This is something asked by a lot of people. what we look in a prospect/candidate for a post?

Let me put forward some points here so that will be useful for some people.


#1. We give importance to your talent/intelligence than your marks or certifications – Take it from me, even if you have not passed your 10th grade, but if you have talent and you can prove that to us, you will be hired.

#2. We are a small company, hardly 2 years old but growing on a steady rate so, we want very good intelligent people who wont let us down. Commitment, never give up attitude is a must.

#3. Please be clear when you send CVs. Avoid typos and grammatically wrong sentences, if you need help with it consult some one good. Any company your first point of entry is through that CV and have it done well. Also mention only those Technologies that you are really good at.