The Challenge

Moms face additional challenges when it comes to parenting. Even in homes where both parents share house-keeping and childcare duties, moms are the ones who carry and birth the child. They also are the ones who breastfeed (if they choose to) and who need to take time off of work for recovery. Many women end up leaving the workforce permanently or for an extended period to care for their child(ren).

Because of all these specific challenges, women are often left feeling isolated and alone. These feelings, coupled with the overwhelming exhaustion that comes from parenting a newborn, can be detrimental to a woman’s mental and physical health and well-being.

Moms are the only ones who fully understand the pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum experience. Finding other local moms to connect with to share experiences and talk about everything motherhood entails is the problem the brand MotherGroup wanted to solve.

The MotherGroup platform connects women with other moms in their local area with children in similar age groups.

These are the people who will understand if you’re running late because your baby needed a last-minute diaper change, or you had to turn around because you forgot to grab more formula. They’re also the people who will be awake with you at 2 AM for feedings and diaper changes and will be happy to text advice, offer support, or simply commiserate with you about the challenges you are going through.

The platform specifically connects women located within five miles of each other to make it as easy as possible for women within each Mom Group to meet in-person at least once a month.

Built by a Mom for Other Moms

Like many great brands, MotherGroup was born out of necessity.

MotherGroup’s founder and owner, Ida-Marie Skotte, was pregnant with her third child when she and her family moved to North Carolina.

Removed from her friends and family and unsure how to meet other moms outside of large chat rooms or one-on-one dating-style apps, she built her own mom group by asking every pregnant woman she encountered to be part of it. It was awkward, even for an extrovert like Ida-Marie. Yet, having a group of women to turn to after her baby was born was just what Ida-Marie needed to feel connected and become a part of her new community.

Ida-Marie recognized a need for moms to find other women to connect with, and she knew that her approach up-front was not realistic or sustainable for others. She wanted to create a safe, private space for women to connect, share stories, and offer their advice. She envisioned an app that allowed moms to chat with each other privately, outside of social media platforms or larger chat rooms. She also wanted to create a way for moms to get to know each other and build a trusting relationship that could move offline.

The result is MotherGroup, a business that connects local moms who may not otherwise meet each other through an app that puts moms into Mom Groups. Women can mute notifications when they’re busy or resting, and they can engage in conversations when they want to connect with the members of their Mom Group.

As the mother of three, Ida-Marie recognizes the importance of having trusting relationships with other moms who understand the joys and challenges motherhood represents at all stages. Her goal with each Mom Group is for the women in it to meet regularly either in a home or at a baby-friendly public place. She also wants the women to know they have a support network to reach out to via chat whenever they need help, advice, or just a friendly ear to listen.

Challenge Accepted: Developing an App

We connected with Ida-Marie when she was working on figuring out how to turn her idea for an app into a reality. After some thoughtful discussion, we were able to help her develop an app that would accomplish her goals, which consisted of the following:

  • Connecting moms who were geographically close (within five miles)

  • Connecting moms with children who were born within four weeks of each other

  • Keeping the platform free of charge for all users

Women can download the newly launched app in the App Store for iPhone or the Google Play store. When they register, they will fill out a form that includes their name and information about their due date and location. The app then gets to work creating a Mom Group that includes 4 – 8 women who can message each other and arrange their own in-person meetings around their personal schedules.

The app is currently monetized by ad revenue, which allows it to remain free for anyone who wants to use it. All of the information that women input into the app is kept confidential and is never sold for marketing or advertising purposes.

Ida-Marie’s journey from having an idea for an app to delivering a fully functional app to moms nationwide took less than a year. As our neighbor in North Carolina, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to help her create a useful app that would add value to the lives of so many women.

To get started, moms can download the app from the App Store for iPhone or the Google Play store.

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