ERP (enterprise resource planning) system is a comprehensive business management solution. ERP software is designed to help companies to manage their operations efficiently by providing the tools necessary for a company to run smoothly. ERPs come with features for accounting, production management, estimating, and customer relationship management. 

While businesses in all industries benefit from ERPs, they are handy for manufacturers. And if you’re in the window manufacturing business, an ERP can help you streamline your day-to-day operations, improve efficiency, and provide better customer service.

This article will review the specific problems facing window manufacturing and how an ERP can help you overcome them, and also give you an idea of what to look for in an ERP.

What Are the Challenges Facing the Window

Manufacturing Industry?

The window manufacturing industry faces several challenges. These include:

    • Competition from low-cost imports: The global demand for windows is growing, but many manufacturers are struggling to compete with low-cost imports from all over the globe.
    • Disrupted supply chains: Manufacturing is still recovering from supply chain disruptions that began during the COVID-19 pandemic. Raw goods are in short supply and often cost significantly more than they did previously. This can lead to price hikes that consumers need help understanding and problems when products take longer than expected.
    • Labor shortages: While demand rises, the labor to satisfy this demand is in short supply. A study by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute estimates that there will be 2.1 million unfilled manufacturing jobs by the end of the decade. This affects all manufacturing, but especially those with the need for skilled labor.
    • Increased demand as the housing market booms: The United States is struggling with housing shortages. Developers are trying to combat this by building more homes. While the increased demand would be positive, coupled with labor shortages and supply issues, the demand is straining the market.
    • Problems with faulty products: Due to short staffing, many prominent and well-respected brands are struggling with a sudden increase in defective products. This reflects poorly on the business and can be a significant setback.

How an ERP Can Help Your Window

Manufacturing Business

Businesses looking to weather the storm facing the window manufacturing industry will have to adapt to these challenges. If you’re not using an ERP, it’s never been a better time to start. An ERP can give you the edge you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

Firstly, ERPs help to reduce costs by eliminating mistakes and errors in data entry and processing. 

Secondly, they eliminate human error by automating all the processes with advanced features, such as production planning and scheduling, inventory management, purchase requisitioning, etc.

These are other benefits you can derive from using an ERP.

Improved quality control

ERP software helps manufacturers to monitor and maintain the quality of the product. In addition, it helps them keep track of all the production processes to identify any flaws in the process or product. 

This can be particularly beneficial for newer employees or during busy seasons. Small mistakes that compromise the integrity of your product may slip past your employees. The real-time data an ERP provides can help you catch these issues before you send out faulty merchandise.

Improved efficiency

ERPs can also improve your workers’ productivity. Automating previously manual processes frees up your workers from busy work. An ERP can also help employees to work more efficiently by reducing the time spent on non-value-adding tasks. You can better utilize your employees with more insight into each step of production.

It can also help employees make more informed decisions. Cloud ERPs, in particular, allow employees access to up-to-date information, keeping everyone on the same page. 

Reduced inventory

An ERP provides an accurate inventory count for all materials used for production, so it reduces waste as well as inventory costs. This will help you order just enough, so there isn’t an excess.

Reduced losses 

Window Manufacturing ERPs also reduce losses by providing an accurate forecast of demand. This can help you navigate the fluctuations in the housing market. This prevents overproduction or underproduction of materials while ensuring you can satisfy customer demand.

Accurate forecasting based on data can also help you avoid long wait times for raw goods. Instead of getting caught by surprise by increased or decreased demand, you can anticipate it and handle it proactively.

What To Look for in a Window Manufacturing ERP

There are many ERP systems in the market, and finding the right one for your organization can take time and effort. However, there are a few key points that you should keep in mind before selecting a system for your company.

1. The ERP should be able to support your business processes, such as order
entry, production planning, project management, and customer service.

2. It should also be able to integrate with any third-party software you’re already
using, such as inventory management, accounting, and CRM systems.

3. You will need to find an ERP that is flexible enough to handle any changes in
your business model or industry trends because window manufacturing is an
evolving industry with new materials and technologies being developed all the

4. It should be able to generate reports on demand and track inventory in real time.

5. The system should also be able to provide a dashboard for easy access to
information about any aspect of the business.

6. You want a system that will grow with your company and provide the ability to
add modules as needed without any limitations on growth or expansion of

Don’t Wait – Start Today!

An ERP system can help your window manufacturing business in many ways. It can help you to stay organized, have better inventory control, and avoid costly mistakes. However, don’t put off implementing an ERP. It can often take some time, and with every bit you delay, you’re wasting resources and losing profits.

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