AI vs. Humans in Business

Some of the most popular movies in recent history (iRobot, Ex Machina, and Chappie, to name just a few) dealt with both the positive and negative aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  If you’re not familiar, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Intelligence is a robotic system that can take on the same traits, abilities, and tendencies as humans such as visual perception, speech recognition, and decision-making. When it comes to business, organizational leaders alike are always racing to achieve the next competitive advantage. What better way to achieve dominance than to utilize robotic intelligence? While technology is imperative, capitalizing off of it at the expense of actual human talent can become a pitfall for any organization. If you want to build a great business, you need craftsmanship and leadership, not just the latest, most expensive technology.

Behind every successful AI implementation lies a skilled team of people actually running the business. Humans and machines are fundamentally good at different things. People are intentional — we form plans, make decisions and respond to emotions. However, we’re not great at making sense of enormous amounts of data. That’s where AI comes in. AI excels at efficient data processing, but it struggles with making basic judgments that would be simple for any human.

With that in mind, here are a few reasons why you can’t replace human talent with AI:

AI vs. Humans in Business

Human Connection Will Always Beat Technology

Having the latest and greatest technology may seem proactive, but it is useless without a human working behind it. A machine can perform any task that it is programed to do (perhaps more efficiently than a human), but the one thing that we have that they don’t have is empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand, relate and respond to the concerns of another individual.  It takes more than just technology to move your business, it takes a talented team to make the best use of the technology implemented. An AI system can only function at the trigger of logic. This trigger can only be done by human intelligence. Without it, an AI system is just a sitting piece of machinery.

Can You Afford it?

Yes, AI technology is great, but it is not widely available. If you were to get your hands on an AI system, effective implementation would be prohibitively expensive. It is predicted that the U.S. alone could face a 50–60% gap between supply and demand for deep analytic talent. This is a key necessity for anyone looking to implement an AI system in their business. Businesses are discovering that just implementing new hardware alone isn’t sufficient. Major technology players like Samsung are setting up AI hubs in locations like Cambridge. Google’s AI hub is in London’s Golden Triangle. Both of which are in hopes that they get their hands on top AI talent before their respected competitors.

Finding the Right AI

The most important decision is making sure you find the right AI talent for your business. For some, finding the right AI is equivalent to mission impossible.  Let’s face it, every company isn’t into building internal analytics teams or doesn’t offer the career paths needed to attract the caliber of talent needed behind the system. But don’t be dismayed, business owners can always look to partner with people who have expertise in data science. This will counteract the risk of being left behind. Instead, make sure that your partner has a clear understanding of your business and technological needs.

Undoubtedly, AI is the new wave of the future. Its advancements can significantly impact the way businesses operate– solely based on their ability to perform human functions.  However, the distinct replication of the human brain – thinking, perceiving, analyzing, understanding, and responding spontaneously, is very far-fetched, especially in business. People still, and will, always enjoy human to human contact, conversation, and emotions. That is something that an AI cannot provide. Yet.

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