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Are You Looking for a SAP Alternative? Check Out Acumatica ERP and See if It’s a Good Fit

Finding the right ERP for your business can feel like trying to find a Goldilocks solution. Sure, the ERP might seem right for you. But so many elements of an ERP can end up a poor fit in practice. Choosing an ERP is such a high-stakes decision that you don’t want to...

What Factors Affect the Average Cost of ERP Implementation?

Choosing to implement an ERP is a big decision for a company. Along with the time, energy, and resources that ERP implementation requires, the process can be costly. Unexpected costs can be a substantial financial strain if businesses aren’t prepared and haven’t...

Offshoring vs Outsourcing vs Subcontracting

Your business has a problem. You have a task that your current company doesn’t have the skill, abilities, or time to complete. You could hire more employees at your base of operations, but that may not be ideal for several reasons.  Maybe it's not a large enough task...

Mobile App Security: Why is it Important?

Slack, Klarna, ParkMobile, and Amazon Ring. What do these mobile apps have in common? In 2021, all these apps had significant data breaches. A recent report estimated that 6.6 billion people use smartphones, equaling roughly 83% of the earth’s population. With the...

Time Series Analysis Forecasting and How It’s Helpful for Your Business

Businesses should always look for ways to predict future events to make better decisions. Time series analysis forecasting is a statistical technique that helps businesses make predictions about future events by analyzing data from the past. Companies use time series...

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