I have always been passionate about good open source technologies, tools etc.

It all started with some collaborated work on Gantt project, years back. later I had worked with  ZK one of the robust Development tool I have seen in sourceforge. Eclipse plugin development importantly GMF and GEF also keeps me interested.

Though I am very busy with business commitments these days, still I find some time to test or look through some cool OSS tools.  The number of applications that gets started in SF shows how much passionate people are about technology. But there is always the plain old philosophy – “Survival of the fittest”. Some projects becomes world popular some vanishes with no one to further develop.

Sourceforge’s idea of showcasing a project per month based on their ranking mechanism is something truly great and a big boost to the developers who are contributing  to the projects. One of the projects that seriously got me interested is Cloud Computing application – eyeOS tool. After trying it out, I am so impressed. Hats off to the team that works for this project. Surely Cloud computing is the future , critics might say data security issues.

Have a look at the project here and why not try it out sometime..you just need apache server with PHP enabled.. if you have xampp for windows/mac its as easy as pie.  http://www.eyeos.org

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