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Killarney Metals sets the industry standard of quality for metal drain and drip pans. The company makes and supplies innovative spill containment drip pans for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

About Killarney Metals a Custom Pan Manufacturer

Killarney Metals has a broad customer reach. Homeowners place their drip pans under washing machines, water heaters, ice makers, or sinks. Industrial organizations use them to meet OSHA and EPA standards and trust Killarney Metals with total project management to find a perfect solution for spill containment systems.

One of Killarney Metals’ points of pride is that all of their products are made right here in the US. The company is based in Belmont, North Carolina, where it was founded back in 2011. All of Killarney Metals’ administrative offices, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities are located in the United States.

As a national supplier of metal containment pans, Killarney Metals needed a robust software program. Company leadership wanted to manage everything from accounting and CRM to inventory and warehouse from one application. Since its founding, things have been moving quickly. Because of the nature of the business, every department needed to be aware of what was happening on other teams so they could do their jobs correctly.

A Messy Situation

Before meeting with the Confianz Global team, Killarney Metals was running a legacy Microsoft-powered inbuild order management system.

In addition, they had multiple software solutions that were running different departments, such as CRM, accounting, warehouse, and more. Unfortunately, these software solutions were disconnected or only partially integrated, leaving departments feeling siloed and detached from the rest of the organization.

To be honest, it was a bit of a mess.

However, it was not a unique situation for the Confianz Global team to encounter from a new customer. In fact, we’ve seen many businesses operating with this type of setup (or worse) because they didn’t realize there was a better way to do things. All they needed was the right partner to figure out a solution.

Confianz Global Meets Killarney Metals


Confianz Global’s CEO and Founder, Anoop Menon, was introduced to Killarney Metals and its president, Scott Toal, in 2013.


After hearing about the various software programs Killarney Metals was using to manage its business, Anoop wanted to learn more. He understood the complexities involved in running an operation as significant as Killarney Metals, with many moving parts that included everything from providing the right inventory for manufacturing to navigating the ever-evolving world of online sales.


Anoop believed his team could develop a better solution that would integrate Killarney Metals’ many departments. His goal was to help Killarney Metals create a more productive and efficient workflow and improve communication.


Being located in North Carolina made it easy for Scott and Anoop to get together for in-person meetings to get to know each other and learn more about each other’s businesses.


Shortly after being introduced, Anoop sat down with Scott and the Killarney Metals leadership team to learn more about their business, generally speaking. Next, they met at Killarney Metals, where Anoop was treated to a detailed site tour to better understand the various departments and business operations that needed to be integrated.


Up until the time of meeting with Anoop, Killarney Metals had built most of their solutions in-house. The team had never outsourced any significant software development project.


Anoop knew he would need to work hard to win their trust. He understood that handing over a software development project to a new company would take some time, and he was prepared to do everything he could to put Scott and his team’s minds at ease before moving forward.

A Plan is Born

Confianz Global held multiple meetings with Killarney Metals to find out everything there was to know about the company and its pain points.

After documenting everything in detail, Confianz came up with a plan to use the open-source software OpenERP (now Odoo) for Killarney Metals’ backend processing. They also determined that Killarney Metals should use PrestaShop to power its e-commerce website.

Still working to gain Killarney Metals’ trust and confidence, Confianz went ahead and built a real-time two-way sync between PrestaShop and Odoo ERP. Then, Anoop and his team demoed the solution. The result resonated well with Scott and his team.

Forging Ahead

The work didn’t end with the demo. Instead, Confianz further documented Killarney Metals’ wish list, including any complexities that Confianz would encounter in the future.

At this point, Killarney Metals brought their chief technology officer (CTO) in to be the main point of contact between their business and Confianz for any major technological changes in the future. This was great for the Confianz team because we speak the same language as the CTO!

Instead of forging full steam ahead, Confianz and Killarney Metals agreed to take baby steps. Both teams recognized and emphasized the importance of training employees on how to use the new software before pushing forward with a soft launch.

Successful ERP Implementation and Beyond

The implementation go-live happened back in 2013. Since then, Confianz has completed several projects, large and small, and provided 24/7 support and maintenance for them. Killarney Metals remains a valuable customer of Confianz, and we value this partnership.

We love partnering with companies for the long haul. Our ongoing relationship with Killarney Metals is an excellent example of how we continue to provide value and service to our customers long after we launch implementation.

Our job with Killarney Metals hasn’t ended. The Confianz team frequently meets with the Killarney Metals team to understand their evolving challenges as their business grows and scales. In addition, we brainstorm together on how Killarney Metals can have a competitive advantage in the internet sphere, which has grown exponentially since we first met back in 2013. We enjoy working with Killarney Metals and are honored to have been their trusted Odoo Partner for the last eight years. We welcome partnerships that challenge us every day and push us to develop innovative solutions to meet a company’s growing needs. We look forward to many more years of continued collaboration and partnership.

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