Monthly hackathons are very common in Confianz where we build prototype apps useful for the open source community or enthusiasts. Some of these apps help us to service our clients better on a day-to-day basis.

OpenERP-Prestashop connector came out from one of the hackathons we conducted about 6 months ago. We built a prototype, sought feedback from some of the well-wishers and clients who loved the idea. Clearly we could understand that we should work more on it to make it an actual product and make it available as open source on the Launchpad.

While architecting the system, priority was given to make sure the module developed for the OpenERP end and the Prestashop end should be modular ie. We should develop it in a way that it should be easy to install/uninstall the module and at the same time no hacks on the core file structure. This will ensure that in future versions of OpenERP (OpenERP V8 is expected soon) and Prestashop  it will be easier to integrate with few tweaks looking at the changes in future APIs.

Prestashop Teaser 1.6

Features of the Prestashop connector

Real time Two way sync of products

  • Real time Two way sync of Categories

  • Real time Two way sync of Customers

  • Real time Two way sync of Orders

  • Real time Two way sync of Attachments

  • Real time Two way sync of Sales orders

  • Real time Stock Availability

  • Manual Import/Export facility available

  • Multi store Support

  • Fully pluggable Module for OpenERP 7 & Prestashop 1.5.6

  • Support from Confianz

  • AGPL  Open source License

For E-commerce businesses this is a good opportunity to use a single system, OpenERP to manage their entire business departments like Finance, HR, Sales, Purchase, CRM, Warehouse, Manufacturing, multiple e-commerce stores etc. Since Prestashop is a proven open source E-commerce suite it is really worth a try to move to a platform like this considering future ease of scaling and manageability.

We will be launching the module on February 27th 2014, So keep coming  here or subscribe for updates.

Notes: Prestashop plugin talks to OpenERP V 7 using the shops concept in OpenERP. From good sources, the concept of shops is going to be deprecated in OpenERP 8, so our future plan is to have the plugin talk to the Warehouse module of OpenERP 8.

Write to us [email protected]  if you need development or support using these modules.

List of OpenERP goodies planned for upcoming hackathons

Fedex integration module for OpenERP
Quick Books data migration tool for OpenERP
Ebay Integration for OpenERP
Peachtree data migration tool for OpenERP
Comments are welcome, A Facebook share or G +1 or a tweet will be a great gesture to keep us motivated on developing more open source cool stuff.


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Update: Download the source code from 

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