Odoo Pricing Plans

  • Standard and Custom Odoo Pricing Models offer access to all the apps for one price
  • Odoo Plans include hosting, unlimited support, and maintenance from Odoo
  • Odoo plans have discounts for 12-month terms
  • Odoo.sh hosting is not included in Odoo plans
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Introducing New Odoo Pricing Model Plans

Recently, Odoo launched three new pricing model plans for the latest version of Enterprise Edition.

Following are the three different plans with their pricing structure:

One App Plan:

This pricing model plan is free of charge and is suitable for small businesses. This plan allows enterprises to install one application with access to unlimited users. Hosting the application can be done through Odoo Online (Standard Cloud Hosting).

Standard Plan:

A standard plan by Odoo includes all the applications at a starting price (single fee) of $24.90 per user per month. It is at a discounted price for a 12-month term; per month cost is $31.10. This plan is for hosting the applications on the Standard Cloud Hosting platform. The price will not vary, irrespective of how many applications you install. It is suitable for businesses that are not looking for custom development.

Custom Plan:

Unlike the Standard plan, this pricing model plan has a different pricing structure; annual and monthly. It includes all the applications with a starting price of $37.40 per user per month. It is at a discounted price for a 12-month term; per month cost is $46.70. This plan is ideal for all kinds of businesses looking for customizations of their applications. It is the right plan for a business that manages multiple companies. It is also an ideal plan for the custom development of applications and allows access to all the applications at a single price. Deploying Odoo can be done through Odoo.sh, or on-premise.

Why Choose Confianz Global For Your Odoo ERP Implementation?

How can Odoo Software transform your business?

Odoo ERP software

Odoo gained notoriety worldwide in the list of ERP giants with its business management and open-source capabilities. It contains business applications like Project management, CRM, e-commerce, sales, marketing, etc., to enable users to share and exchange information through a single Odoo platform. In addition, it is customizable, giving users the flexibility to modify or create more applications within Odoo. Odoo also allows you the option to integrate with many third-party applications.

Features of Odoo

Odoo software contains a complete suite of applications, flexible for modifications according to business requirements. It has made its name amongst the favorite ERP solutions of several companies like Toyota, Sodexo, KPMG, etc. Its integrated core business functions work coherently to increase efficiency and productivity. It is easily scalable, provides cloud-based solutions, and supports mobile/desktop devices. It covers prime apps and modules from different departments that are easy to operate through its user-friendly interface.

Enterprise Edition by Odoo

The Enterprise edition is a business management software integrated with various applications to ease complex business operations. It is a scalable and modular solution to empower your business growth. It can be hosted through on-premise and cloud-based hosting solutions (for example, AWS or Digital Ocean). Odoo.sh is Odoo’s cloud platform for development, staging, and deployment, giving users the flexibility to access, modify, and update applications while on the move.

Odoo ERP Advantages

  • Time-Saving: Deploying Odoo ERP helps you save time to perform tasks that may otherwise take time working on different software or complex ERPs.
  • Easy to use: It offers a simple and user-friendly interface with powerful tools that enable users to automate tasks efficiently.
  • Decision making: It helps in making informed decisions quickly and efficiently.
  • Reporting: Report analysis can help in understanding how users can build strategies to attract and gain more customers.
  • Scaling: Businesses can expand their reach by using and customizing applications in the Odoo ERP.
  • Remote access: Odoo facilitates cloud-based hosting solutions enabling users to access the software while on the go.

Getting Started With Confianz on your Odoo Implementation: Details about Odoo Pricing in a Custom Plan

What makes Odoo an excellent software to work with is its ability to modify applications and modules based on specific data requirements. It is possible if users choose the Custom plan from Odoo.

When you choose this plan, you will receive the license for the latest version of Enterprise Edition. This license provides access to all the applications available in Odoo. These applications are customizable based on your business needs. In addition, this plan offers a different pricing structure for hosting services like Odoo Online, On-premise, and Odoo.sh.

Why Choose Confianz Global For Your Odoo ERP Implementation?
Why Choose Confianz Global For Your Odoo ERP Implementation?

Moreover, if users want to perform simple customizations (like adding a form or a field), they need to install an additional application called Odoo Studio. It is inclusive of this plan. Odoo Online allows only these kinds of customization through Odoo Studio. Although, if you choose Odoo.sh (Odoo’s cloud platform for hosting) or on-premise (self-hosting) for hosting, complex customizations are possible apart from basic customizations through Odoo Studio.

This plan offers both annual as well as monthly plan options. All three hosting options are available on the yearly plan. On-premise hosting (self-hosting) is unavailable on the monthly plan. The annual payment in this plan is $448.80 per user, which is $37.40/month. If you do not wish to proceed with the annual (yearly) payment plan, a monthly payment plan is also available at $46.80. Pricing varies based on the number of users.

Self-hosting, for example, AWS or Digital Ocean and Odoo.sh are the hosting plans that provide customization. Standard Cloud Hosting or Odoo SAAS do not facilitate customization.

A multi-company option is also available in the Custom pricing plan. It means that any other companies that are a part of your organization are not charged separately. You can add these companies to your Odoo app straight away.

Why Choose Confianz Global For Your Odoo ERP Implementation?

Confianz: Your trusted Odoo Partner for customization of Odoo applications

Confianz Global aims at customer satisfaction for the long term. We understand that every customer has different business requirements. To overcome these challenges, we create intelligent solutions suitable for your business. We empower business owners to achieve the best results. As an Odoo Partner, we aspire to innovate business practices through our custom solutions.


Yes. By paying a single price for Odoo Enterprise Edition (Standard or Custom Plan), you will get the license and access to all the modules and applications.

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting service that utilizes virtual servers to host websites and applications. Instead of being hosted on a single physical server, websites and applications are hosted on a network of interconnected virtual servers that are spread across multiple physical machines. With the use of virtual servers, we add a lot of flexibility and security to the application. Cloud hosting is one of the most popular deployment techniques as it is easy to scale up or down based on requirements. This makes it cost-effective and extremely reliable.
Odoo.sh is a unique variant offered by Odoo to deploy custom applications; by providing a complete deployment platform; integrated with the Odoo cloud hosting. It means that a customized Odoo app can be deployed on the Standard Cloud hosting platform as well.

Confianz provides varying levels of support plans for our clients after implementation. We facilitate support for network monitoring, upgrading patches (Ubuntu, Python, Odoo systems), and addressing Odoo-related tickets by email, phone, or instant messaging. During usual business hours, our team will respond to issues within 20 minutes, and typically we can resolve many issues within an hour. Our standard support plan covers usual business hours, and our emergency support plan covers your Odoo 24 hours on weekdays.

Odoo Studio can be added as an application on the One App plan.
Also, a multi-company option is available when we choose the One App plan.

Some of the apps in Odoo have interdependencies with other applications of Odoo. So even though only One App has been selected, Odoo has all the dependent applications available for free as well.

Switching from a free plan to either of the two plans is easy. You can add more applications or install the Odoo Studio module on top of the One App. It allows you to move over to a custom plan by paying the price difference.

A custom plan is helpful when there is a need to add more than one company to the database, or if there are requirements to customize the Odoo app using Odoo.sh/on-premise.
The Standard plan only offers one Company access to the database per license; or customizations only with the On-Premise option.
This is how these two Odoo Pricing models are different from each other.

While Confianz recommends an annual plan to secure better pricing, a monthly plan is available. It includes Standard Cloud hosting at a total cost of $46.80 but has a limitation for the self-hosting option. You can also choose Odoo.sh for hosting. Its price is not only dependent upon the number of users, but also on the number of workers, storage, and staging environment.

The user price depends on the specific use of the Odoo app. Any user using Odoo at the backend and performing business-related operations will be a chargeable user. Customers and suppliers, or other third parties using the application without executing any business process are free users.

Odoo is deployed differently according to what plan you are on. The Odoo database can be backed up and downloaded anytime using the control center. Once the database is downloaded, it is easy to switch plans and redeploy Odoo accordingly without losing data.

The easiest way to understand an External API is to see where the request is originating from. If there are systems that are configured to make a call to your Odoo app, that is called an Inbound web service API. However, many times the Odoo app will be making a call to third-party systems (Ex: Payment services, VoIP, delivery tracking services), which is included in the standard plan.
The cost of Odoo in a custom plan also includes External API calls that are incoming to your Odoo application. There are many integrations with Odoo, unidirectional or bidirectional, available as a part of the standard Odoo and also through App store which come with an extra cost , where the cost depends on the complexity of the connector.

Enterprise Edition provides numerous applications for running your business smoothly. Hosting it through On-premise or Odoo.sh allows flexibility and customization through the Odoo Studio application or with the help of an Odoo Developer. It has additional modules unavailable in the community edition; e.g., advanced accounting functions like the chart of accounts, access to accounting reports, etc. Moreover, Odoo Studio is only available in Enterprise.

Enterprise Edition by Odoo provides numerous apps as add-ons for its application. Along with apps provided by Odoo directly, Odoo marketplace has third parties creating add-on applications such as a Magento connector, Shopify connector, etc., and they are available on the Odoo app store. These apps can be added to your Odoo application after purchase. Confianz also has its own connectors built for Odoo. Visit our Odoo App Store for more information.

Based on your requirements, our Odoo architect will provide you with recommendations. You can contact us at our customer support number (704) 214-4622 EXT 403 or via email at [email protected]. You can also fill in your contact details here, and we will connect with you soon.

Confianz only provides functional and technical support for Odoo Enterprise. Functional support includes training, functional consultation, etc. Technical support involves technical consultation, customization, training, and issue resolution.
Confianz does not provide any support options for Community Edition.

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