Hootsuite is a social media management system that allows users to work more efficiently by managing all of their social media channels through one interface. Users can assign tasks to other team members and set reminders for posts. Team members can also take advantage of cutting-edge social media expert training through Hootsuite Academy. These features and more make this platform one of the most comprehensive social media management tools available.

Aside from the obvious, the Hootsuite platform enables users to monitor what people are saying about their brand online.  The homepage consists of streaming channels of individual networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress Blogs and Google+. Users have the ability to post updates or reply directly. Let’s face it, the world of social media is expanding. Individuals are more likely to have multiple profiles, so services like Hootsuite are a huge time saver for marketing professionals and other individuals who dread logging into multiple platforms.

Launched in 2008 by Invoke Media, Hootsuite was designed for individuals like you and me who enjoy being social while sharing media. Over 20% of the world’s top brands utilize Hootsuite to manage their social media platforms. It is also reported that as of today more people are following and engaging with businesses online than celebrities. Instagram alone reported that 80% of its users follow at least one business.

hootsuite for business

Other reasons why Hootsuite is at the top of its class include:


Who else loves a one-stop shop? Only those who have better things to do than wander across multiple social media platforms. With Hootsuite, you can still spy on the competition and engage with your audience while managing your profiles. You can house up to 35 profiles under one user. This functionality is wonderful for those who like to post to multiple channels at the same time.

Cross-Platform Capabilities

Just like multiple profiles, we all have multiple devices. Hootsuite can be used as a web app, easily accessible through macOS, Windows, and Linux. In addition, it hosts over 150 free, paid and premium apps that are sure to amplify user experience.


What is the use of a campaign if you cannot track your ROI (return on investment). Each week, Hootsuite sends out an analytical report of your marketing campaigns via email.  The PDF attachment gives users insight on the number of times someone clicks on your link, geographical information of visitors, likers, and followers and a snapshot of your most popular post links.

Unfortunately, the report will only work if you consistently utilize Hootsuite to manage your networks. This is because it only tracks via its very own ow.ly URL shortener. So if you utilize other apps such as the platform’s direct website or other social media management platforms the data will not register.

In conclusion, time is money and Hootsuite is helping brands and individuals alike save on a daily basis. Hootsuite is one of the only social media management platforms that supports an abundance of networks and applications. This allows marketing teams to reach the masses in a flash. A quick update to multiple platforms has the ability to drive any new promotion, campaign or update.  The scheduling features are a sure asset to any organization. No more digging for content, instead, information is readily accessible and easily distributed in seconds.

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