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Jquery vs Prototype

Since our company had been more in to web development these days,  I was playing out the differences between Jquery and Prototype. To be very frank,  I was a die hard fan of Prototype once it was shown by one of my Developers in 2008. We all knew Jquery is there, we have used light boxes for some of our projects, but still Prototype was our favourite may be because we were well versed in that.

Two months back one of my key clients,  called me and asked me to change everything in the current ongoing project from prototype to Jquery. I was little shocked at the first moment because the application is already huge, Thousands if not hundreds of lines of code are written with Ajax every where. Now we need to change everything. My development team stood up and started the conversion learning the new technology in detail.

But I was thinking why such a requirement came up. I did some internet research and the client itself came up with some links showing why such a need was crucial.

See Slickspeed

Jquery is much ligther and faster compared to prototype. I agree these tests are not completely agreeable but still results are more favoring Jquery…

Keep a watch on Dojo while you run those tests.. its going to surprise you for sure…

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