With the advancement of cloud computing, modern businesses employ many such platforms to increase their efficiency. User Account Management Software will seamlessly integrate into your firm’s operations and boost leads and customer engagement, which in turn affects overall revenue.


What Is Account Management Software?

This software is developed with CRM (Customer Relation Management) needs in mind. This solution, as the name suggests, helps to manage client accounts to recognize new sales opportunities. The way this kind of software achieves this is by separating the client accounts based on factors like the number of times the client utilized the firm’s services or the monetary value of those services.

This helps the firm to establish and nurture a special relationship with the client and keep track of the client’s requirements and feedback. Furthermore, this kind of CRM solution can also record and manage the communications done with clients over digital channels.

It should be kept in mind that CRM and Account Management are often used interchangeably; however, Account Management can contain more features than a typical CRM.


Features of Account Management Software for Small Businesses:

Most Customer Account Management Software Solutions should ideally have these minimum feature-sets:

  • Attract new clients by analyzing profiles of potential customers with requirements aligning with the solutions provided by the firm.
  • Retain existing clients by establishing long-term contact with them. Recording, tracking, and troubleshooting the issues from the client’s feedback.
  • Gather more leads from any database and assign them to the most suitable employee.
  • Schedule meetings and demos with calendar integration.
  • Automate the contact scheduling process by email.
  • Maintain a database of client information to manage a portfolio.
  • Real-time dashboard to monitor progress.
  • Log-in/log-out feature for employees.
  • Secured database with encryption at multiple levels.
  • A self-service platform for clients to review and monitor operations.
  • Sales automation which can be configured to give regular updates to clients, budget tracking, implementation, and quick reply to queries.
  • Cloud-based centralized database for seamless collaboration with multiple parties.

Benefits of Strategic Account Management Software:

  • Automated Scheduling:
    • You can use such a solution to control availability for meetings, get reminders, and track all your meetings and deadlines on a virtual calendar.
    • Select time availability and RSVP meetings with the client.
    • Share links for video-conference meetings with clients seamlessly.
    • Reschedule or cancel meetings with configured emails.
    • Send reminders to the client for upcoming meetings as well as follow-ups after the meeting.
  • Sales Management:
    • Boost productivity by automating manual tasks like scheduling meetings, which in turn frees up employees to do other high-priority sales tasks.
    • Send easy updates to clients using the CRM platform.
    • You can use Business Account Management Software by sending specific reports on the service offered to the client. These reports can include product/service brochures, guides, specifications, feature lists, implementation case studies, etc.
    • Furthermore, you can use the Privilege Account Management Software feature to target important clients based on their previous business history with the firm. This improves & enhances recognizing and executing insightful business opportunities.
  • Service Monitoring and Support:
    • You can provide real-time status updates on projects, reports, budget lists, etc., to the client using this platform.
    • You can gather real-time feedback utilizing the platform.
    • Get payments with online-payment services integration. This can seamlessly allow the client to pay straight from an invoice email or user account in the platform itself.
    • Get third-party API integration for analytics, payments, marketing tools, calendars, video-conferencing platforms, etc.
    • Organize client data according to set perimeters.
    • You can ensure your clients’ peace of mind using these solutions regarding the security of their data which would be encrypted.
    • Have optional cloud-based backup and redundancies of data on a secure off-site location. This would prevent downtime of the system due to data loss.


Things to look for in Corporate Account Management Software:


  • You should look for goal and target-setting features in the platform. This will, later on, help in analyzing the progress of the sales quota.
  • Often one-time payment solutions might come with inferior quality of support. This is why businesses should also consider a subscription-based model which could have better support and more frequent software updates.
  • The service must have a secured client-accessible profile platform. This would enable the client to log in to the platform and monitor the progress.
  • Automatic call-routing features to both client and the firm, as well as internally.

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