Twentieth-century historians predicted that in the year 2000 flying cars, spaceships and robots would be the new normal.  Although they did not hit the nail on the head quite right, we are experiencing an advancement in technology like never before. Early ideologies about the internet were sharpened as the decade descended.  We saw nuclear technology and plastics change and advance our lives, but differently than expected. Instead, we live in a world dominated by streaming, smart devices, and social networks.

While forecasters were off, timing-wise they did get one thing right, technology has become a part of our everyday norm.  Smart technology is simplifying the way that we communicate, run businesses, classrooms, and our homes. These innovations have and will continue to make our lives easier, faster, and overall more enjoyable.  Yet, today, researchers have determined that we are at the brink of another boom. This time, it’s self-driving vehicles and robot assistants (queue “The Jetsons” theme song), both of which are currently under development.


Now, let’s analyze some exciting technologies that can potentially change the world:

Voice Assistance

The easiest way to search for something on your iPhone is to simply say “Hey Siri”. For Android or Windows users, there is “Okay Google” or Cortana. Whatever you call her (or him depending on your settings), you are contacting a voice assistant. Like a human assistant, voice assistants are here to help. Whether it’s finding directions, playing a song or opening an app, voice assistants are here to make life simpler.  Outside of smartphones, household devices like the Amazon Echo or Apple HomePod (both of which are equipped with artificial intelligence) are expected to dominate households in no time.

Robotic Assistance  

Boston Dynamics and other similar companies are elevating the way factories do business. They have developed a wide range of robot assistants for factory use. Knightscope is another company working on a line of robot assistants for the security sector. Its K5 robot has four cameras, equipped with the ability to recognize 300 licenses plates per minute, per camera. In addition, it can also detect suspicious online networks that may be operated by hackers.

Self-Driving Vehicles

While fully autonomous cars have yet to hit the market, several automakers like Tesla, General Motors and Volvo are rolling out semi-autonomous vehicles. Although these vehicles cannot fully act independently, it does rapidly heighten the anticipation of experiencing a self-driving system.  General Motors announced by 2019 consumers can expect the launch of a car that has no steering wheel or pedals. In addition, Uber has teamed up with NASA to develop an air traffic control system for the push of their pilotless flying vehicles. No longer just a thought, Uber is working with aircraft manufacturers to develop prototypes with the intention of launching a beta program in 2020.

Regenerative Medicine

Although it may sound like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, doctors are already producing made-to-order replacement body parts using scaffolds and the patient’s cells. These cells are then incubated in a petri dish. Once the cells are strong enough, replacement body parts are built and implanted inside the patient. A company by the name of Organovo has developed a printer capable of 3D printing body parts.  With rapid advancement, in time, this new technology will become increasingly in demand for it provides patients with lifesaving organ replacements.

Over the years, technology has revolutionized the way that we live.  Technology is increasingly offering amazing tools and resources that save time, energy, and lives. And this list only scratches the surface.

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