Odoo is the world’s number one open-source ERP platform. Companies use the Odoo ERP to manage their operations, including eCommerce, customer relationship management, manufacturing processes, Telecom operations, project management, marketing automation, inventory management, human resources, accounting, and more.

Odoo is endlessly customizable. In addition to 15,000 ready-to-use apps, you can even use Odoo Studio to customize your own applications for Odoo without any coding experience.

But if you’ve considered implementing Odoo, you’ve probably encountered a crossroads. There are two versions of Odoo, which have pros and cons. So, which Odoo ERP version is best for your business: Enterprise or Community?

In this article, we’ll break down these two editions to help you understand what makes them different and help you figure out which Odoo version will work best for your organization.

Odoo Community Edition

We’ll start by looking at Odoo Community since it is a more basic version of the ERP software.

If you’re unsure whether Odoo is the right ERP software for you, Odoo Community is an excellent place to start. Its primary selling point is that it is entirely free to use, with no need to buy a license.

While other software offers limited-time free trial versions, Odoo lets users use the community version for free as long as they want–though using an Odoo demo can also be helpful to see how a fully put-together system works.

As you probably guessed, since it’s free, the community version lacks several features and some functionality compared with enterprise.

However, Odoo Community can be helpful for smaller organizations that cannot buy ERP software now but may in the future. Odoo Community will scale with your company so you can add new features and functionality, so you only need to migrate your data once.

Here’s a breakdown of Odoo Community operates in terms of interface, modules, website, support, and hosting options.


Odoo Community Edition is only available on desktop, limiting where and when you can access and use its features.


Odoo Community lacks access to several modules because updates focus on the Enterprise version.

Several modules are only available for the Odoo Enterprise version, including Odoo Studio, IoT, and Document Management. The community version also lacks several features for eCommerce and accounting.


While lacking in other areas, the community edition of Odoo shines when it comes to website features. You can access all the website features in Odoo Community as you can with Odoo Enterprise. These include a website builder, live chat, eCommerce tools, a blog, forums, and e-learning tools.


Odoo does not offer support for its Odoo Community Edition subscribers.


Odoo Community users are responsible for hosting the software themselves. You can decide whether to use on-premise servers or hosted servers. The Odoo Community version works with cloud hosting, including Google Cloud, AWS, Digital Ocean, and more.

Odoo Enterprise Edition

If you need a robust suite of features, you should look into Odoo Enterprise Edition rather than Odoo Community. You will need to pay for licensing, but the increased functionality and additional features will offset the cost.

While there are some flat fees, you will never have to pay for applications you don’t use. Odoo is modular, meaning you can pick and choose the apps you need. This feature keeps your overall costs down.

If you want to learn more about Odoo Enterprise’s pricing, check out our blog post.


Unlike Odoo Community, which is only available on desktop, Odoo Enterprise Edition is accessible everywhere. You can use it on your desktop and mobile devices that operate both Android and iOS platforms. This can significantly increase the application’s usefulness by making it easier for your entire team to access.


One of the primary benefits of using the enterprise version over community is that you’ll have access to any and all of the modules and features available. This means you don’t have to integrate third-party applications and deal with incompatibility issues.

You’ll also be able to completely customize your Odoo experience using Studio, which includes screen customization, report design, app creation, and a menu editor.


Odoo offers Enterprise support—to a point. They will support the core platform and give free upward data migration whenever a new version is released. Make sure you work with a reputable Odoo Partner, as they can help you when you need support for any customization issues.


The enterprise version offers the same hosting options as Odoo Community with the added options of Odoo.sh—a cloud-hosting option—and Odoo SaaS.

Note that Odoo SaaS does not offer customizations because it is a multi-tenant model in which everyone with access to it uses the same software.

Should You Get Odoo Enterprise or Odoo Community?

Both Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise offer several features that can improve your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. So, which one is right for you?

If you’re exploring Odoo, then Odoo Community is a good place to start. Because it’s free, you can experiment to see if it could benefit your business without committing. You might also want to consider Odoo Community if you only need minimal features and have an in-house IT team to manage your support needs.

Odoo Enterprise has many extra features that can more than make up for the licensing cost. Plus, the additional support you can get from Odoo Enterprise could be appealing if you don’t have an in-house IT team ready to tackle any issues that arise to minimize downtime.

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At Confianz, we are proud to be an official Odoo Partner. This distinction means we have the experience to help businesses of all sizes transition to Odoo Enterprise. In addition, we offer guidance, implementation, training, and ongoing support for all our clients.

If you’re unsure whether you need Odoo Community or Odoo Enterprise, get in touch! We offer a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about your business and help you identify the best path forward. In addition, you’ll get a no-obligation quote that can help you make an informed decision for your business.

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