the public to validate their security and performance. We will ensure that all your business needs are met with the highest standards, making us a reliable mobile app development firm.

How much does an app cost?

Fundamental tips for choosing the right type of app for your business

Nowadays, customers love the effortless way of interacting with a business through a touch-and-tap smartphone application. It is the easiest way to interact with customers and showcase the business offerings as well. Businesses can market their brand, promote products and services, and generate revenue through a simple and systematic application. Many organizations consider having a smartphone app as a prerequisite for lucrative results. Hence, the popularity of using applications is increasing rapidly.

Confianz understands the importance of developing user-friendly applications. However, we appreciate your choice of application (native, hybrid, or progressive web apps) created for a specific OS. Hence, we furnish you with vital information before you choose an application. This will help us to know and align your business goals and requirements, along with the budget, timeframe, and target audience. In the competitive app development landscape, Confianz consistently stands among the top mobile app development companies. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and quality makes us your reliable app development partner.

Native Apps

Native applications are created with native languages i.e. Swift and Kotlin. Swift is used for creating native apps for iOS. Similarly, Kotlin is used for creating native apps for Android. Therefore, a native application is favorable for companies that wish to run their business through a specific operating system. In addition, native applications offer high performance, smooth user experience, and access to features like cameras, GPS, biometrics, etc. However, native applications require a separate codebase for each platform, which can cause an increase in development time, cost, and complexity.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid applications are created with markup languages i.e. HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It uses a cross-platform application development framework e.g. React Native, Flutter, Ionic, or Cordova. The applications are flexible to run on iOS as well as Android platforms. Hence it is useful for companies who wish to run the same application on Android as well as iOS devices. Hybrid apps may compromise on performance, user experience, and native functionality depending upon the framework used.

Progressive Web Apps

In certain situations, apps are extended from mobile devices to browsers as well. In these scenarios, we make use of progressive web apps. Such applications behave similarly to a native application on a mobile device but across devices and browsers. Progressive Web Applications combine web and app development features, support increased reach, provide offline access, and push notifications on browsers. The only drawback is that the performance of such applications is limited to the platform and browser that the user is running.

The Best technology and framework for your app

The different types of technologies and frameworks for creating a smartphone app are as follows:

Business image Native SDKs

Native SDKs are software development kits provided by the platform owners, such as Apple and Google, that allow you to develop apps using their native languages, such as Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android.

Business image Hybrid Frameworks

Hybrid frameworks are cross-platform frameworks that allow you to develop apps using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Some popular hybrid frameworks are React Native, Flutter, Ionic, and Cordova.

Business image Progressive Web App Frameworks

Progressive Web Apps are primarily built using web technologies as they are web-based applications, with features and powers similar to an application crafted for handheld devices. Angular, Javascript, React, and Node.js live as some of the most popular frameworks for creating Progressive Web Applications.

Custom mobile app development services by Confianz to fulfill your distinct business needs

Confianz offers the following app development services:

Android App Development

Our proficient developers can create practical and functional applications that work well on Android devices and tablets. These apps are built using Java, Kotlin, or Flutter, making us a top-tier mobile app development company. Our team follows and complies with the guidelines for Android App design as well as uses Android Studio IDE to ensure compatibility and quality.

iOS App Development

Our team of developers can build beautiful and intuitive apps for iOS devices using native iOS frameworks like Swift, Objective-C, or Flutter. With the aid of cutting-edge mobile app development software, we solidify our position as a trusted mobile app development company. We follow the iOS design guidelines and use the Xcode IDE to ensure compatibility and quality.

Web App Development

Our expert developers create responsive and progressive web apps that work on any browser and device using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or React. We use the best web and mobile development tools to ensure performance and usability.

App design

Our team of developers at Confianz can create attractive and user-friendly application designs that match your brand identity and vision. We use tools like Sketch, Adobe XD, or Figma to create wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and UI/UX elements.

App testing

Our QA team can test your app for functionality, usability, compatibility, security, and performance using various tools and methods.

App launch

Confianz can help you launch your app in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. We can handle the app submission process, the app store optimization (ASO), and the app marketing strategies.

How to make your application stand out with these features


A responsive app adapts to different screen sizes and resolutions on various devices. This feature improves user experience and accessibility.

Security and Privacy

Our developers incorporate encryption, authentication, authorization, and data protection mechanisms into your application to safeguard it against illegitimate access.

Push notifications

Push notifications are a useful feature in applications that communicate with the user about information like updates, offers, reminders, or alerts. In addition, it keeps the user engaged with the application and encourages them to open it more often.

Battery saving

The battery saving feature in your application optimizes energy consumption by reducing background activities, data usage, and screen brightness.


This feature enhances the look and feel of your application. Users have control over changing the app's appearance according to their preferences and needs.

Working offline without internet connectivity

Smart applications allow you to work online and offline ensuring no interruptions or delays due to network connectivity. We highly recommend having this feature for enhanced user experience.

Chat Support

The best way to know your customers’ inputs and feedback is through the chat support feature. This feature makes it easier for your users to directly communicate with you via text or voice messages.

User-generated content

This feature enables users to create and share their content e.g. photos, videos, reviews, etc., with the other members of the app community. This helps in customer engagement and loyalty.

Business image
Voice Recognition

This feature enables users to give voice commands to access data conveniently.

Business image
Image Recognition

This feature allows the application to identify objects, faces, text, etc., and process them accordingly. This feature is helpful for functionalities like face recognition and unlocking, barcode scanning, image search, etc.

Business image

These technologies create experiences with digital elements for entertainment, education, etc.

Business image
IoT Integration

This feature assists customers in connecting their devices with other devices or sensors. IoT helps in remote monitoring and control, data collection and analysis, or automation.

Business image
Analytics Tools

This intelligent feature collects and analyzes data from the application, for example, its usage, performance, user behavior, etc. It provides insights to improve the functionality, design, marketing, etc.

Business image
Dark Theme

This feature enables users to switch to dark-colored backgrounds. It also changes the color of the text to protect a user’s vision, optimizes battery usage, and improves visibility in low-light conditions.

Business image
Payment Gateway Integration

The payment gateway integration feature is common in businesses. This assists users in making online payments securely and conveniently within the app via credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, net banking, etc

Business image
Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication secures your application against unauthorized access through face, fingerprint, iris, or voice recognition mechanisms.

Business image

Happy customers can certainly become loyal customers. This is possible when a business appreciates their efforts and rewards them with points, badges, leaderboards, etc. Gamification makes it possible with its customer engagement and loyalty activities.

Business image
Feedback System

You can get feedback from your customers through this feature in your application. It can benefit your business and help you to improve the application. It will also ensure customer satisfaction.

Business image
Voice Search

The voice search feature can find information based on voice commands. It is helpful, convenient and improves accessibility.

Business image
Location Tracking

This feature assists users in finding searched locations easily. It interacts with the user and assists them with services and recommendations based on their location like restaurants, shops, traffic alerts, etc.

Business image
Face Detection

The face detection feature is unique as it allows its respective user to log in or unlock the application with their face. This feature secures your app against unauthorized access.

Business image
Social Media Integration

Content sharing is a seamless process with the social media integration feature. Application users can share content to different social media platforms via this feature, leveraging the app’s reach and popularity.

Business image
Content Streaming

This feature provides access to different kinds of content for users to watch like movies, music, videos, or podcasts.

Business image

Many applications deliver specific functionalities based on a user’s location. This technique of using location services from the mobile device to provide dynamic content is called Geofencing. Geofencing can be used for various purposes, such as marketing, security, livestock management, smart home automation, shipping and fleet management, etc.

The Confianz approach for creating custom mobile apps for iOS and Android

Business image Consulting

Our sales team connects with you via a call to know about your company and its goals. We sign an NDA with your company and proceed by learning your business needs, analyzing gaps, and addressing them.

Business image Feasibility and Risk analysis

Our team ensures to check whether the project is viable or not. We are thorough in our approach to checking the scope of the project and the possible risks associated with it.

Business image Requirement Gathering

Knowing your business needs enables us to know how you would like to have your application created to match your customer expectations. We document requirements adhering to ISO standards.

Business image UI/UX design Process

A detailed yet smart design process helps us to know the flow of every feature that has to be a part of the application. We break down the project into modules and design the app interface accordingly.

Business image Development Process

We have a well-defined development process with specific developers handling projects for Native and Hybrid development. We analyze the size of the project and decide on the best software methodology to ensure the project works smoothly. Our expert developers use the latest technologies like React Native and Flutter.

Business image Testing (Automated QA)

We perform testing of every module individually as well as when they are integrated. This guarantees that any issues are fixed and that it works correctly.

Business image Maintenance and support activities

We ensure that your application works successfully for the long term. Therefore, we also provide maintenance and support services to fix any issues or errors in the future. These are scoped under a different agreement.

Business image Furnishing User Manuals

We furnish user manuals depending on the project requirements.

Why do US clients work with Confianz, whose product development takes place in India?

Confianz is a global organization that offers cost-efficient and ingenious product development services to its US clients. Mentioned below are the advantages of working with us:

Expert Odoo Developers

Expertise to furnish quality services

Confianz has its product development team located in India with a team of skilled developers. Our team updates you on the developments and progress of the project and makes refinements whenever required. We aim to deliver you an optimized application delivering a seamless user experience.

Expert Odoo Developers

Time Zone Advantage

The time difference between India and the US can be fruitful for your business. This is because the time difference between these two countries is 9.5 hours to 12.5 hours. Hence, our developers can deliver applications faster or within the agreed time. In addition, our project coordinators in the US can address your concerns during your working hours. These steps ensure smooth communication and better collaboration.

Expert Odoo Developers


With our product development team in India, US clients can save substantially on development costs without compromising on the quality of the application.

Expert Odoo Developers

Proficient Developers

Our company possesses talented and experienced developers working on projects from different industries. Hence, they can brainstorm and implement your ideas with their knowledge and experience to create customized solutions for your company.

Expert Odoo Developers

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Start your app development journey with Confianz. Our company leads in app development and can create apps from scratch or upgrade and improve an existing one as well. Our customized solutions are specific to meet your challenges, needs, and goals. Contact us today at (704) 214-4622 EXT 403 or fill out this form,

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Cross-platform app development is the process of building apps that can run on multiple platforms (such as Android and iOS) using a single codebase.

Some common tools and frameworks for smartphone and tablet software development are Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, and Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile.

It depends on various factors such as the complexity of the app, the features and functionalities, the design and user interface, the platform and technology, the testing and maintenance, and the location and experience of the developers. According to some estimates, the average cost of developing a simple app can range from $25,000 to $40,000, while a complex app can cost up to $250,000 or more.

The major mobile platforms are iOS and Android. They differ in terms of their operating systems, programming languages, user interfaces, app stores, market shares, and device compatibility. For example, iOS apps are written in Swift or Objective-C and run on Apple devices only, while Android apps are written in Java or Kotlin and run on various devices from different manufacturers.

When hiring app developers, you should consider their skills and expertise, their portfolio and references, their communication and collaboration style, their availability and timeline, their rates and payment terms, and their post-launch support and maintenance services.

Hybrid apps are apps that combine native and web technologies. They are built using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and run inside a native container that allows them to access device features. Some pros of hybrid solutions are faster and cheaper development, easier maintenance and updates, wider reach and distribution, and cross-platform compatibility. Some cons of hybrid applications are lower performance and user experience, limited access to native features and functionalities, dependency on third-party frameworks and plugins, and potential security risks.

Some key considerations for the design and development of an app are the target audience and market research, the idea and value proposition, the goals and objectives, the features and functionalities, the design and user interface, the platform and technology, the testing and quality assurance, the launch and marketing strategy, and the feedback and analytics.

The companies in application development typically offer services such as app strategy and consulting, app design and prototyping, app development and testing, app deployment and launch, app maintenance and support, and app optimization and enhancement.

To choose the right mobile application development project for your business, you should first identify your business needs and goals, your target audience and market demand, and your budget and timeline constraints. Then you should evaluate different options based on criteria such as feasibility (technical), viability (business), desirability (user), scalability (growth), compatibility (platform), security (risk), etc

Some current trends and technologies in app development solutions are artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), internet of things (IoT) and wearable devices, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), cloud computing and edge computing, blockchain and cryptocurrency, 5G network and low-code/no-code platforms.

To find the right partner for app design and development services, you should do some research and compare different companies based on factors such as their reputation and reviews, their portfolio and case studies, their expertise and experience, their approach and methodology, their pricing and contract terms, their communication and project management skills, and their post-launch support and maintenance services.

Some best practices and strategies for app design and development are following agile and iterative processes, using user-centric and data-driven methods, applying design thinking and prototyping tools, adopting cross-platform and hybrid solutions, leveraging cloud-based and serverless architectures, implementing security and encryption measures, testing frequently and thoroughly, optimizing performance and user experience, updating regularly and continuously.

To move your mobile app project forward efficiently and effectively, you should have a clear vision and scope for your app, a realistic budget and timeline for your project, a dedicated team of developers and designers, a reliable partner or vendor for your services, a robust plan and roadmap for your development stages, a comprehensive checklist and criteria for your testing phases, a strong launch and marketing campaign for your app release, a feedback loop and analytics system for app improvement.

Factors affecting the cost of app development are the project’s complexity, design, functionality, features, platform, size of the development team, and the rates charged by the company that builds the software. Moreover, the complexity of the software also contributes to the overall cost.

The factors to consider before choosing a platform are the target audience, budget, required functionality, user experience, and project timeline. A company may use cross-platform mobile app development for projects targeting multiple platforms, while native apps are usually chosen for better performance and user experience.

Mobile application development services usually offer services like full-cycle app development, web app development services, consulting, UI/UX design, cross-platform app development, testing, big data integration, and maintenance. Confianz provides these services and also creates custom apps for different types of handheld devices, platforms, and industries.

For a successful app project, the developers must specialize in creating software applications for mobile devices. These developers must have a record of high performance in the past to deliver products. In addition, the development team must possess expertise in native, web, and cross-platform development. They will understand your business needs and create a customized solution. Thus, the company you partner with should provide ongoing support and maintenance services also.

To choose the right mobile app development company for your business, you must consider factors, e.g., their portfolio, client testimonials, expertise and experience in creating custom apps, communication skills, estimated budget, and timeline.

Design is a critical part of application development. It has a great impact on the user experience and functionality. The best design practices align with the users' needs and helps in creating applications that are user-friendly, engaging as well as appealing to the users.

A web-based application is platform-dependent. It is also limited by the performance and features of the browser. By transitioning to a mobile application, you gain complete control over the application's performance and unlock the vast potential of the native platform.

Business owners must partner with a reliable app development company like Confianz to properly manage their mobile app projects. Our expert developers can guide you throughout the entire development process. We create products tailored to your requirements and provide support throughout the launch and post-launch processes.

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