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Our experienced team of Odoo consultants developed a unique expertise in Odoo Customization. We ensure you to always provide high-quality solutions.

Odoo Apps

Odoo Apps

Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that help you grow your business. Over two million people use Odoo to grow their sales and run their operations.

Odoo Apps
Odoo customization

Odoo Customization

Do you want Odoo ERP to be customized? Whether it is extending the functionality of a native Odoo module or building a new module from scratch, we have 10+ years of experience in doing this the best possible way. No hacking of Odoo core modules and no poorly written code. We get it done for you the right way every time.

Odoo Customization
Odoo Training

Odoo Training

Congratulations, you have selected the best ERP system to run your business. Any ERP implementation is a failure if all your stakeholders are not trained to use the system properly. Let’s work together on the Confianz Global® proven method of Odoo training for your business.

Odoo Training
Odoo Apps

Odoo Integration
& Migration

Looking for Odoo migration? Whether migration of Odoo from an old version to the current stable version or migrating from a third-party ERP system to Odoo, we’ve got you covered. We have 10+ years of experience in successful Odoo migrations.

Odoo Integration & Migration
Odoo Support and Maintenance

Odoo Support
& Maintenance

Want 24*7 support for your Odoo ERP system? We have different types of packages available based on the size of your business. Support includes periodic maintenance done automated and manually. Want to learn more?

Odoo Support & Maintenance

Why Choose Confianz Global For Your Odoo ERP Implementation?

Any developer with basic computer programming skills can start building modules or customize Odoo. . But it usually takes years of experience to follow the right development guidelines to make sure Odoo modules are built the right way. Being an Odoo Ready Partner, Confianz Global® has years of experience building Odoo modules correctly. We have done many Odoo project rescues where a rookie team of developers did everything wrong. Any Odoo functionality that Confianz Global® builds for our Odoo customers, we will build it as an independent plug and play module without making any changes to the Odoo Core Data structure. This helps greatly over the long-term as upgrades to newer Odoo versions will be easier. We pride ourselves on writing quality code and having a 100% satisfaction rating for all our Odoo customers. Also, we are a team of architects and developers with a plethora of knowledge of other programming languages. We are designers, cloud server and NOC experts making sure your Odoo experience with Confianz Global® stays positive and that you will continue to consider Confianz Global® as your extended team of IT experts.

Why Choose Confianz Global For Your Odoo ERP Implementation?

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What’s The Advantage Of An Odoo Ready Partner?

What’s The Advantage Of An Odoo Ready Partner?

Odoo Ready Partners get special pricing on Enterprise licenses. As an Odoo Ready Partner, Confianz Global® always gets the best licensing cost for our customers. This is possible by transferring the discount to the end customer.

The status “Odoo Ready Partner” means you are with the right people to make your Odoo implementation a success. Whether it’s a small or large project, partners with Ready status have the necessary experience in requirements gathering, gap analysis, customization, implementation, training, ongoing support, and maintenance. At Confianz Global®, we make a point to have training (onsite or offsite), project management, user acceptance testing and ongoing support options embedded in our Odoo ERP implementation proposal.

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How We Can Help As An Odoo Ready Partner With Implementing Odoo ?

How We Can Help As An Odoo Ready Partner With Implementing Odoo ?

Odoo Partners are trained and have the experience and knowledge in implementing the Odoo ERP system successfully for their customers. They have to follow standards and best practices while implementing Odoo for their end customer.

Compared to non-Odoo Partners, Odoo Partners have to always keep a high level of standards as they are answerable to Odoo Inc. in case of project failure or following bad programming practices. In such cases, Odoo has the right to question the Partner or help the customer to reduce any damages or even assign them to another Partner. But if your Odoo project is implemented by a third party non-partner, Odoo will not be able to provide much help, other than to advise you to work with an identified Partner.

Only Odoo Partners have access to the Odoo Enterprise code from Github and all the latest bug fixes. Odoo Enterprise has better features and support than the Community version of Odoo. Odoo Enterprise comes with support and free upward data migration when there is a major version release. Also, Odoo Enterprise users get to use the add-on modules and have the ability to use the Mobile Applications available on the Google Play Store.

  • Odoo Partners have a direct relationship with Odoo SA to escalate any bugs or get help whenever needed.
  • Odoo Partners have access to weekly training webinars and access to all learning material.
  • Odoo Partners have a dedicated US account manager from Odoo, Inc. in California.
  • Yearly upgradation training from Odoo, SA.
  • Ability to have bugs fixed for end customers on Enterprise licensing.
  • Around the clock access to Odoo Knowledgebase.
How We Can Help As An Odoo Ready Partner With Implementing Odoo ?

Odoo ERP Implementation Process


We gather all the information about your business.


We document your current software, processes, spreadsheets.


We analyze all the data and group them.


We recommend the right process to implement Odoo specific to your business.


We provide a fixed cost proposal for your project.


Weekly Meetings, Development in full swing.


We train your team onsite or offsite.

QA testing

QA Testing, User Testing, and Beta Testing.

Beta launch

We do a beta launch with some parallel running with your current software.

Go live

We provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Integrations We Have Done With Odoo ERP







Bank of America






US Postal Service

Industries we helped with Odoo ERP






Zoo & Aquariums


Odoo Implementation FAQ

Odoo implementation costs vary based on the size of your company, modules you want to use, customizations you need, support plan you need, and what level of training and consultation your business needs. The project cost can vary from $3000 to $60,000 depending on your requirements.

Typically an Odoo project implementation starts with onsite or offsite consultation. Onsite consultations have one or two personnel from Confianz Global spending 1-2 full days in your facility. Offsite consultation is done via Zoom or WebEx video conferencing. We document all your current software and processes and interview your key resources in all the departments. We will use the documentation to produce a gap analysis document followed by detailed project implementation planning. Once everyone agrees on the Odoo roadmap plan, we will provide a project implementation proposal. The proposal from Confianz Global can be fixed cost, time and materials, or a dedicated developer working on your project for a set period of time. The proposal includes:

  • A customization plan with dated milestones,
  • What the deliverables are,
  • Training plan, offsite or onsite,
  • Parallel running of systems,
  • User Acceptance Testing,
  • Go-Live,
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance.

Odoo is an open source based ERP which is modular. You do not pay for modules which are irrelevant to your business. Odoo Enterprise licensing is more affordable for SMBs and large corporations compared to the big names like SAP, NetSuite, and MS Dynamics. Having full control over the codebase also reduces the overall cost of maintaining the ERP. As your dedicated Odoo partner, Confianz Global will help you through the entire process. Confianz Global is neither the most or least expensive on the market, but we do not compromise on the quality of our implementation.

Odoo ERP is an open source based ERP, meaning we have full access to the codebase, whether you are implementing Odoo Community or Odoo Enterprise. Competitors like SAP, NetSuite, or Microsoft Dynamics will not provide this freedom to customize their systems. Also, with Odoo, you have several hosting options. You can use (in-house hosting by Odoo) or have hosting via private cloud servers from Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or Digital Ocean, among others, while some clients prefer to have their own, on-site servers. As your dedicated Odoo implementation partner we will manage the server(s) for you. This is absolute freedom that other ERPs cannot provide.

It depends on the size of your company, what modules you want, the number of people to be trained on Odoo ERP, customizations required, if any, and onsite vs. offsite consultation required. Typical vanilla Odoo ERP implementation can be done in two weeks while medium sized projects take roughly 3 months and large projects take roughly 6-12 months.

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