In every field, the power and convenience of cloud-computing-based solutions are being used to streamline workflow. Law practices are no different. Managing clients’ information is being automated to boost productivity and efficiency.

With several types of software solutions available nowadays, it can be difficult to determine which software is best suited for your law firm. Read on to find out more on Legal Case Management Software.


What is Case Management Software?

Case Management Software serves as an automatic data collection solution that acts as a centralized database for all information regarding the client as well as the service offered to the client. This information includes contact details, appointment scheduling, past appointments, communications via digital channels like emails, case notes, and invoices for services.

Case Management Software provides a seamless and fast way to automatically record and track this data.


Features of Legal Case Management Softwares:

While features of the software may vary from one developer to another, these are the necessary features that the software should have:

  • The solution should be able to automatically record and import data into the database and classify it into different data sets under the client and case number.
  • It should also categorize contact information, appointment/meeting records with summary, case notes, and advancements, court dates, estimated fines, evidence list, prior crimes or charges, contract, as well as invoices.
  • It should also be able to automatically prioritize case details and the cases themselves.
  • The solution should also have the option to integrate other third-party APIs into the workflow.
  • Data encryption while storing and sharing sensitive information.
  • Collaborating productivity features among multiple users.
  • Self-service option for clients.
  • Automatic tracking of relevant court, meeting, and appointment dates.
  • Easy remote accessibility due to being a cloud-based service.

Benefits of Case Management Softwares:

  • The centralized database stores all clients and case details in one place.
  • You can automate time-consuming manual tasks which frees up time for personnel to do other manual tasks in your firm.
  • You can seamlessly import, manage, and sort high-volumes of sensitive client and case information, reports, and analysis in a secure and encrypted cloud database for future reference.
  • With the information being stored on cloud servers, you would not have to worry about localized and off-site backups of your data.
  • These solutions can enable you to track contact information, schedule meetings, and due to the self-service solution for clients, maintain easy connectivity and client satisfaction.
  • The invoice and bill tracking feature of Case Management Software platforms will give you easy access to these records while working with the financial data of your firm.
  • These solutions significantly boost productivity by giving seamless authenticated access to other employees/lawyers working on the same or similar cases. The centralized cloud-based database solution is ideal & perfect for promoting efficient collaborations.
  • Quality of service, operational and executive efficiency is improved. With the automation of several manual tasks, each client’s requirement would take less time to solve. This would also result in a smaller workforce being involved in such inefficient jobs, which would boost the complete utilization of employees’ operational costs. This ultimately translates to a lower cost per case and higher profitability.

Things to look for in Case Management Software: 

  • Effective date management system:
  • The solution should include an automated calendar system to set reminders about scheduled meetings with clients, important deadlines, hearing/trial dates, etc.
  • Some solutions also include the feature to access the calendar dates based on case details. For example, “Crime Number X took place on the xx-xx-xxxx date”.
  • Easy import and export of data to and from the system.
  • Easy process for manually editing data in the system.
  • Convenient authentication for accessing client case files.
  • Log-in and log-out feature for employees.  

Needs Based on Case Types:

  • To elaborate, in the case of Immigration Case Management Software, Third-Party API integration like Google Translate will be very beneficial. For instance, managing a case for an immigrant who cannot speak either English or local languages.
  • Similarly, in Healthcare Case Management Software systems, the ability to update and maintain digitized medical invoices, insurance negotiations, and injury reports is very crucial.
  • HR Case Management Software systems should have the functionality to store employee details and complaint records of the firm in question.
  • For Private Investigation Case Management Software systems, the feature to have sensitive client information encrypted is a must.
  • Likewise, Non-profit Case Management Software systems or Corporate Case Management Software systems should have the ability to easily track and maintain the records of the finances for the firm in question.
  • The frequency of data backups is also crucial for the smooth operation of the solution.


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