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Introduction to Odoo ERP Software

Companies are trying to gain momentum against other competitive businesses by executing day-to-day activities through ERP solutions. Odoo ERP system makes these processes seamless by integrating a number of modules into one system that allows its user to coordinate and manage business operations efficiently. Odoo is an open-source software useful for business management. The latest Odoo version is Odoo 16, launched in October 2022.

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Why do you need ERP software to run your business?

Enterprise Resource Planning software is the fuel for running your business efficiently. It allows you to manage all your business processes effortlessly. Your ERP software must integrate vital business processes like finance, procurement, inventory management, marketing, sales, and so forth, as well as be capable of generating revenue and nurturing the growth of a company. It must enable a business to make informed decisions, streamline processes, and reduce time and costs. Using an ERP solution enables better coordination of activities amongst all the departments in your business. With an ERP, your business is capable of offering products and services through a seamless channel of information shared through integrated applications.

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Overview of Odoo ERP System and its history

Fabien Pinckaers, Odoo Founder and CEO, envisioned ERP as open-source software, a game changer at a time when ERP software was sold without the source code.

Fabien began the journey of bringing an open-source ERP into the world in 2005. His passion led him to launch OpenERP, selling services to its customers. Later, they switched from being a service company to a software publishing company with 500 partners in 100 countries. They had exceptional growth in the ERP market. Their software had many more applications than the traditional ones like sales, accounting, inventory, etc. Their incredible software paved the way to newer markets like CMS and eCommerce. The OpenERP CMS tool achieved appreciation from the top CMS companies.

By this phase, OpenERP wasn’t restricted to covering only traditional business activities like Sales, Accounting, Inventory, etc. It was spreading its wings into CMS, eCommerce, Business Intelligence, etc., and many other useful modules of business. The company decided to rename itself and the product as Odoo.

Odoo Features and Benefits


Odoo is capable of customizing requirements relevant to business needs. It empowers you to add new functionalities by using a variety of modules and their applications. With the source code being available in the Enterprise version, applications can be modified based on your needs and business functions.


You can execute business functions conveniently through in-built applications integrated with other applications within Odoo. You can also strengthen operations through third-party apps supported by Odoo.

User-friendly UI

Accelerate your business operations using Odoo’s simple and smart user interface which is convenient for novice users too.


Small, mid-scale, and large businesses can rely on Odoo for desired results. It is scalable to match changing business requirements.


Odoo’s hosting options (Odoo online and Odoo.sh) enable it to work as a cloud-based solution as well, allowing you to access and collaborate from anywhere, at any time. In addition, it provides automatic updates and backups from time to time.

Mobile/Desktop Friendly

Odoo Enterprise Edition is compatible with mobile and desktops, which is desirable for tracking your business when on the move. On the contrary, Community Edition provides Desktop support; ideal for small businesses.

Modules available for every industry

Odoo users can range from any industry like banking, retail, manufacturing, and many more. Odoo offers many modules that are designed specifically for a particular industry, which makes it extremely adaptable to any form of business.

Specific pricing based on user requirements

Odoo users have the freedom to choose between Community and Enterprise versions. Community Edition users don’t need to pay anything for limited functionalities provided in the software. Although it is useful for companies who have a limited budget, Enterprise Edition gives users the freedom to work on many applications at a single price based on the number of users. It allows your company to use the Odoo application and also provides the source code to customize it as per your business operations. With monthly and yearly payment plans, your company can decide how they wish to buy Odoo Enterprise software.

Type of Odoo Apps

Website Applications

Odoo’s website application comprises many features given below:

Sales Applications

Point of Sale

Odoo understands the need for a Point of Sale for retail companies. It helps in setting up the store, works online or offline, and is useful in setting up loyalty programs for customers.


This feature helps to manage subscriptions, increase customers through easy signup, create lasting relations with subscribers, smart sales operations to grow revenue, and optimize business operations.


Odoo’s rental platform helps you manage step-by-step operations from scheduling the products to be rented, to adding new products, tracking them, and checking profitability per product.

Finance Applications


Ease complex accounting operations through the finance application in Odoo. The accounting dashboard handles customer invoices, vendor bills, and other miscellaneous operations in an organized way.


The accounting dashboard has a separate section to create, manage, and track invoices of your customers. This allows you access to a detailed report of the payments received for the goods and services offered.


The tedious job of expense tracking is streamlined with Odoo which enables your employees to manage, review and track receipts and records, as well as approve/deny the expenses in a proper format.


Go paperless with Odoo. This application creates and maintains existing electronic documents, converts them into relevant formats, helps you with necessary communications, and executes operations on them without the need for pen and paper!


A swift electronic signature process is possible with Odoo. This application has a convenient process to build contracts and send signature requests for the same. Documents signed through this process are legally valid electronic signatures.

Inventory & Manufacturing Applications


Boost your warehouse efficiency through Odoo’s streamlined stocking process and operations, enhanced supply chain process, and transparent stock movement and reporting feature.

Manufacturing (MRP)

Modernize manufacturing with Odoo’s MRP application. It integrates essential manufacturing components like inventory, quality control, maintenance, and product life cycle management into a single application. It measures the exact time needed to manufacture and predicts what the overall supply will be. Intelligent AI can record exact measurements and expedites the whole manufacturing process.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

With Odoo’s smart Product Lifecycle Management application, there is a smooth flow of data across different units of business. This application allows seamless communication between departments and integrated document management simplifying approvals and quickening the entire product lifecycle.


Purchasing and procurement are crucial for any business to thrive. Odoo automates the purchasing department process, assisting them in making informed decisions. It lists prices, suppliers, current inventory levels, and required products. Odoo notifies users about product availability and can help compare prices from different vendors to maximize business efficiency.


Manufacturing can only be successful if the equipment is well-maintained and functioning properly. Odoo's Maintenance application is capable of organizing and integrating maintenance requests to keep everyone involved up-to-date. It provides in-depth statistics for managing the machines at peak efficiency.


The end product manufactured always depends upon the quality of the materials used. This application can conduct operations required for regular quality checks on the parts used with direct integration from scanners and readers. Users can raise quality alerts and follow up on them through the use of a sophisticated user interface.

Human Resource Applications


Clear visibility of employees’ leaves, requests to take leaves, expense approval requests, and updates, appraisals, and more is possible with Odoo's Employee application.


The recruitment application manages candidates' hiring process from sourcing and contracts to recruitment. It has a portal for applicants, a seamless channel for job offer communications, a Kanban view to customize recruitment steps, and an integrated documents workspace.

Time Off

Odoo simplifies leave management for managers through a separate portal for approvals, along with a tool for creating reports for leaves and upcoming plans with statistics.


The appraisal portal helps you with employee assessment, designing templates for evaluation, surveys for feedback, and an automated evaluation plan useful for managers.


Odoo’s exciting referral program for employees enables them to refer candidates and earn points, as well as follow their colleagues’ progress in recruitment, and build a team with their referrals.


Odoo’s fleet management application enables specialized tracking processes for vehicles, manages contracts, monitors expenses, and provides insights to improve processes through its reporting tool.

Marketing Applications

Marketing Automation

It has automated and customizable workflows to boost sales, create enticing email campaigns, customer journeys with workflows, and a systematic lead management system for acquiring prospective customers.

Email Marketing

Successful email campaigns are imperative for revenue generation. This application creates engaging campaigns, provides lead selection for specific campaigns, flexibility to various devices, and analysis features for improving results.

SMS Marketing

This application empowers your team to promote campaigns via SMS. Therefore, targeted leads can take decisions while on the move. Your team can schedule campaigns, buy credits for sending SMS, optimize SMS links via link tracker, and segment the audience to whom the campaign is intended.

Social Marketing

Multiple social media pages can be managed on a single interface through this application. You can create and schedule posts to be published later. You can track potential leads and customers, and revenue generated through social media with this application. Live chats can be performed, and web push notifications can be sent to users even if they aren’t active on your company website.


Every event is unique and has several details to be taken care of. The Odoo Events tool empowers you to manage it flawlessly. Its feature enables you to design and customize the events page as per your requirements.


Surveys are essential for keeping track of customers' loyalty. It can help businesses improve their products and stay updated on the latest trends. Odoo gives companies the ability to manage surveys, perform analysis and share this information with the necessary departments. This helps to improve the overall business performance.

Services Applications

Odoo Community versus Odoo Enterprise

Odoo ERP software solution is available in two versions: Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise. The Community version is free to download with applications and its source code is available for business users. Although users can modify the Community Edition, they need to manage all hosting services.

Odoo Enterprise is also an open-source ERP software; but it is licensed, contains numerous business apps, and can be customized as per business requirements. In addition to this, Enterprise Edition can be deployed on Odoo Server, through Self-Hosting, or the Odoo.sh platform. Moreover, Community Edition users can easily upgrade to Enterprise Edition through some simple installation and subscription steps.

Why Do You Need Odoo Integration?
Odoo Integration Services

Options for customization and integration with other systems

Any business will have requirements that need customization catering to its specific operations. Out-of-the-box Odoo ERP provides many applications that can serve the immediate business processes. However, Odoo also gives options to customize and deploy business-related modifications.

Odoo Enterprise edition gives users access to Odoo source and hosting services, empowering them to create and customize applications capable of driving more customers to their business. Odoo Community edition also provides the source code to its users, but hosting is possible only through self-hosting services.

Third-party integration with systems is an essential aspect that all businesses require. Odoo powers this feature to its user with a vast array of third-party systems. Third parties can be related to any module of Odoo, like SMS, Payment, Social Media, Google Apps, Biometric services, VOIP, and Accounting, allowing you to fully automate the user journey. All these services are critical to any end-to-end business operations, and Odoo makes it extremely easy to integrate with them.

Odoo Integration Services

Target Audience and Industries

Companies require comprehensive ERP software to match their business requirements. This is why Odoo is a premium choice amongst several businesses. The businesses that can benefit from Odoo are as follows:

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs)

Odoo is simple to use and understand; making it a perfect choice to run a small or midsize business. It is an intelligent tool to run versatile operations in one comprehensive software instead of using complex ERP solutions.

E-commerce business

Odoo’s e-commerce application envelopes almost every function imperative to running Sales, PoS, Inventory, CRM, etc. It is a powerful tool that follows an Omnichannel strategy to integrate the online store with other applications like CRM, PoS, Inventory, etc.

Manufacturing and production companies

Odoo is popular amongst companies that manage production, inventory, and quality control. These business functions are critical to running manufacturing and production operations, making Odoo an ideal product for them.

Service-based businesses

Odoo’s simple UI is extremely user-friendly. Therefore, service-based companies find it beneficial to execute project responsibilities eg. coordinate with different teams, assign tasks, etc. This is why Odoo is an optimum choice for consulting firms and creative agencies.

Retail companies

Retail companies have multiple products to manage and sell every day. This process is difficult to handle manually without an ERP. Odoo is a smart, integrated software to help employees in the retail industry manage inventory, sales, and finances without the need for a complex ERP.

Healthcare organizations

Healthcare is of primary importance for every individual. It is the responsibility of healthcare organizations to prioritize and execute each patient's medical visit. From booking online appointments to collecting patients data, keeping invoices ready, all activities require efforts that minimize patient wait time. Odoo's solutions work well in coordinating all these activities through applications that are coherent and integrated seamlessly.

Construction companies

Construction companies are usually in need of large-scale inventories and planning. There is a huge dependency on an efficient ERP system to coordinate and execute complicated processes. Odoo’s well-integrated applications can help optimize necessary operations like project management, inventory, and finance to keep a construction plan on target.

Reputed companies using Odoo

Toyota, Hyundai, PCI, Trident, and approximately 1000 more companies are delighted to work with Odoo.

Pricing and Plans

Odoo 16 Enterprise version has the best pricing plan so far. Odoo 16 Enterprise version is unlike the earlier versions which covered the license price and an application price as two separate entities for users. This latest version of Odoo has a single price per user covering the license, access to all applications with the source code, and hosting options. Users can avail Odoo Enterprise version by paying monthly or on an annual basis.

Users can avail Odoo Enterprise inclusive of the license, source code, and hosting (standard cloud hosting, or self-hosting using their own SaaS infrastructure) with an annual payment of $448.80 per user which amounts to $37.40/month. This is the price for a single user and it increases depending on the number of users added. For Odoo.sh the Cloud Platform hosting option price is not only dependent upon the number of users, but also the number of workers, storage (GB), and staging environment.

In case you are more interested in taking a monthly subscription, you can avail Enterprise edition inclusive of the license, source code, and hosting (standard cloud hosting or Odoo.sh hosting). The Odoo cost of Enterprise Edition inclusive of the license, source code, and standard cloud hosting is $46.80 per user. The other hosting option, Odoo.sh’s price is dependent upon the same factors mentioned above. The self-hosting option is unavailable in the monthly subscription. This plan is ideal for small businesses.

Why Do You Need Odoo Integration?
Why Do You Need Odoo Integration?

How Confianz can help with Odoo ERP implementation for your business

Odoo is extremely useful when customized to cater to specific business requirements. While the Odoo Standard version has enough applications and resources for executing end-to-end business operations, certain situations call for customization.

Confianz is a Ready Partner of Odoo, which means that we host teams that are experts in Odoo customization and Odoo ERP implementation. Odoo development can be quite tricky and lead to an unusable product if not executed properly. We at Confianz provide customization using Odoo Enterprise Edition as per your business requirements and can deploy on your self-hosted infrastructure or through Odoo.sh.

As an Odoo partner we follow a series of steps that are necessary for any successful Odoo ERP integration into your business:



A successful Odoo ERP system implementation always starts with an in-depth analysis of the business processes and systems in place. This is critical in determining which Odoo modules would be most appropriate, and also how to get Odoo tailored to meet the business goals.



After the assessment has been refined and discussed with the clients, a proper plan is laid out. This will specify the implementation methodology, stage by stage deliverables, and the respective timelines.


Installation and configuration

With the plan in place, the base layer is set up. This means the correct version of Odoo is installed and configured on the client’s infrastructure, along with all the essential software like the database and interface layers.


Data migration

Many businesses might have a system in place already, and that would require data migration to the Odoo system set up in the previous step.



Enterprise edition can be tailor-made depending on your business requirements by Odoo developers. During the initial planning phase, modules that need customization will be outlined. Confianz is a leader in Odoo ERP implementation and can execute them to perfection.



Post customization, detailed testing needs to be done in order to identify any incorrect system behaviors. Different levels of testing are conducted like system testing, integration testing, performance testing, and so on, which makes sure that the customizations done are as expected.



End users require effective training on the new system that they are going to be using. Confianz provides such training to the employees, bringing them up to speed with all the changes in place.



After testing sign-off and end-users are trained, Odoo is ready to be deployed on the client's system and Confianz executes a perfect go-live, with all the parties actively involved.


Support and maintenance

A successful go-live and deployment is only half the battle won. There will always be issues reported once the system is available for end-users, and Confianz believes in providing the best market support and maintenance. This means any defects reported will be worked upon and resolved in minimal time.


Continual improvement

There is always room for improvement, and as business processes evolve, the Odoo system implemented will require updates. The entire cycle is repeated to keep the business operating harmoniously.


Odoo provides 24x7 support to its users and provides complete documentation of its modules. Numerous blogs, forums, community discussions, and video tutorials are available for Odoo users that they can use to learn and use Odoo efficiently.

Odoo is gaining popularity across businesses throughout the world. Odoo users are estimated to be over 3,000,000 and increasing daily. Odoo is popular across all industries with small, medium, and large-scale businesses.

Odoo customization generally requires a team of experts to scope and determine the achievability of business needs. At Confianz, we have teams that help customize Odoo software specifically for any business, including Odoo ERP implementation to meet your unique needs.

While SAP is the biggest ERP solution provider in the market, Odoo, with its superior customization capabilities, is much more economical and lets users tailor their applications specific to their needs, making odoo erp customization a significant advantage.

Migrating to Odoo from your current ERP system should be handled by Odoo experts like Confianz to minimize impact and make the transition seamless.

Odoo provides highly secured encryption and meets all security standards in the market. In addition, Odoo offers robust Odoo ERP support to ensure that your system is well-maintained and secure.

Odoo comes with the ability to install and use numerous languages and currencies. Currently, Odoo supports over 80 languages. This can easily be done with the help of Odoo Translation.

Odoo is a very lightweight system. The minimum requirements for running Odoo are a 2GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, and 1GB of storage. But the recommended requirements for small/ medium size business is 4 core processor , 8 GB RAM and 250 GB of storage. In terms of software, you require a web server and a database server. Odoo can be installed on any OS but the recommended OS is Ubuntu.

Odoo covers all aspects of a business. Some of the key modules readily available in Odoo are Sales, Inventory, Project Management, Purchase, Manufacturing, CRM, Accounting and Finance.

Odoo is a centralized ERP system to simplify how businesses run. It is a fully integrated ERP, with data flowing across all business processes automatically. This will help in improving communication and collaboration across all departments of your organization.

Odoo is fit for any scale of business. It has a modular design and offers customization anywhere as needed, making it extremely scalable for small to large businesses.

One of the key features making Odoo perfect for businesses is the ability to customize it as per business needs. You can add third-party applications or even implement your own custom modules.

Odoo is a web-based application, which means that any user can access the Odoo system over the internet. Odoo works as a fully functioning software on mobile devices and is highly responsive to mobile input as well.

Like most applications, Odoo can be deployed in 3 modes: on-premise, SaaS, or on the cloud.

Odoo apps are perfectly integrated to execute different business operations into a single system, providing automation in inventory management, accounting, manufacturing, invoice, procuring, etc.

Odoo offers various pricing options based on the scales of business. Prices for securing Odoo vary based on the number of users that you envision using the Odoo application. It also has different editions available depending on whether you require customization or not. Odoo also offers pricing plans like monthly or annual pricing.

Odoo has a very powerful data analytics tool integrated within itself. Odoo can generate in-depth reports with the click of a button. It also has the option to integrate with third-party apps for analytics and reporting.

Odoo is an open-source ERP and CRM system, which means that there are several online resources, tutorials, forums, and communities that can help users resolve any issues they face. Odoo also provides paid support and training that can be purchased from its website.

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