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How legacy modernization can run your business smarter and healthier?

“Old is Gold” when it comes to cars but never with IT, as new vulnerabilities and gaping holes are a routine challenge. Studies show that even today a lot of small to medium to large companies depend on legacy systems to run and manage their business.

One of the primary reasons many of the companies don’t upgrade to newer and better technologies is the fact that “It Works, so why should I spend?”

You might want to consider moving out of a legacy system considering some of the below.

Studies prove that a business spend more money on maintaining the legacy system while it is vulnerable to new forms of threats and attacks. It’s always better to run a business on a newer technology compared to Fortran or a stale programming language, which will incur costs to keep having good developers on rolls.

Risk of running a legacy system is higher since it can fail due to many reasons which includes security, infrastructure and performance flaws.

Its tasteful if all companies stay with the newest and robust technologies to roll out better customer service and retention, faster processing. It’s always difficult to adopt big data analytics and power of cloud and mobile since the legacy system cannot provide the stability and connectivity required. If your organization has large chunk of big data, you should use it to better your organizational growth. History has proven that those companies investing in using their data to generate insights correctly were better at decisions making and promoting three-digit growth.

Depreciated or non-supported technologies also create a lot of trouble when it comes to business continuity. Many CXOs never understand the risks of it unless there is a big disaster, which may threaten them to go out of business.  Many of the legacy systems are not written in MVC, neither are they well coded nor user documented, which makes it difficult to recover in the case of a failure. Have you ever thought, what will happen if the entire server crashed and what is my SLA or business continuity plan? Whether there is anything like “Business continuity” when there is a disaster in your IT plans.

If you are running a legacy system for some of your core process, there is no question of a tomorrow and it is like  “Now”. Like the sword of Damocles, it’s after you and a good business owner will always exhibit a better sense of focus on lessen business risks.

Legacy modernization projects are always a herculean task  which can only be executed by good providers with excellent track record. Also look for a provider who has a vision to grow with you by providing good solution that not only replaces your existing legacy system but also provides additional features, which is futuristic. Some of the important things to consider in a project like this are narrowing on the right technology, developing the new system, Migration of existing data, Training, support, SLA, Continued improvements etc. Legacy modernization need not be always super expensive considering the open source solutions available, which can be customized to your needs.

At Confianz we have done handful of legacy modernization projects using OpenERP, an open source ERP system. We have a defined plan and approach in which we study your entire system before suggesting the right open source or from the scratch solution building as we have worked with more than 20 open source solutions. To know more about how Confianz can help you migrate to OpenERP please contact us today.


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