Today’s businesses rely on enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to manage all of their business processes in one place. However, it is time-consuming and expensive to implement a new ERP system, which is why it’s crucial to fully understand all of your options before choosing which one to use for your organization.

In this article, we’ll look at two popular ERP options – Odoo and Microsoft Dynamics.

Understanding Microsoft Dynamics

If your business already uses Microsoft for other applications, you might be somewhat familiar with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This software is designed to unify CRM and ERP software in one streamlined solution. You can manage specific business functions such as sales, marketing, and customer service while connecting customer data. 

What types of companies use Microsoft Dynamics?

Companies of all sizes can benefit from Microsoft Dynamics, although it is designed for medium and large-sized businesses. It is offered as a cloud service, which makes Microsoft Dynamics accessible for small businesses. 

Because it has a familiar layout to other Microsoft products, Microsoft Dynamics is frequently used by organizations already using Microsoft. It is also becoming popular in the public sector, as many government agencies use it for their financial planning operations. 

How much does Microsoft Dynamics cost?

Microsoft Dynamics offers options for multiple business areas that each have distinct up-front pricing models. You can review them all here. The benefit of this model is that you only pay for licenses for the business areas you need and will use instead of paying for a full-service software license that has more features than you need. After you purchase one Microsoft Dynamics application, you can get a discount on subsequent ones.

What are Microsoft Dynamics’ features?

Microsoft Dynamics features several apps for sales, customer service, field service, project service automation, marketing, financials, and operations. Each of these applications comes at a different cost. So, you can mix and match them as your business needs them to create a customized ERP system for your business.

As a Microsoft product, Microsoft Dynamics easily integrates with all other Microsoft 365 applications and software. It also integrates with LinkedIn and hundreds of other third-party applications.

How do I access Microsoft Dynamics?

You can access Microsoft Dynamics as a web application the way you would access other Microsoft 365 applications. You can also download a mobile app to use Dynamics 365 on any mobile device or tablet.

How is Microsoft Dynamics hosted?

Dynamics can be deployed as a cloud or on-premise application. The most popular option is cloud deployment, in which Dynamics 365 is hosted on Microsoft’s web services platform, Azure. There is also a hybrid option, in which you can store data and transactions on a local server while remaining fully integrated with the Microsoft cloud.

Understanding Odoo

​​Compared with SAP, Odoo is a relative newcomer to the ERP software scene. It was first founded in 2005 but it wasn’t until 2010 that it started to become mainstream. As open-source software, Odoo has flexibility that many other types of software cannot match, making it an appealing option for small businesses and startups.

What types of companies use Odoo?

Because it has a wide range of applications and features, Odoo is used by organizations in various industries. It’s easy to use for companies ranging from small startups to global corporations. It has the distinction of being the most installed software globally and currently has over 7 million users worldwide.

One reason Odoo’s client size varies so dramatically is that it is available in two versions – Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise. While they are both suitable for small businesses, Odoo Enterprise has more features and functionality for larger operations. In addition, Odoo Community is free, making it a good option for any business that wants to learn more about Odoo before diving into the Enterprise plan.

How much does Odoo cost?

Odoo costs range from $0 to thousands of dollars, depending on what you need. The free version is Odoo Community. Think of it as an indefinite free trial. You’ll never pay for Odoo Community. However, the free version lacks several features and functionalities that you can find in Odoo Enterprise.

Odoo Enterprise operates in a similar way to Microsoft Dynamics, in that you only pay for the applications you need. However, the prices are significantly lower for Odoo Enterprise apps than Microsoft Dynamics apps. Keep in mind that you’ll need to pay for implementation by working with an official Odoo Partner. This upfront cost will benefit you in the long run by ensuring that your Odoo is correctly implemented and that your team is properly trained so you can maximize Odoo’s potential.

What are Odoo’s features?

Odoo’s modular format makes it stand out from other ERP software. Another advantage is that Odoo Enterprise is entirely customizable using Odoo Studio. This application allows you to customize your Odoo software for your organization. 

In addition, Odoo has applications for different business areas, including sales, marketing, website, service, productivity, finance, human resources, and inventory management. These varied areas of business mean that you can use Odoo to run your entire organization. It also integrates with thousands of third-party applications. 

How do I access Odoo?

Odoo Community and Enterprise are available as desktop downloads or website applications. Odoo Enterprise is also available as a mobile application and can be used on Android and iOS devices.

How is Odoo hosted?

Odoo Community can only be hosted using on-premise servers. Odoo Enterprise can be hosted using on-premise servers or online, using the cloud. 

A benefit of using on-premise hosting for Odoo Enterprise is that you can integrate third-party applications. When you use Odoo’s SaaS cloud hosting for Odoo Enterprise, you can only integrate Odoo applications. If you opt for on-premise hosting, it’s a good idea to work with an Odoo Partner who can ensure implementation goes smoothly.

Should You Choose Microsoft Dynamics or Odoo?

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing ERP software. Businesses that already use Microsoft 365 might appreciate the familiarity and easy integration that Microsoft Dynamics offers. Organizations that prefer full customization options with easy-to-use modules might be better off with Odoo Enterprise. 

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