Odoo Implementation Case Study done for a Telecom Company

As a software company in the telecom industry, Audian is no stranger to emerging technologies. It uses the latest software to make telecom easier for growing businesses by eliminating complexities and allowing small businesses to spend more time and resources on growing their business, not paying for phone service.

About Audian, a Telecom Company

Audian was founded in 2007, at the dawn of the business VoIP revolution. It began by putting together the first production phone system based on Asterisk, which resulted in a cost and complexity reduction of 60 percent over standard phone systems.

Since 2007, Audian has continued to be a leader in business VoIP. It has continued focusing on simplicity, speed, and service while adding the best business minds to its team every year.

In order to run such a successful technologically based business, Audian’s leadership team has needed to rely on the most up-to-date technology. That’s why, in 2015, the company began using open-source software.

This flexible, cost-effective software was supposed to help Audian and its employees provide better customer service. But, unfortunately, the unexpected complexities involved with implementing it quickly turned Audian’s dream of using open-source software into a nightmare.

Burned By Odoo Gold Partners

Audian’s President, Brandon Bazemore, has been at the forefront of technology since before he founded his business. He loves open-source software and started using Odoo (previously called OpenERP) about five years ago, in 2015. He knew his company would continue to evolve and grow, and he wanted a flexible software solution that would be able to scale along with them.

He was also looking for a cost-effective solution that would give Audian the tools it needed without breaking the bank.

Knowing that he needed support to implement Odoo software for his company, Brandon worked with an Odoo Gold partner. However, when that company didn’t deliver the service he was seeking, Brandon decided to work with another Odoo Gold partner.

When the second Odoo Gold partner didn’t deliver, Brandon began to think about giving up.

With both Odoo Gold partners, Brandon quickly figured out that his company was paying exorbitant fees just to get the software up and running. Every time he had a question or needed something updated, he would get a fee. In his own words, “They were acting like an attorney and charging me by the minute.”

A Better Way to Implement Odoo

While he was relatively happy with the open-source software itself, Brandon was frustrated by the implementation process. Things took a long time to implement, and he felt like he was being nickel-and-dimed every time he had a question. It got to the point where Brandon wasn’t sure what he was even paying for when the invoices came in.

Still believing in the power of the Odoo software to help his business, Brandon sought a better way to implement it.

He was able to validate his assumption once he learned about Confianz Global. As an official Odoo partner, Confianz Global understands how to customize Odoo software to meet the needs of growing businesses. Our team also knows how to implement Odoo in the most efficient and cost-effective way so our partners can get back to running their businesses instead of trying to figure out a complicated invoice.

Before Confianz started Odoo Implementation
with Audian

By the time he was introduced to Confianz Global, Brandon was fed up with being burned by these two previous Odoo partners. He was feeling so defeated that he was even considering abandoning the project and forgetting about Odoo altogether. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but Brandon was tired of spending more time trying to implement software than actually using it to benefit his business.

That’s when Confianz Global founder and CEO, Anoop Menon, stepped in and convinced Brandon to give Odoo just one more chance.

Turning Things Around with Confianz Global

As an experienced Odoo partner, Anoop understood Brandon’s frustration with Odoo’s implementation. However, he wanted to hear more about what, precisely, went wrong with Audian and why Brandon was feeling so defeated.

Rather than passing Brandon off to someone else on the team, Anoop personally met with Brandon. Because they are located in different states, Brandon and Anoop had a phone conversation to discuss the challenges Audian was facing.

As they talked, Anoop documented several of Brandon’s primary pain points with using Odoo software so he could start to develop a plan to improve Odoo for Brandon and help Audian leverage the software to its maximum capabilities.

After learning more about Brandon’s challenges, Anoop assured him that Confianz didn’t operate as an attorney, charging for time regardless of what was accomplished (or not) during that time.

Instead, Anoop told Brandon, Confianz’s approach was to invoice for the actual work done, which would be either customization or module development. Brandon was very comfortable with this approach. He was happy to pay for work that got completed, and so he agreed to let Anoop and his team move forward.

Quick Results

Within three weeks of Brandon and Anoop’s initial meeting, Confianz had documented every pain point and challenge Audian faced with their Odoo implementation.

The Confianz Global team had to go all the way back to 2015, the year Brandon first implemented open-source software, to uncover the underlying challenges facing Audian. Once they did, they were able to identify the root causes of Brandon’s frustrations and make changes to improve the Odoo implementation and user experience for all of Audian’s employees.

Audian’s team is now running happily using Odoo ERP software to manage the business. Confianz Global has completed a few upgrades and continues to provide customization services based on how Audian does business.

Brandon is thrilled with the success of Confianz’s Odoo implementation. In fact, he was so happy that he recently flew from Washington to Raleigh to share his partner experience with Confianz in an Odoo roadshow that Confianz sponsored.

We are thrilled to have Brandon and the rest of the Audian team as our partners. We believe that Odoo software can be a powerful tool for any small business, and we love working with companies like Audian to customize and implement Odoo software.

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