Whether you’re in finance, healthcare, manufacturing, project management, tech, or another industry, your operations team is a critical part of your business. It’s responsible for keeping your organization running as smoothly and efficiently as possible while saving money and resources at the same time. 

Operations management teams need to juggle a lot of balls. Staying on top of things without getting disorganized or bogged down with chasing down details can be a challenge.

That’s why many companies are implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for their operations management team.

In this article, we’ll break down the key areas where ERP software can benefit operations management so you can decide if implementing it is the right move for your organization.

What is ERP Software for Operations Management?

ERP software is great because it can be used across departments to deliver key business information. As a result, everyone from your human resources team to IT, leadership, marketing, and operations can quickly access company information and work from a single source of truth.

On top of providing a single dashboard, ERP software can automate manual tasks to reduce the risk of human error and free your workforce to focus on other business areas that require a more complex thought process.

For operations management, ERP software can be particularly beneficial for staying organized. For example, ERP software helps operations managers manage inventory, automate scheduling, streamline reporting, and more. 

7 Benefits of ERP Software for Operations Management

Here are some specific ways ERP software can improve operations management in your organization.

1. Coordinate with supply chain and warehouse

Navigating the supply chain is a significant challenge for operations management teams. ERP software can give you insight into your supply chain to make it easier to coordinate with your warehouse(s). 

Instead of being caught off-guard when a shipment arrives late or doesn’t arrive at all, you can be informed well ahead of time so you can make adjustments as needed to keep operations running.

2. Streamline currency conversions

ERP software can instantly make currency conversions when you’re working with suppliers, vendors, and customers in a different country. This can help everything run more smoothly and ensure you stay on budget.

3. Customer relationship management

ERP software includes customer relationship management (CRM) tools to ensure you meet your customers’ needs. You can receive notifications and alerts about problems quickly to act fast to resolve customer issues. 

4. Accurate forecasting

Operations management teams need to forecast the future accurately. ERP software provides automated reports that give all the information you need to make smart business decisions based on the most up-to-date data available. 

5. Make your operations team more agile

In today’s fast-paced business environment, operations managers need to be able to pivot and adapt when things abruptly change. ERP software keeps data organized and up-to-date, allowing your operations teams to be more agile and adjust to changes faster than ever. 

6. Improve efficiency

Of course, the primary goal of any operations management team is to improve an organization’s overall efficiency. ERP software can dramatically improve efficiency across the organization by automating manual tasks and making it quick and easy to generate reports. 

In addition, operations managers can review reports to identify areas of improvement. This ensures that they focus their time and efforts on areas that are the most likely to impact the bottom line first instead of wasting time on other business areas that are not as urgent or relevant to the company’s goals.

7. Improve visibility

By operating from a single source of truth, ERP software allows everyone in the organization to quickly and easily find the information they need without going through multiple channels to track it down. This improved visibility saves time and ensures that work isn’t duplicated because one team is unaware of what another team is doing. 

What to Do Before Choosing an ERP Software for Operations Management

There are several different ERP software platforms available on the market. Here are some things to consider as you start looking for one to implement in your organization. 

Identify problem areas in your processes

An ERP software platform can help implement a process, but it won’t create a new one for you. So, before you invest in ERP software and start training your operations management team, identify which areas of your processes need to be updated. Then, focus on including those in your ERP software so that your new strategy is ready when you launch. 

Consider other business needs

To get the most out of your ERP software, you’ll want to include all areas of your business. Look for ERP software that will address the needs of every department, including HR, IT, marketing, sales, accounting, and more. ERP software works best when everyone in the organization is using it correctly. 

Look for software that will scale

Your organization’s needs today are likely different than they were five years ago. Moreover, they’ll continue to change as your business grows and evolves. So, look for ERP software that will scale along with your business. 

Don’t pay for features you won’t use

At the same time, be mindful of paying for features you don’t need now but might “someday.” There’s no reason to pay for something you’re not using! Your ERP software should be able to adapt with you instead of forcing you to keep features you don’t really need.

Train all your employees

There’s no point in implementing ERP software if all your employees aren’t going to use it. Make sure you work with an ERP implementation company that can appropriately train your staff and answer any questions as they come up. That way, your whole organization will be able to move forward with a new set of streamlined processes.

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