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Acumatica pricing is based on the features and resources that you choose to utilize, not on the number of users who access the system.

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What are the factors affecting Acumatica Pricing?

Acumatica will never charge more for adding users, which sets it apart from other ERP companies. Instead, there are three factors that Acumatica uses to determine a company’s price:

The applications a company wants to start using immediately

Whether a company wants to purchase a private cloud, perpetual, or SaaS subscription

A company’s expected transaction volume

These three factors will help Acumatica determine a pricing structure that allows a company to use all the features it needs right now.

Pricing can change as a company’s transaction number grows and as a company decides to add more applications. In general, companies do not change their licensing model after implementing Acumatica.

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What is the difference between Acumatica’s software licensing subscriptions?

Acumatica offers three different software licensing subscription models–private cloud, private perpetual, and SaaS.

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Private Cloud Subscriptions

Private cloud subscriptions are sometimes called on-premise subscriptions. With this option, you can install and implement Acumatica software on-premise or at a hosting provider. This option comes with an annual fee.

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Private Perpetual Subscriptions

Private perpetual subscriptions also let you install and implement Acumatica software on-premise or at a hosting provider. It is similar to the traditional ERP subscription licensing model. With a private perpetual license, you pay a one-time upfront fee and an ongoing annual maintenance fee.

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SaaS Subscriptions

SaaS subscriptions are the most popular option among Acumatica users. A dedicated IT organization (such as Confianz) handles all the implementation, installation, service, and maintenance support for your Acumatica Cloud ERP with a SaaS subscription. This option is based on an annual subscription fee. This licensing model is popular because it typically ends up with the lowest total cost while providing the most significant amount of flexibility and customer service.

Acumatica Implementation Pricing

The cost to implement Acumatica is separate from the price of Acumatica’s product and services. Acumatica has created an eight-step implementation process, which sets it apart from other ERP companies. This eight-step process ensures that Acumatica is correctly implemented the first time without missing any crucial steps or details.

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Because implementing Acumatica is such a cumbersome process, it’s a good idea for businesses to hire a third-party Acumatica partner to manage it. Several factors can impact the cost of Acumatica implementation.

  • The application you need
  • The software licensing you require (SaaS, private cloud, or perpetual license)
  • Any required resources and features

Because these factors are different for every company, it is not possible to deliver a standard Acumatica implementation fee. A good rule of thumb is that the price will increase based on the complexity of the Acumatica implementation. A company that requires several complex features will pay more than a company that is starting with only a few applications.

The best way to determine your cost for Acumatica implementation is to speak with an Acumatica partner, like Confianz. We can assess your Acumatica needs and give you an accurate quote based on the size and scope of your ERP implementation.

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Acumatica Customization Pricing

Another critical aspect of Acumatica is that it can be customized to a company’s exact specifications, which is priced as a one-time fee.

Pricing for Acumatica customization will vary depending on what types of applications and features you need. More complex customization options will cost more than more basic customization.

For example, some companies will need unique processes with custom functionality to be built inside the Acumatica platform. This will take more time and resources than using a pre-built module.

The best way to learn how much Acumatica customization will cost for your company is to talk to an Acumatica partner like Confianz. We can help you determine which features your business needs and how to customize Acumatica to meet your requirements. Then, we can tell you how much it will cost to implement your chosen customization options.

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Acumatica Training Pricing

Acumatica ERP software will only benefit your organization if everyone understands how to use it. That’s why it’s worth paying for Acumatica training.

Acumatica does offer some free training resources through Acumatica Open University. This pre-recorded training program includes specialized learning paths, quizzes, and certificates. It can be a great resource, but some companies prefer a more hands-on approach.

Acumatica’s third-party partners, including Confianz, offer hands-on training for your team that can make it easier and more efficient for you to begin using Acumatica. Contact us to learn more about our training offerings and pricing.

Acumatica Support Pricing

Another thing that distinguishes Acumatica from other ERP software vendors is that it does not have a one-size-fits-all support model. Instead, it offers two levels of product support: basic support and premier support. Neither of these is required; however, they can be useful add-ons for customers looking for additional Acumatica support.

Basic support provides fast help during business hours (Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 5 PM across all major time zones). Users can expect a response within two hours for the most urgent matters. Support responses can take as long as five days for non-urgent issues. With basic support, all communication is done through a community hub.

In addition to having direct communication with the support team, Acumatica’s Basic support provides access to the Acumatica Customer Portal and Knowledge Center, which has a library full of articles that answer common questions about known issues.

Basic support benefits are provided for up to two named users. You can add more users for an additional fee.

The basic support solution is ideal for companies on a more limited budget who do not need immediate access to Acumatica’s support team. It may be a good option for Acumatica users who work with a third-party partner that can provide more immediate support and assistance.

Premier support offers more immediate access to Acumatica’s support team. This includes 24/7 access for urgent matters and 9 AM to 5 PM local time support for any other issues. Premier support users have telephone and chat access to an Acumatica support team. They also get priority queuing.

Premier support benefits are provided for up to four named users. As with basic support, you can add more users for a fee.

The premier support solution is ideal for companies that want a direct line to Acumatica’s support team via telephone and chat, especially for urgent matters.

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Acumatica Migration Pricing

There is a cost to migrate data from your existing software to Acumatica. This includes everything from essential records stored in another software platform to information housed in spreadsheets. Every piece of company data will need to be migrated to Acumatica to ensure that everyone in the company has quick and easy access.

The cost of Acumatica migration will vary from one company to another. Some factors that can impact this pricing include the size of your company, the amount of data that needs to be migrated, and the number of places that data needs to be migrated from.

Migration tools can simplify this process, and it may be beneficial for larger businesses that are migrating gigabytes of data to pay for them in the long run.

So, the overall price of Acumatica migration can range from a few thousand dollars for smaller firms to $10,000 or more for larger companies. These fees include internal and financial resources involved in the migration process. Confianz can help you determine what it will take to migrate your data to Acumatica to give you a more firm idea of the cost of Acumatica migration.

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Acumatica Integration Pricing

One of the primary reasons companies choose Acumatica ERP software is because it can integrate with other software solutions. So, setting up these integrations during the initial Acumatica implementation phase is essential. That means that integration costs should be included in the implementation cost.

The exact cost of Acumatica integration will depend on the complexity of your business needs. For example, simple integration with common use-cases might only cost a few hundred dollars per month. On the other end of the spectrum are complex integrations with niche applications. These could cost your company several thousands of dollars every month.

Because there is such a varying degree of cost for Acumatica integration, it’s essential to disclose all the integrations you will require at the outset of the Acumatica implementation process. This will ensure that you understand the monthly cost you will pay and can make decisions that align with your company’s interests.

Acumatica works with the tools you already use so integration is easy

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How is Acumatica different in terms of ERP cost?

Unlike other ERP software solutions, Acumatica does not charge companies for buying additional licenses for users. Instead, Acumatica bases its pricing structure on the specific features and resources businesses choose to utilize. That means companies can focus on getting software that meets their needs instead of worrying about paying for a certain amount of licenses.

This important difference in pricing sets Acumatica apart from other ERPs in terms of cost. It allows companies to have greater flexibility and makes it easier for companies to grant access to more employees who can use Acumatica software to improve their processes and productivity in ways that positively impact the company’s bottom line.

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