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Odoo Integration Services

As an open-source ERP software, Odoo can help you to better manage your organization. It integrates with third-party software to give you a full suite of business apps to help you manage everything from sales and CRM to human resources and finances. With integrations, you can have a complete software system to manage your entire business from one platform.

Confianz Global offers Odoo integration for businesses; we can also customize Odoo ERP for your business and provide Odoo development.


Odoo integration will help your business perform better by helping you manage all aspects of your business from one platform. Specifically, Odoo integration helps businesses in areas such as materials and warehouse management, accounting, sales, finance, human resources, project management, eCommerce, communications, marketing, and more.

You can integrate your business needs with each other, or you can use Odoo as standalone software. No matter how you use it, with Odoo integration, you’ll increase your company’s overall productivity by bringing every aspect of your business into one platform. This saves valuable time and money by reducing the cost of manpower and increasing productivity across departments.

Odoo has thousands of modules available, and you can customize these to meet your business’s specific needs.

What is the advantage of Odoo integration ?

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To start with, Odoo ERP is modular, which makes it really simple to get started using. Its intuitive platform lets you start using the software with some modules and then add as your business scales or your business needs change. You’ll be able to keep all the advantages of your integrated solution as you add modules, and you’ll be able to find exactly what you need when you need it.

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Up-to-date technology

Odoo uses the latest technology to stay current and up-to-date, which is developed to the latest paradigms. You can migrate your existing Odoo whenever a new version becomes available without losing all your information and saved data. Confianz Global can help you with Odoo migration when it’s time to update to the newest version.

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Versatile system

One of the main reasons businesses love working with the Odoo ERP platform is that it’s extremely versatile. We can customize Odoo development to meet your company’s needs. This is because it operates as open-source software. This versatility gives your business a lot of flexibility in determining the best ways to make Odoo work for your company.

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Odoo was designed to be user-friendly and has an interface that is intuitive and easy to follow. As an open-source software, it’s continually updating and improving as new technology develops and new information is shared. Any usability updates that are made on the Odoo platform will automatically apply to your existing integrated apps.

What is Odoo API integration?

Odoo API integration specifies how the different components of the Odoo software will interact. Your Odoo API integration will be customized for your business and based on your business needs. Because it is an open-source platform, every business can have its own unique Odoo API integration that makes sense for how their company operates. The modular nature of Odoo means you can easily add modules as your business needs change and as your business grows and scales.

In addition to putting all of your apps into one platform, Odoo API integration can also include syncing and automation capabilities. With API integration, the apps on the Odoo platform will be able to share data and information with each other.

Odoo can integrate with a lot of apps, including the ones you’re already using to help you run your business. By integrating them with Odoo API integration, you’ll be able to have quick access to all of your current apps in one easy platform. This will help you run your business more efficiently and ensure that you stay on top of all the different aspects of your business.

What are the different apps that can be integrated with Odoo?

As we said before, Odoo is extremely versatile and integrates with thousands of existing business apps. Here are some of the types of apps that can be integrated with Odoo. Confianz Global can help you with app integration, so feel free to reach out and let us know what apps you’re currently using that you’d like to integrate with Odoo.

Odoo ECommerce Integration

Your eCommerce business has a lot of moving parts. Keep them all connected with Odoo integrations that will help you manage orders, inventories, customers, shipping and tracking information, and more to stay on top of your business and keep your customers happy. With automation from Odoo integration, you’ll be able to streamline your inventory synchronization and let customers know when their items have shipped. You’ll reduce manual error and improve customer service by giving customers the transparency they need to feel comfortable buying from your business.

Payment Gateway Integration

Whether you need point of sale (POS) software integration or payment integration for an eCommerce site, Confianz Global is able to configure payment gateways that let customers pay you in their currency. This comes with a variety of security options so customers know they can make payments securely and reliably.

Social Media Integration

Easily convert your social media followers into customers with Odoo social media integration. This integration gathers data from all of your company social media sites and inputs it into your address book, helping you convert these prospects into happy, paying customers. In addition, Odoo social media integration helps you promote your business and gives you important data points to optimize your social media campaigns and strategy, such as the number of followers, number of views, and overall engagement statistics.

Odoo Biomteric Integration

Companies use biometric apps to fulfill HR functions such as time stamping and keeping track of staff attendance and vacation time. You can integrate your existing biometric app into Odoo for even more transparency across the company.

Why use Confianz Global for your Odoo integration?

No matter what type of business you’re running, you can streamline your processes with Odoo integration. We are an official partner of Odoo and are able to provide services that help you customize your integration. We also provide Odoo development as well as Odoo integration with other third-party systems.

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Expert Odoo Developers

Our developers are experts at Odoo and can customize your Odoo integration based on the apps you’re currently using and your business’s needs. Trust Confianz Global to make sure you always have the latest updates and the best integrations to run your business more efficiently.

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Cost-Effective Solutions

We know you want the best ROI out of your Odoo integration. That’s why we always make sure to use the most cost-effective measures. Confianz Global will deliver the best Odoo integration solutions for you at the best price available.

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Industry Experience

Confianz Global has over a decade of experience working with a range of industries. This experience has given us the knowledge and tools needed to quickly understand and identify your needs and challenges so we can deliver the best options for you in the most efficient manner.

Our other related Odoo services

Odoo Implementation

Need help with your Odoo ERP Implementation? You have reached the right place. Whether you are a small company with 5 users, a SMB having 25 users, or a large corporation with 400+ users, we have the experience and knowledge to make your project a success.

Odoo Implementation

Odoo customization

Do you want Odoo ERP to be customized? Whether it is extending the functionality of a native Odoo module or building a new module from scratch, we have 10+ years of experience in doing this the best possible way. No hacking of Odoo core modules and no poorly written code. We get it done for you the right way every time.

Odoo customization

Odoo Apps

Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that help you grow your business. Over two million people use Odoo to grow their sales and run their operations.

Odoo Apps

Odoo Training

Congratulations, you have selected the best ERP system to run your business. Any ERP implementation is a failure if all your stakeholders are not trained to use the system properly. Let’s work together on the Confianz Global® proven method of Odoo training for your business.

Odoo Training

Odoo Support & Maintenance

Want 24*7 support for your Odoo ERP system? We have different types of packages available based on the size of your business. Support includes periodic maintenance done automated and manually. Want to learn more?

Odoo Support & Maintenance

Odoo Integration FAQ

With our 9 years of experience working on Odoo (previously OpenERP) we have worked on integrating most of the third-party solutions available with Odoo. Some examples are: Shopify-Odoo integration, Amazon-Odoo integration, PrestaShop-Odoo integration, and eBay-Odoo integration.
Yes. Odoo comes with a strong XML-RPC based API. We can integrate any third party system that has an API to work with Odoo.
We are an Odoo Gold partner with many customer references that you can speak with. At Confianz, we do not do any hacks with Odoo code and we take only those Odoo projects which we are comfortable and confident of delivering on time and within budget.
Yes, we can integrate social media with your Odoo system. Examples: Facebook-Odoo integration, Twitter-Odoo integration, and many others.

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4.9 out of 5.0 for Odoo Integration Services by 100+ clients on over 250+ Odoo ERP projects
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4.9 out of 5.0 for Odoo Integration Services by 100+ clients on over 250+ Odoo ERP projects