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Iphone and Android

While I am writing this Android phones are still not available in India. A little bit of googling shows there are some guys who use Android based mobile in India. HTC is planning to hit the market some time soon I believe. This makes me wonder why it takes such a long time for a new global product to be available in India which is the largest mobile market in the world. PC hardware, it is understandable.Not all  will be willing to spend money for a new expensive graphics card in India. But I have seen people spending everything in their savings to buy a new phone and whether they need it or not they event seems not to know.

Iphone is available in India and personally I love it like anything. Even developing for the same is a pleasure considering the support from Apple. Even if you pay 99$ for the developer program it is worth every penny but keep in mind you adhere to the terms and conditions  so that your apps wont be blacklisted from the apps store. I have seen many posts in the past where people complaining about their application being blacklisted or it was not a good decision so I am moving in to Android etc. But we need to understand the fact that in Business everyone need to stay. An application that allows an Iphone to make skype/vonage calls via WIFI will harm the mobile operator for sure. Some how Apple has control over these things while they have released the SDK to public.  In my whole hearted opinion,  it is Good.  Some of the Iphone developers/ users wont agree but the quality of the apps are not compromised since Apple has control over these things.

I am a great admirer of Linux and some what crazy about it right from school days. Today we have thousands of different flavors of Linux. When I heard about a common Linux platform based mobile phones I was so thrilled. I looked in to the Android stuff for past 3 months which made me understand the difference between developing for an open source based system and I phone which has still strings tied by Apple. Definitely I phone development is better.

For Apple with the way I phone sales are sky rocketing which will increase again with I phone 3 the near future seems good.When you develop an application for an I phone you are addressing a market of 3.9+ million.

For Android(G phone) – sticking with a single Mobile carrier will harm.. it needs to be open to more carriers and more geographical areas. The future will be too good for G phone, if they are ready to listen to what the users want. And some control on what is right and what is not while developing..Will Google do something like that to keep quality in check? or Is it the Mobile carriers who are reluctant seeing an open source platform where anyone can program stuffs which can be potentially bad for them? There is a recent buzz that recession hasn’t affected two fields – Telecoms and pro$ 🙂  So we need to wait and see what all the changes coming ahead in Telecoms.

I hope to see some comments for this.

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  • I admit that Apple has a larger customer base and it will take a long time for Google to set up a good base.

    Some good news – Samsung is coming up with Android phones soon. I personally opt G phones to I phones. Apple overprices their products.

    Could you imagine paying Rs. 31,999/- for an iPhone?

  • I believe most of the brands who are a member of the open handset alliance are coming up with android based Phones.

    Iphone at ~32K is costly but its worth every penny. The cool interface, works as an ipod with excellent voice characteristics which no other brand can boast of. Remember a Nokia N 75 with very less features went for very good sales figures in India with a price tag close to 30K at start.They have addressed the video recording and other features which was missing in the original version.

    I have nothing against Android.. it will be the future if Google plays its cards well…after all they are so good at doing that…they surprise people a lot .. Gmail is one example….

    The competition is good as far as the consumers are concerned…more useful applications and goodies 🙂

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