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Introduction to Odoo ERP Software

In the current day and age, there is a dire need for organizations to manage business operations seamlessly as well as gain a competitive edge against other businesses. Although many standalone software and ERP software are there to help businesses, most of them aren’t integrated, fast, or customizable to meet business requirements. Hence it can often cause error-prone data, slower processes, and a delay in deliverables.

Confianz understands the need for customizable ERP software to support core business operations like Manufacturing, Inventory, Accounting, Sales, Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, and many more. This is why we recommend Odoo ERP Software.

Odoo ERP system integrates and automates business functions to optimize performance and provide desired results. It is a smart ERP system that is faster than many other popular ERP systems available in the market. In addition, it simplifies operations within a few steps, synchronizes data, and has forecasting abilities. This empowers companies to achieve the desired results.

Recently, Odoo 17 has been launched. Odoo 17 is quicker and offers more advanced features than its earlier versions.

Our Odoo experts at Confianz provide the right solutions to businesses using this ERP software. It is an intelligent business management software for small and medium enterprises, capable of customizing solutions with its modular and scalable approach.

Major Challenges faced by Businesses and how Odoo ERP system helps your business to overcome them

Here are some common challenges faced by organizations and the corresponding solutions that Odoo facilitates:

Expert Odoo Developers

Error-prone data and data redundancy

Businesses often use standalone software to execute critical business processes. This can cause issues in data entry and data synchronization. Odoo integrates business processes for eg. The project management application is integrated with Field Service, Expenses, Sales, Planning, and Helpdesk applications. This ensures data synchronization and faster processes.

Expert Odoo Developers

Difficulty in keeping track of Shipping and delivery

Ineffective supply chain operations and delays in meeting customer delivery expectations can lead to customer dissatisfaction. Implementing a transparent shipping and delivery process with Odoo can significantly enhance business productivity and guarantee customer satisfaction. Odoo's capability to manage end-to-end supply chain operations proficiently ensures that your employees stay informed about the movement of goods and enables efficient delivery tracking.

Why Choose Confianz Global For Your Odoo ERP Implementation?
Why Choose Confianz Global For Your Odoo ERP Implementation?
Expert Odoo Developers

Data Security issue

Odoo offers a base level security through encrypted Databases, passwords, multi-factor authentication, etc, which when combined with more layers of infrastructural protection can provide a concrete setup for a secured business.

Expert Odoo Developers

Poor Customer Service

Prompt customer service is vital for businesses in managing and resolving customer queries efficiently. Odoo Helpdesk application's smooth ticketing platform allows businesses to prioritize customers' issues and communicate quickly to increase customer satisfaction. Its Kanban view helps businesses organize the tickets easily by status. It also gives customers the freedom to close tickets once they are satisfied with the solutions provided by the business.

Expert Odoo Developers

Delay in providing products or services to customers

Odoo applications like CRM, Helpdesk, etc., can be customized to send alerts to customers if there is any update or delay in receiving products or services. Streamlining this process avoids customer queries regarding the delay and improves satisfaction.

Why Choose Confianz Global For Your Odoo ERP Implementation?

Odoo Software demo from Confianz for your business

Our free Odoo demo showcases the best operational and navigational capabilities of Odoo’s out-of-the-box version. You also get an insight into Odoo’s user-friendly and modern UI, smarter design, and increased automation functionalities which aid in faster processing of business operations. Thus it helps you in understanding how Odoo can fulfill your business requirements.

Our Odoo demo based on key modules

Confianz can provide you with a free demo aligned with modules specific to your industry needs. Assuming you need an Odoo demo for accounting, we can demonstrate you an out-of-the-box version and also discuss any customization you may need.

Here is an overview about module specific demos using Odoo:

Accounting demo

  • Generate bills, capture expense bills, import bank statements, register payments against invoices/bills, etc.
  • Accounting is integrated with Sales, Inventory, Purchase, and e-Commerce applications.
  • Accepting/issuing payments to integrate easy payment options
  • Check printing to manage check payments easily
  • Bank reconciliation helps in keeping track of bank balances and traceability
  • Automated Customer follow-up whenever there are payments pending and require follow-up.
  • Different kinds of Reports based on requirements ( General Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet).
  • All Basic accounting reports like General Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, and Balance Sheet.

Project Management demo

  • Configure different views (Large screen view, Kanban view, List view, Calendar view, and Gantt view) as per your business requirements.
  • Manage communications easily through Chatter, send automatic messages through templates, manage project visibility, etc.
  • Detailed dashboard with different features like uploading documents, applying filters, chat options, etc.
  • Define access for Stakeholders for their inputs.
  • Timesheets to bill customers based on the tasks.
  • Get project updates to monitor growth.
  • Task management is easy by categorizing tasks under the following categories: subtasks, recurring tasks, and dependencies.
  • This application allows you to have a dedicated workspace for every project.
  • Integrated with Sales Timesheet, Sales, Field Service, Planning, Expenses, and Helpdesk.

Point of Sale demo

  • Smart security features to avoid unauthorized access.
  • Hassle-free order management in restaurants.
  • Create product combos to entice customers.
  • Notify the POS user if a customer exceeds the credit limit.
  • Kiosk integration facility for customers to help with self-ordering and many customizable features.
  • Managing transactions easily like splitting bills and printing them.
  • Make table reservations easily for customers.

CRM demo

  • Drag and drop feature to manage opportunities based on their current status
  • Kanban view for a smooth workflow for organizing opportunities.
  • Schedule calls, demos, quotations, and mails.
  • Can be integrated with emails, live chat, SMS, and VoIP features.
  • Easy steps to create supreme quality quotations.
  • Reporting feature for informed decision-making based on available data.

Inventory/Shipping Management demo

  • Coordinate different items like delivery, dropshipping, backorder, etc.
  • This application also has the option to integrate with different shipping services.
  • It also contains a forecasting feature to help in making decisions for ordering products.
  • It is integrated with PoS, Sales, Purchase, MRP, eCommerce, and Rental modules.

Fleet management demo

  • Managing vehicle contracts.
  • Streamlining services and managing invoices
  • Cost monitoring for contracts
  • Report generation through analysis and reporting feature

Procurement or Purchase demo

  • Request quotations through the RFQ process.
  • Tailor-made purchase agreements to decide which product to buy from which vendor.
  • Create customized vendor bills.

Sales demo

  • Creating high-quality quotations.
  • Managing sales orders.
  • Managing an e-commerce portal easily.
  • Programs to entice users through promotions, loyalty programs, price lists, etc.

Apart from these prominent modules, we can also demonstrate to you many other vital business management modules like marketing, recruitment, etc.

How to request an Odoo demo trial from the Confianz website?

Confianz is an official Odoo Partner to implement the Odoo ERP system.
To get access to our Odoo demo, please follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Odoo Demo

  • Enter your name and an email on the “Register for free Odoo demo” form.

  • Click the checkbox to verify the user is not a robot.

  • Click the “Request Odoo Demo now” button.
Why Choose Confianz Global For Your Odoo ERP Implementation?

What happens after Confianz receives your request for an Odoo demo trial?

  • Once you have requested an Odoo demo, you will receive an email with login credentials to a trial demo instance at https://www.confianz.us. Here, you will be able to explore the Odoo dashboard, and functionalities, and provide demo inputs to learn about its capabilities.
  • Our sales team will then reach out to set up an appointment to learn more about your company and what you value in an Odoo Implementation Partner. This will allow us to better understand your goals and objectives, current challenges, and areas you would like to streamline.

Free Odoo demos offered by Confianz

Once you have sent a request for an Odoo demo to Confianz, you can view or get access to these demo options.

participatition image

Trial Software Demo

The trial demo offers hands-on experience to businesses by using the out-of-the-box version of the software. It helps your business to explore the features of the software. Confianz offers a trial demo of the latest version of the software. It is valid for 15 days.

how long take image

Vendor-Guided Odoo Demo / Odoo Live Demo

This is a detailed demo showcasing the software features live. This kind of demo helps in understanding whether the functionalities match your business requirements as well as looking into customization possibilities. It also allows businesses to interact with the software as well as discuss their challenges with our team.

Apart from these, we also post Odoo videos on our Confianz channel specific to newer versions, industries, customization, business management solutions, etc.

Get a free live demo aligned with your business requirements through the Odoo ERP system

Our team of experts is happy to assist you with a live demo. Confianz will arrange a free demo at a date and time convenient to you.

Our team connects with you over a video or voice call to understand your current processes, systems, and challenges. Confianz values the information about your business. To protect it, we sign an NDA with the business we work with. You can help us understand the business operations and workflows of your company. Confianz then performs a gap analysis to understand the shortfalls. Once it has been reviewed by you, we send you a Work Breakdown Structure. It is an important step to enlighten you about the improvements and enhancements we can add to your business through Odoo. Once it is approved and signed from your end, we connect you with our project management team for the Odoo ERP demo.

Why Choose Confianz Global For Your Odoo ERP Implementation?
Why Choose Confianz Global For Your Odoo ERP Implementation?

Benefits of trying the Odoo demo from Confianz

  • By getting access to a trial instance or having a personalized demo session from us you can view the modules that are specific to your workflow.
  • Our demo provides insight into its business management capabilities. It can transform your workflows as it can be customized to suit your business needs.
  • An Odoo free trial gives you hands-on experience with the system.
  • Free consultation with our team guides you on whether Odoo is a good fit for your business. Our Odoo development team’s expertise is invaluable.

Versions of Odoo available for support and bug fixes

The last three versions of Odoo ie. Odoo 15, 16, and 17 are the ones available for support and bug fixes. This is why it is important for businesses to either work with the latest version or upgrade from their current version.
Confianz can help you identify when to upgrade to the newest version of Odoo based on your current business operations, and help you identify any significant upgrades in the newest Odoo version that would enhance your business further.

User Interface

Odoo 15 introduced a cleaner interface with organized menu items. This version was easy to use. Improvements were made in search functionality and form views. Hence, it made data entry and retrieval more efficient.

In comparison, Odoo 16 has a more engaging and interactive UI. It has a more dynamic Kanban view, better configurability of list views, and enhanced graph views for analytics. Odoo 16 also introduced dark mode for user preferences.

Odoo 17 has further enhanced UI. It focuses on mobile responsiveness and cross-device compatibility. This version aims to provide a seamless experience across platforms, ensuring users can access Odoo's functionalities with equal ease on mobiles, tablets, and desktops. Odoo 17 has brought further customization options that allow users to tailor the interface to their workflow more closely.

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Significant Features and Functionalities across the three versions

In Odoo 15, enhancements were made to the Accounting module. This module had new reporting templates and a more streamlined bank reconciliation process. This version also focused on improving the eCommerce module; with better SEO tools and a more user-friendly checkout process.

Odoo 16 introduced a suite of new features focused on enhancing business productivity, one of the key highlights of this version was the introduction of an AI-powered chatbot for improving customer service; and leveraging natural language processing to improve customer interactions. In addition, The Manufacturing module received a significant overhaul, with new planning and forecasting tools designed to optimize production schedules and reduce waste.

Odoo 17 introduced a new Business Intelligence module that allows users to create custom dashboards and reports without the need for external tools. Odoo 17 also enhanced the Project Management module by introducing new collaboration tools and improved time-tracking functionalities.

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Odoo Module updates across the three versions

The transition from Odoo 15 through 17 saw significant updates across several important modules, reflecting the evolving needs of the business landscape.

In the Sales and CRM modules, Odoo 15 introduced new tools for lead scoring and email marketing automation. It aimed at improving lead conversion rates. Odoo 16 introduced enhanced integration with social media platforms for a more cohesive sales and marketing strategy.

In the Accounting module, continuous improvements have been made. Odoo 16 introduced more granular tax calculation tools and enhanced support for international financial reporting standards. Odoo 17 further refined these features by adding advanced expense management tools and improving the user interface for financial reporting.

The Human Resources module in Odoo 16 introduced a comprehensive suite of tools for employee management, including enhanced onboarding processes and performance evaluation tools. Odoo 17 added to this with better integration of remote work management features, enabling more flexible working arrangements for users.

Business image

Performance Enhancements

From Odoo 15 to 17 version, the enhancements focused on optimizing database operations, reducing load times, and improving the responsiveness of the web client. These improvements not only enhance the user experience but also support larger deployments. In addition, Odoo 17 introduced new caching mechanisms and optimized API calls, further boosting performance for users and developers alike.

Business image

Customization and Development Tools

Odoo 15 focused on improving the developer experience with better debugging tools and more comprehensive documentation. This version also introduced new APIs for easier integration with external services.

Odoo 16 improved the customization capabilities further with enhanced support for custom module development and more flexible UI components. It also introduced a more robust testing framework. It allows developers to ensure the stability and reliability of their customizations.

Odoo 17 continues to support developers and system integrators with improved CLI (Command Line Interface) tools for deployment and configuration management. It also focuses on enhancing security features and access control. This ensures that customizations do not compromise system integrity.

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How Can I Prepare for My Odoo Consultation?

How can Odoo Enterprise cater to your organization’s specific business needs?

  • Odoo Enterprise is an open-source platform capable of resource planning and business management operations.
  • It provides a fully integrated single source of truth, bringing the various business processes and workflows into one interface.
  • Odoo ERP software has a clean and modern user interface that is easy to navigate; creating a positive user experience. Its compatibility with mobile, tablet, and desktop devices provides increased flexibility for employees on the go.
Additional Odoo Licensing Costs
Additional Odoo Licensing Costs
  • Odoo apps cater to a wide range of business operations specific to small to medium-sized businesses. The prime Odoo apps are sales management, purchase management, MRP, accounting, invoice generation, expense management, manufacturing, inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), project management, recruitment, appraisal, etc., that are easy to use, quick, and save time in executing processes.
  • Odoo ERP system can be customized to meet your business requirements by harnessing its source code.
  • A primary differentiator of Odoo from other ERPs is its ability to scale up as your business grows. Odoo provides access to hundreds of modules that are subscription-based (monthly or yearly). As per the Odoo pricing of the Enterprise Edition, you can access all the applications within Odoo at a single cost.

To help you understand it better, Confianz is keen to offer you a free Odoo demo. Our Odoo demo will furnish you with demonstrations of how this ERP system can streamline workflows and perform all operations under one software.


Yes, the Odoo demo conducted by us is free of cost.

An Odoo live demo from Confianz guides you through a navigational overview of Odoo’s functional and management capabilities. It will cover usability and features consistently throughout Odoo including views and layouts, filters, and search capabilities.
At the top menu of the home dashboard users will find the following

  • Activities drop down
  • Chat bubble
  • The user profile has documentation, support, dark mode, etc.
Business image

The Odoo Apps module will show users what modules are available and can be added from here. We will also highlight how to configure contact and product forms as well as user settings.

To ease your workflows, record management features have a chatter to send messages, log notes, and schedule activities (these will appear in your activities icon). The intuitive design also helps you to create, and analyze reports to monitor the growth of your business.

Odoo covers consistent features and a standard sales-to-invoice workflow. It can be tailored to cover other modules as needed.

The Odoo demo trial version is available for 15 days to the users after registering with us.

No Demo instance is not customizable but if you need a customized instance we will connect with our technical team.

Odoo demo login credentials will be provided as a personalized email on your specified email address entered while registering with us. Following your request, our sales team of Odoo experts will reach out to schedule your consultation. If you have any queries, kindly let us know by contacting us at our customer support number (704) 214-4622 EXT 403 or via email at [email protected].

Yes, this is an Odoo online demo from Confianz. You do not have to download any software for consultation with us.

Confianz always provides an Odoo demo for the latest version (Odoo 17). We highly recommend using the recent stable version of Odoo Enterprise.

An Odoo demo will provide a review of out-of-the-box workflows already present within Odoo.

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