Offshore software development has come a long way from its humble beginning in the 90s, to a subsequent boom in the 2000s. Global business service models have emerged and many countries including India, China, Eastern Europe and so on, have found a strong economic potential in the offshore software development industry. Though in recent times, large companies resort to building in-house IT departments, the outsourcing industry is still a winner when the challenge is to combine expertise and infrastructure with cost-effectiveness.

Offshore Software Development Company in india

Offshore Software Development Company

While offshore outsourcing has come across as a great blessing, it is wise to analyze and understand the adverse effects caused in cases of under-delivered end results that have led to project failures. The lessons learned can be put to use in a positive manner to figure out what works best and how best to go about making an offshore development venture successful.

It is not always practical and affordable to build the infrastructure, find resources, manage and dedicate a lot of time on in-house development facilities. Offshore development teams can be put to effective use, if you can turn the odds to your advantage. To maintain an effective offshore software development strategy, you should keep yourself updated with the pros and cons and ways to improve your processes through books, internet and via communicating with professionals in the field.

Here are a few things you need to know about our offshore development center in india:

1) It’s a teamwork

Understand that Offshore software development is teamwork by the development team, of which you as the owner of the project is a key team-member. Make sure that your expectations and ideas are conveyed clearly and in a timely manner and make yourself reachable.

If you are not a technical brain yourself, it is a welcome move to employ a part-time technical manager/CTO who can understand and analyze the effectiveness of methods devised by the team on your behalf.

Remember, you can have the best experts working for you, but your involvement is a decisive factor in the success of the entire operation.

2) Communication is critical

Your offshore development team from a different geographical location might not be proficient in your local language. To overcome language barriers, all communication by the offshore team is carried out in English (unless they have resources to communicate in your language). The vendor you choose must provide you with a single point of contact that vibe well with you.

While offshore development saves you a lot of time from operational headaches, yet the quality of work delivered is largely dependent on your feedback, cooperation to answer queries and a healthy relationship that would help them enjoy working for you. This motivates them to take responsibility and deliver their best to help you emerge triumphant in the venture.

3) Make smart use of time

While it is understood that a lot of your time is not required to be invested with an offshore development team, make sure that whatever time you spend on communications is effective. Ensure that a single point of contact is available to you at a specified time, conduct regular meetings within a strict time-frame and make the best use of it to gather updates and provide your insights.

Solicit regular demonstrations from the offshore software development team and identify corrections at an early stage, so as to avoid last minute surprises and to align the end result exactly to what you need it to be.

4) Make use of technology

Offshore software development involves people from different locations and timezones who have to communicate with each other. It is imperative that connectivity is ensured at all times so as to be available to sort out technicalities at the right time and avoid bottlenecks. Thankfully, technology has advanced an enormous deal that arranging for the right gadgets/environment to ensure connectivity is not a big deal anymore. A good smartphone/tablet/laptop with screen-share/teleconferencing facilities, data connectivity and headsets is all you need to ensure you are available. In the present times, it does not cost you a fortune to ensure such an arrangement.

Employ a single, central medium of communication and data repository, preferably a good project management system where all activities are logged for future reference along with time tracking.

5) Start humble and scale big

A step by step approach will help you assess the chosen team’s skills/suitability in a more effective manner. You can start out with a small team and scale over the course of time, which greatly reduces risks of over-investing in large teams.

A more effective technique would be the Build-Operate-Transfer, where vendors with proven credibility and good office infrastructure can be engaged on contract terms to provide dedicated teams who can work on your instructions, from their own facilities. While you get an expert team to do your outsourced web and mobile application development work, the vendor handles all hassles of hiring and management, which enables you to concentrate on your business and on ensuring that quality work, is being delivered. As your product reaches maturity and starts bringing in sufficient revenue, you can transfer your team to an entity of your own.

Our Offshore software development company in India will make sure that every projects are completed on time. Confianz Global® provides the very best in offshore app development services. We deliver end-to-end solutions that fits both your requirements and your budget.


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