Having the right ERP for Supply Chain Management activities is imperative for every retail company. It can help retail companies streamline business operations like managing a warehouse, generating invoices, procurement, managing leads, etc. This is why Odoo is a perfect fit for retail companies looking to optimize their supply chain operations. 

Odoo is a business management software that can help retail companies with the flow of goods and services. It is a fully integrated software that can handle end-to-end logistics and supply chain systems. 

Benefits of Using Odoo ERP for Retail Operations

Every retail company has its own challenges in executing daily business operations. Although a lot of ERP systems are available in the market, not every software is capable of handling complex tasks. This is because they can’t be customized to cater to individual business needs, but Odoo offers the following benefits:

  1. Odoo ERP software is fully integrated software that can also be customized to handle different operations like the procurement process, warehouse management or inventory management, return management, order management, customer relationship management, etc.
  2. Supply chain activities executed using Odoo can help reduce overall costs, gain more insight and transparency about every operation, and fulfill consumer demands without fail.
  3. Odoo ERP software offers capabilities that empower retail companies to gain a competitive edge against their competitors.
  4. Retail companies can use this software to manage leads and improve decision-making.
  5. Retail companies can train employees to only use Odoo rather than multiple different software. It will ensure smooth workflow and timely deliverables.

Supply Chain Management Features of Odoo to Empower Retail Companies

An efficient supply chain management software is integral for a retail business to manage supply and demand. Odoo’s supply chain management system is designed to simplify the entire supply chain process and ensure the right balance for smooth business operations. Some of the most noticeable features in Odoo’s supply chain management solution are as follows:

  • Seamless communications with interconnected modules like Inventory, Purchase Management, Invoicing, and Shipment Tracking.
  • Enhanced supplier management with the power of the Odoo Vendor Management module and enabled automated order placing.
  • Keeping track of inventory and sending alert prompts when inventory is low.
  • Detailed report generation tools.
  • User-friendly system to track and manage raw materials in cases of in-house production.
  • Improved supply chain management with Odoo insights and AI-powered dashboards.

1. Accounts Management 

Odoo’s smart dashboard makes tasks easier and faster to perform. Some of the prominent features that the Accounting module helps businesses are as follows: 

  • Invoice and vendor bill generation is quicker with just a few steps.
  • It has AI-powered capabilities to capture data to generate invoices. Odoo users only need to validate it. 
  • Importing bank statements is completely automated.
  • It is much easier to configure reports.
  • Uses double-entry bookkeeping to maintain accuracy between the credited and debited accounts.
  • Easier to manage multiple companies with the same database.
  • Supports a multi-currency environment.

2.  Inventory Management/ Warehouse Management 

In the retail industry, effective inventory management is crucial for ensuring product availability, minimizing stockouts, and optimizing overall operations.

Here are the benefits of integrating your business with the Odoo Inventory management or warehouse management app:

  • Odoo’s Inventory management app offers a tracking system in real-time, allowing retailers to monitor stock levels accurately. This helps in preventing stockouts and overstock of goods, ensuring that products are always available when required.
  • Odoo’s multi-warehouse management capabilities help retailers manage stock at different locations to optimize stock distribution and reduce shipping costs. 
  • The inventory or warehouse management module supports barcode scanning operation which executes tasks quickly and reduces chances of errors. It also provides information about order fulfillment and stock reconciliation. 
  • This application boosts efficiency by guiding employees about order picking and packing. This reduces the overall time to process an order and deliver it to the customer. 
  • One of the benefits of Odoo Inventory management is demand forecasting and automated reordering. This is possible because the application provides insights into the sales trends and the count of products in the inventory. This helps retail businesses to analyze how much to reorder products, reduce wastage of stock, and maintain suitable inventory levels. 
  • This application also helps to improve overall supply chain operations e.g., tracking supplier information, managing purchase orders, and streamlining the procurement process.
  • It is integrated with Sales, Purchase, and Accounting which helps in a seamless flow of data, updating information, and avoiding errors.
  • Retailers can generate customizable reports to gain insights into their inventory performance. This includes reports on stock levels, sales trends, and order fulfillment, providing valuable information for decision-making.
  • Odoo offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easier for retail staff to learn and use the system efficiently. This can contribute to improved productivity and reduced training time.

3. Procurement Process (Purchase)

The Purchase application of the Odoo ERP system is useful for giving insights about the product stock, when to resupply, sending requests for quotations (RFQs), automated reordering rules, etc. Here are a few benefits of using it. 

  • Retailers can automate the creation and processing of purchase orders based on predefined rules and triggers, reducing manual effort and ensuring timely procurement.
  • Retailers can maintain a centralized database of vendors and suppliers, including contact information, terms, and performance history.
  • The application may provide tools for communication with suppliers, facilitating collaboration on orders, negotiations, and other aspects of procurement.
  • Retailers can compare prices from different vendors within the Purchase application, helping them make informed decisions and choose the best cost-efficient suppliers.
  • Some versions of Odoo may include features for negotiating terms, quantities, and prices directly within the Purchase application.
  • Odoo ERP integration with inventory management ensures that stock levels are automatically updated as new items are purchased, providing real-time visibility into inventory.
  • Odoo Purchase integrates seamlessly with other Odoo modules such as Sales, Inventory, and Accounting, providing a comprehensive and unified solution for retailers.
  • Data synchronization in real-time ensures all modules are always up-to-date. 
  • Customizable reports are possible with this app. It ensures that retailers are aware of sales trends, purchases being made, etc. 
  • The Purchase application can get automated approvals, therefore improving work efficiency.
  • Easier to manage and access invoices, contracts, etc., and for compliance too.

4. CRM

Odoo’s Customer Relationship Management software offers a system to track and manage leads, helps with customer engagement, and empowers sales. Here are a list of benefits the CRM offers: 

  • Helps in tracking and managing leads.
  • Easy to schedule meetings, follow-ups, and calls, create quotations, and send reminders. 
  • An easy-to-use Kanban view with drag and drop, to organize all opportunities easily. 
  • Ease of communication with emails added into a pipeline. 
  • Creating quotations for selected products is only a two-step process. 
  • Reporting and analytics features give you insight into sales like revenue, team performance, and custom dashboards. 
  • Intelligent and mobile-friendly UI to help with sales activities.
  • Lead nurturing is a lot easier with live chat with consumers, GeoIP, and lead scoring prediction functions to assess performance.
  • Get 360-degree visibility about meetings, emails, actions to be taken, etc.   

5. Point of Sale

Odoo’s Point of Sale module can handle transactions easily. It has an appealing and user-friendly UI with multiple operations to filter products, customize selling, loyalty programs, etc. Here are a few benefits of using Odoo Point of Sale.

  • Code on Ticket: Enhanced security for invoices with a unique 5-digit code, restricting access only to authorized personnel​​.
  • Kitchen Display and Printer Integration: Streamlining order management in restaurants​​.
  • Combo Products Creation: Ability to create and offer combo products, enhancing sales and customer loyalty​​.
  • Credit Limit Settings: Managing customer credit limits and alerts when limits are exceeded​​.
  • Kiosk Integration: Allows customers to independently place orders and customize language and tax options​​.
  • Self-Ordering via QR Codes: Customers can browse menus, customize meals, and pay using QR codes​​.
  • Bill Splitting and Printing: Simplifies managing transactions in restaurants and bars​​.
  • Table Reservations: Online table booking feature for reservations​​.

6. Manufacturing Processes and Supply Chain Enhancements

  • Manufacturing Order Overview: Detailed view of manufacturing orders for better management​​.
  • Improved Work Orders List View: Simplifies task management and employee assignment in manufacturing​​.
  • Streamlined Bill of Materials (BOM) Management: Easier creation and adjustment of BOMs​​.
  • Efficiency in Production, Quality Control, and Inventory Management: Enhanced processes in manufacturing and supply chain​.

7. E-commerce Module Features

  • Shipping methods without inventory.
  • Visibility of available coupons at checkout.
  • Ability to display product prices by website.
  • New currency filter for payment providers.
  • Improved order synchronization with Amazon.
  • Option to remove the search bar from the eCommerce store’s Shop page.
  • Display of product tags on product pages.
  • Enhanced address detection and management.
  • Revamped checkout page for better user experience.
  • Images as product attribute values.
  • Multi-checkbox attribute for product selection​

8. Shipping Connectors

By integrating shipping connectors to Odoo 17 or any older version of Odoo, retail businesses can automate the shipping and fulfillment workflows, track shipments, and provide real-time shipping information to customers. Some of the common shipping connectors available in Odoo are as follows:

  1. Odoo UPS Shipping Connector
  2. Odoo FedEx Shipping Connector
  3. Odoo USPS Shipping Connector
  4. Odoo DHL Shipping Connector
  5. Odoo Shippo Connector
  6. Odoo ShipStation Connector
  7. Odoo FedEx, UPS, and USPS Integration

Why is Odoo an Important Tool for Retail Businesses?

Retail businesses rely on the B2B and B2C markets. They need to fulfill the demands of goods and services for their customers. This is why retail businesses are highly dependent on wholesale companies (B2B channels). In addition, retail companies sell products through brick-and-mortar stores or e-commerce portals (B2C channels). Retail companies need to be efficient on both channels. Therefore, to manage the flow and distribution of goods and services efficiently, a business management tool is required. Confianz recommends Odoo ERP solution. 

Odoo ERP enables your business to manage logistics as well as optimize your supply chain. It is a fully integrated software that offers an efficient inventory management system, streamlined accounting, CRM, and sales functions. It also offers complete transparency in all supply chain operations.


Odoo provides various applications to resolve day-to-day operations seamlessly. Although these applications are already useful, they can be customized to meet your business requirements. This is why Confianz highly recommends Odoo as the business management solution to empower sales and invigorate growth.

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