As described in my previous post, I am always passionate about  useful OSS applications.

Recently I had been searching for a good Bug tracking tool which is easy to learn and use. Bugzilla is something I had been used to for long. But this is a new and small company, and I want to introduce this application to the Project development team, testing/reporting team , designing team while they are working on mutiple projects. Even I want to monitor all the bugs in an easy and less time consuming way. I am worried only about reopened/non assigned bugs / assigned to me etc and I want to find it easily, not sitting and searching which is time consuming.

I first saw Mantis when my brother in law, showed it to me. I loved the simple and easy to use GUI. I took the application for a spin for one week,  installation was a breeze.  After 2-3 days of usage, I was sure,  I will be implementing this as our official bug tracking tool.

So officially we have started using Mantis for all our software bug tracking needs. It was just a matter of 10-20 minutes for all the people in my office to get a hang of it.  And they all started liking it, and I spend less than an hour importing all the existing bugs data to this application. Initially I was planning to have this use projects that just received the SOW, But seeing the simplicity of Mantis, I brought in data from all projects which are running right now.

Try out this tool when you have time. Go to

I am trying out another OSS app named Vtiger CRM, another Sourceforge project. Infact thinking of adding some custom modules to it for a customer. I will write an article about it  shortly… till then bye from me..


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