Copyrighting is a great way to protect your app idea, especially if you have the next best thing. With a copyright, you have legal rights to your web or mobile app. It’s a powerful thing to have as it prevents your app from getting stolen or copied. So where do you begin on getting the copyrights for your app?

How to copyright an app idea

First, is it possible to copyright an app idea? The idea – legally, no, as they are not protected under copyright laws.

What you can copyright are the tangible aspects of the app itself. These include physical and intellectual properties such as the code, user interface elements, and in-app copy used in the application.

How to copyright an app idea

Copyrights will come in handy during the development stage of the application. You’ll likely work with various app developers during the process. So it helps to have a contract or agreement in place that states that you own the legal rights to the app. That way, the developer cannot copy the code for a different project. Be sure you have all the proper documentation.

Copyrights provide one source of app protection. But there are more ways to add more extra layers of security.

How else can you protect your app idea?

When you have a great app idea, you want to ensure it’s protected in your hands throughout the development process. Here’s how else you can keep a firm grip on your app until you’re ready to launch it to the public.

Sign an NDA

Non-disclosure agreements are common in app development

When you work with a team of developers or hire freelancers, you’re letting more people know about your app idea. Naturally, you want to share detailed information with your team so they can build the app exactly how you envisioned it.

To prevent your idea and app from leaking, have your designers, developers, and business advisors sign NDAs. It keeps them talking about your project outside of your circle, which further protects your app idea.

Trademark your app

Trademarks protect the use of words or symbols associated with your product or service. What this does is prevents others from using assets like your name, logo, icons, app features, and functionalities. Trademarking is more beneficial for brand recognition. It makes it so no company’s name or logo can have any similarity to yours. That way, your brand can remain unique.

Apply for patents

Patents help protect physical or software inventions. This is useful when you come up with a game-changing idea or concept that no one else has previously made, and you want to own the rights to it.

Before applying for a patent, ask yourself if your invention is truly unique. Does a similar concept exist in the market? Does anyone already have a patent on your invention?

Really take the time to answer these questions accurately. You can only get a patent on an idea that doesn’t use any previously patented methods or processes. But once you secure one, you’ll have access to a bigger market share – giving you a huge advantage over your competitors.

Reserve your name on app stores

On Android and non-iOS stores, it’s possible to have multiple apps with the same name. But on iOS stores, that is not the case. That’s why it’s important to reserve your app name in advance for iOS.

Fortunately, the reservation process is free and straightforward to complete. Just make sure you choose a unique name that’s not already used. There’s also no expiration date on the reservation, just as long as you’re not violating Apple’s guidelines.

Keep documents on everything

From development to launch, it’s essential to document everything throughout the process.

Document things and processes like the app’s code, meeting minutes, blueprints, brainstorming sessions, drafts, etc. These will be useful in legal situations, such as trying to prove something in court, as they can serve as evidence that helps your case.

No matter how big or small, be sure to get as much detailed information recorded and in written form.

Work with people you trust

Throughout the entire development process, you may work with a variety of parties – developers, partners, designers, and investors.

Before you work with them, do your due diligence. Conduct background checks. Check their websites, social media, experiences, and reviews to get an idea of the type of person you’re hiring.

Ensure that your developer or partner is someone you can trust to protect your app idea from getting leaked or stolen. This goes hand-in-hand with having them sign NDAs and non-compete agreements.

Be selective with distributing information

Even with an NDA, it’s in your best interest that you don’t share ALL the information about your app. Granted, you’ll likely have to reveal some important things to investors and developers. But only share what’s necessary for them to understand your vision for the app. The fewer people who know about it, the safer for you and your idea.

Sign non-compete agreements

A non-compete agreement can prevent everyone who worked on your app idea from sharing its trade secrets with competitors. It will also keep them from working with rival companies for a given time period as you work on building your app’s brand and reputation to get downloads.

Work with a Team You Can Trust

When you have an app that is truly unique, you want to secure it as firmly as possible. So going the extra mile in adding extra legal protection will ensure that your app idea stays yours and doesn’t fall into someone else’s hands.

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