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  • Odoo integration with Magento
  • Odoo integration with Shopify
  • Odoo integration with Quickbooks
  • Odoo integration with Salesforce
  • Odoo integration with Amazon
  • Odoo integration with ShipStation
  • Odoo Integration with ShipEngine
  • Odoo integration with SPS Commerce

Streamline your business operations through our Odoo integration solutions. Confianz is an Odoo Official Partner in the US, delivering Odoo Integration solutions globally.

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Odoo Integration Services

Odoo Integration

Odoo is a fully integrated open-source ERP software to help you better manage your organization. It can be integrated with third-party apps to provide users with a suite of business software. This can help businesses manage everything from sales and CRM to human resources and finances. Integration with external applications empowers businesses to manage operations from one Odoo platform.

Confianz Global offers Odoo integration for businesses; we can customize Odoo ERP for your business.

Advantages Of Odoo Integration

Tailored Solutions

The Odoo API allows businesses to create custom integrations that fit their targeted needs. Whether connecting with other software or automating processes, you can design solutions that align with your unique requirements.

Extend Functionality

By integrating Odoo modules with third-party apps or systems, we can enhance its capabilities.

Efficient Communication

The Odoo API enables real-time data synchronization between Odoo and other systems. It ensures that information is up-to-date across all integrated systems.

Automated Workflows to reduce manual effort

Automation through API integration reduces the need for manual data entry and reconciliation. Orders, inventory updates, customer data, etc., can flow seamlessly without manual intervention.

Streamlined Processes

Integrated systems streamline business processes and eliminate duplicate work.

Holistic View

Fully Integrated data provides a comprehensive view of your business operations. Managers can make informed decisions based on this information.

Analytics and Reporting

Access relevant data from various Odoo modules for better insights and reporting.

Scalable Solutions

As your business scales, Odoo API integration allows you to scale seamlessly. Add new features, modules, or connections without disrupting existing workflows.

Adapt Changing Needs

APIs enable agility, allowing you to adapt to market changes and evolving business requirements.


By Odoo integration, you can automate processes and reduce manual labor, saving time and associated costs.

Prevents Data Duplication

Integration prevents data duplication, minimizing errors and associated expenses.

Unified Customer Data

Integrated systems offer an all-encompassing perspective of customer data, enhancing both customer service and relationship management.

E-commerce System Integration

Seamlessly connect Odoo with your online store for efficient order processing.

What is Odoo API Integration

What is Odoo API Integration?

Integration of the Odoo API determines how various components of the Odoo software interact with external applications, tailored to suit your business requirements. Each company operates uniquely, allowing for customized Odoo API integrations to accommodate evolving needs or business expansion. Furthermore, by consolidating all apps within the Odoo platform, API integration enables seamless syncing and automation capabilities. This integration facilitates data sharing and information exchange among apps on the Odoo platform. With the ability to integrate with numerous apps, including existing ones essential for your business operations, Odoo API integration grants swift access to all current apps within the Odoo environment. This streamlined approach enhances operational efficiency and ensures comprehensive management across all facets of your business.

Apps that can be integrated with Odoo

Below are some of the apps that can be fully integrated with Odoo. Our team at Confianz Global can help you with app integration.

E-Commerce System Odoo Integration

E-Commerce System Odoo integration can help you manage orders, inventories, customers, shipping and tracking information, etc. It can streamline inventory synchronization and let customers know when their items are shipped. It reduces manual error and improves customer service by giving customers the transparency they need to feel comfortable buying from your business.

Odoo SMS Gateway Integration

Odoo SMS Gateway Integration can help establish communication between Odoo and the SMS gateway provider.

Odoo Twilio Integration

Twilio provides software developers with the capability to programmatically handle phone calls, text messages, and various communication tasks through its web service APIs. Integrating Twilio with Odoo can enhance your business communications, optimizing processes for greater efficiency.

Odoo Clicksend Integration

ClickSend offers a cloud-based gateway service designed for businesses, enabling the sending of bulk SMS, email, fax, and letters globally directly from your computer. Integrating ClickSend with Odoo consolidates all your communications into a unified platform, simplifying your operations.

Odoo Reson8 Integration

Reson8 is a cost-effective web-based option to easily send SMS to customers and personnel for marketing, notifications, or alerts. Hence, integrating Reson8 and Odoo can bring all communications together.

Social Media Integration

Effortlessly transform your social media followers into valuable customers through Odoo's social media integration. This feature collects data from your company's social media platforms and integrates it into your address book, facilitating the conversion of these leads into satisfied, paying clients. Moreover, Odoo's social media integration aids in promoting your business and furnishes essential data metrics to refine your social media campaigns and strategy, including follower count, views, and overall engagement statistics.

Odoo Facebook Integration

Facebook stands as one of the most expansive and popular social media platforms. Integrating Odoo with Facebook enables your business to maintain seamless connections with your clientele.

Odoo Twitter Integration

Twitter, a microblogging and social media platform, offers both a website and an application. Incorporating Twitter into Odoo can help ensure your company remains pertinent within the constantly evolving cultural landscape.

Odoo Instagram Integration

Instagram serves as a social networking platform dedicated to sharing photos and videos. Integrating Instagram with Odoo facilitates the streamlined management of your social media content.

Odoo Linkedin Integration

LinkedIn functions as an employment-focused service accessible through websites and mobile applications. Leveraging an integration between Odoo and LinkedIn can significantly enhance your recruitment efforts and public perception.

Odoo Biometric Integration

Biometric apps are utilized by companies to manage HR tasks like time stamping and monitoring staff attendance and leave. Integrating your current biometric app with Odoo enhances transparency throughout the company even further.

Odoo CMS Integration

Odoo CMS integration empowers businesses to manage their website content effectively within the Odoo platform, providing a seamless experience for content creation, publishing, and management.

Odoo Magento Integration

Magento stands as a robust e-commerce platform, known for its power and open-source nature written in PHP. Integrating Magento with Odoo offers the opportunity to streamline various aspects of your business such as sales, invoicing, inventory management, and more.

Odoo Prestashop Integration

PrestaShop serves as an e-commerce platform empowering companies to establish and oversee their online ventures. Combining PrestaShop with Odoo establishes a robust backend for your online business operations, facilitating the management of sales, invoicing, inventory, and various other aspects.

Odoo Salesforce Integration

Salesforce, a cloud computing company providing SAAS (software as a service), specializes in CRM (customer relationship management). Its services enable businesses to leverage cloud technology for enhanced connectivity with customers, partners, and prospects. Integrating Odoo with Salesforce enhances sales tracking and control capabilities.

Why Use Confianz Global For Your Odoo Integration?

Confianz is an official Odoo partner and can provide services that help you customize your integration. We also facilitate Odoo development as well as Odoo integration with other systems.

Expert Odoo Developers

Expert Odoo Developers

Our expert Odoo developers can customize your Odoo integration based on the apps that you are currently using. Confianz Global services ensure you always have the latest updates and the best integrations to run your business more efficiently.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Cost-Effective Solutions

Hence, Confianz provides practical Odoo integration solutions that match your business needs and budget.

Industry Experience

Industry Experience

Confianz Global has over a decade of experience working with various industries. This experience has given us the knowledge and tools needed to quickly understand and identify your needs and challenges to deliver the best solutions to you efficiently.

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Odoo integration FAQ

With over a decade of experience in Odoo (formerly OpenERP), Confianz has expertise in integrating a wide range of third-party solutions with Odoo. Some examples include Shopify-Odoo, Amazon-Odoo, PrestaShop-Odoo, and eBay-Odoo integrations.

Absolutely. Odoo offers a robust XML-RPC-based API, allowing seamless integration with any third-party system that features an API compatible with Odoo.

As an official Odoo partner, we have numerous satisfied customers whom you can contact for references. At Confianz, we selectively undertake Odoo projects that we are certain of completing within the designated timeframe and budget.

Yes, we can integrate social media with your Odoo system, for example, Facebook-Odoo integration, Twitter-Odoo integration, and many others.

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