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Tree View Button: Avoiding the Blank Space in the Tree Header for Corresponding Button in Odoo

In a normal case, we can create a view by using the corresponding fields in the database table (Odoo model) i.e., the header value of the tree view will be the string value of these fields. But it will be entirely different in case of a button.

In model view, the button will be an instance but not a field (not a column) in the database table. Because of this, in the tree header there will be a blank space for the corresponding button.

Getting started

STEP 1:  ADD  /static/src/xml/{FILENAME}.xml

odoo.define(ModuleName.EditableListRenderer', function (require) {
"use strict";

var ListRenderer = require('web.ListRenderer');

  _renderHeaderCell: function (node) {
        const $th = this._super.apply(this, arguments);
        if (node.attrs.class === 'custom_identifier'){
        return $th;

STEP 2: Add custom class for identifying the button, the given string value is used to render the table header.

<button name="{{ ACTIONNAME }}"
type="{{ ACTIONTYPE }}" 

STEP 3: Add the JS files in Odoo assets.

<template id="assets_frontend" inherit_id="web.assets_backend" name="table style">
    <xpath expr="." position="inside">
         <script type="text/javascript"
src="/ModuleName/static/src/js/{{ FILENAME }}.js"></script>

STEP 4:  __manifest__.py

‘data: [
STEP 5:  Server Restart

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Auto Completion of Date Widget in Odoo

In Odoo, when we click on a date widget a calendar is rendered and along with that recently used dates are also rendered. Because of this, there will be difficulty in choosing a new date from the calendar that rendered.

We can fix this issue by using the below code.

Getting started

STEP 1:  /static/src/xml/{FILENAME}.xml
 At first, inherit the date widget template and then add autocompletion as an argument, then set it as off. This will turn off the autocompletion.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<templates id="template" xml:space="preserve">
    <t t-extend="web.datepicker">
        <t t-jquery="input.o_datepicker_input" t-operation="replace">
            <input type="text" class="o_datepicker_input o_input datetimepicker-input" 
                autocomplete="off" />
STEP 2:  __manifest__.py
 Normally, all widgets are loaded by a JS file. Here we also need to load the widget. Add the file in qweb (in manifest file) then we can see the changes made.

‘qweb’ : [
STEP 3:  Server Restart

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Odoo vs NetSuite

Odoo Customization

About Netsuite

NetSuite ERP is a complete, adaptable cloud ERP arrangement focused on high-developing, mid-sized and large enterprises. It automates front and back office forms including: financial administration, revenue administration, asset management, billing, and stock administration.

About Odoo

Odoo is a platform that businesses of all sizes can use to effortlessly maintain the day to day running of the organization, for example, materials and distribution warehouse administration, HR, finance, bookkeeping, sales and numerous other features. Every application perfectly integrates with each other while syncing the data, helping you run your business efficiently with one easy solution. Also, its open-source model helps you customize the software according to your requirements.

Odoo vs NetSuite

Odoo vs NetSuite

Comparisons have been always drawn between the two when considering the ERP solutions, and it becomes very evident why dozens of companies, each and every day, adopt Odoo over NetSuite.

Odoo has in excess of 4 million clients and 25,000 client organizations in every industry and company size. Furthermore, the Enterprise arrangement is effectively being utilized across the globe, in more than 100 nations, accessible in 120+ various dialects compared to 20,000 client organizations with Netsuite.

NetSuite makes it difficult to accomplish the backup of your information, or to progress away from their framework. Odoo saw the difficulty that NetSuite was causing for organizations and adopted the strategy of an easy data back-up that can be restored on a standalone server as well as a cloud-based server like Amazon or Google.

Access to the Odoo source code is where Odoo truly shines, as it allows for endless customizations. NetSuite is only available as configured, which gives NetSuite the power to increase the cost every year or provide overwhelming cost estimates to customize the product.

Netsuite licenses alone can approach 4-5 times what Odoo licenses cost, depending upon the number of modules and users. When implementing, it is much easier with Odoo as its code is Python, which is much more common in the marketplace in comparison to finding a SuiteScripter for NetSuite.

Odoo is a perfect fit for manufacturing companies, warehouse management and professional services, and it is also an excellent e-commerce solution.

Feature comparison chart for Odoo vs NetSuite






360 Degree Feedback

A/B Testing
ACH Payment Processing
Absence Management
Access Control
Account Reconciliation
Accounting Integration
Accounting Management
Action Item Tracking
Action Management
Action Planning
Active Directory Integration
Activity Dashboard
Activity Management
Activity Tracking
Agile Software Development
Alerts / Escalation
Applicant Tracking
Application Integration
Applications Management
Appointment Management
Appraisal History
Approval Process Control
Archiving & Retention
Assessment Management
Asset Lifecycle Management
Asset Management
Attendance Management
Attendance Tracking
Audit Trail
Automated Billing
Automated Expense Input
Automated Sales
Automated Scheduling
Automatic Backup
Automatic Lead Distribution
Automatic Notifications
Availability Indicator
Balance Sheet
Bank Reconciliation
Barcode Generation
Barcode Printing
Barcode Scanning
Barcode Support
Batch Processing
Bid Management
Bill of Material Analysis
Billable Hours Tracking
Billing & Invoicing
Bills of Material
Bulk Send
Business Analysis
Business Intelligence
CRM Integration
Calendar Management
Calendar Sync with Google
Campaign Analysis
Campaign Management
Campaign Segmentation
Capacity Management
Cash Flow Management
Click Tracking
Client Management
Collaboration Tools
Communication Management
Compliance Management
Configurable Workflow
Contact Database
Contact History
Contact Management
Content Management
Contract Drafting
Contract Management
Conversion Tracking
Cost Tracking
Credit Card Integration
Currency Conversion
Custom Charts
Custom Development
Custom Fields
Custom Forms
Custom Landing Pages
Customer Database
Customer History
Customer Segmentation
Customizable Branding
Customizable Templates
Dashboard Creation
Data Import/Export
Data Visualization
Delivery Tracking
Demand Planning
Digital Signature
Distribution Management
Document Automation
Document Generation
Document Management
Document Storage
Document Templates
Drag & Drop Interface
ERP Integration
Electronic Payments
Electronic Signature Capture
Email Integration
Email Marketing Management
Email Templates
Email Tracking
Employee Database
Employee Management
Employee Profile
Employee Self Service
Employee Time Tracking
Equipment Maintenance
Equipment Tracking
Escalation Management
Event Calendar
Event Management
Event Ticketing
Expense Claims
Expense Tracking
Feedback Collection
Feedback Management
Filtered Views
Financial Analysis
Financial Management
Fixed Asset Management
Forms Management
Forum / Discussion Board
Fraud Detection
Gantt Charts
General Ledger
HTML5 Technology
Help Desk Integration
Help Desk Management
History Tracking
Human Resource Integration
Instant Messaging
Inventory Management
Inventory Replenishment
Inventory Tracking
Invoice Management
Invoice Processing
Issue Tracking
Job Application Management
Jobs Board Integration
Knowledge Base Management
Landing Page Templates
Lead Assignment
Lead Capture
Lead Distribution
Lead Generation
Lead Management
Lead Scoring
Leave Tracking
Lifecycle Management
Loyalty Program
Maintenance Scheduling
Meeting Management
Microsoft Outlook Integration
Mobile Integration
Multi-Channel Distribution
Multiple Projects
Newsletter Management
Online Booking Integration
Online Catalog
Online Forums
Opportunity Management
Order Approval
Order Entry
Order Management
Order Processing
Order Tracking
PDF Conversion
POS Integration
Payroll Integration
Payroll Management
Performance Appraisal
Performance Reports
Permission Management
Pipeline Management
Pipeline Reports
Planning Tools
Predictive Analytics
Procurement Management
Product Catalog
Product Catalog Integration
Product Data Management
Production Control
Production Tracking
Productivity Reporting
Progress Reports
Project Management
Project Planning
Project Time Tracking
Project Workflow
Promotions Management
Purchase Order Management
Purchasing Management
Quality Assurance
Quality Control
Quota Management
Quote Management
RFID Scanning
ROI Analytics
Real Time Analytics
Real Time Data
Real Time Monitoring
Real Time Notifications
Real Time Reporting
Real Time Updates
Receipt Management
Recruitment Management
Recurring Billing
Referral Tracking
Reporting & Statistics
Retail Inventory Management
Returns Management
Revenue Management
Revenue Recognition
Role-Based Permissions
SEO Management
SLA Management
SMS Marketing Management
Sales Analytics
Sales Forecasting
Sales Integration
Sales Orders
Sales Reporting
Sales Tax Management
Sales Tracking
Search Functionality
Serial Number Tracking
Shipping Management
Shopping Cart
Sick Leave Tracking
Social Media Integration
Social Media Metrics
Social Network Marketing
Subscription Management
Summary Reports
Supply Chain Planning
Support Ticket Management
Support Ticket Tracking
Survey Management
Surveys & Feedback
Task Management
Task Planning
Task Scheduling
Task Tracking
Template Management
Third Party Integration
Time Off Requests
URL Customization
Vacation Tracking
Version Control

Visitor Tracking


Warehouse Management

Web Analytics
Website Integration
Website Management
Work Order Management
Workflow Management
eCommerce Integration
eCommerce Management
iCalendar Support


With its modern look and feel, lightning fast performance, great mobile app performance, technical infrastructure, flexibility, and pricing of each solution, it becomes quite apparent that Odoo is a fantastic alternative to NetSuite.

Numerous IT experts have voiced their opinion that Odoo is the future of business innovation given its value point, joined with the specialized opportunity and adaptability it lends to organizations as they advance in the changing world.

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Odoo 13 New Features| Release date

odoo 13 release date and features

Odoo 13 launch date 

Odoo has already proven itself to be a game-changing tool for businesses. Odoo 13 is set to release at the Odoo Experience in October 2019, and everyone’s looking forward to seeing what this new version has in store.

odoo 13 release date and features

Odoo 13 new features include : 

1. Coupons and form builder modules moving to the community version

The website form builder and sales coupons and promotions modules are moving from the to the community version of Odoo 13. This means that you can add contact and forms to your website to collect user information along with promotions and discounts to attract new customers.

2. MRP subcontracting
Companies that outsource manufacturing for a part or full product can use the MRP subcontracting for BOM feature in Odoo 13 to streamline ordering and payment.

3. Skill management module
Odoo 13 will have a new module for managers to manage their employees. It builds on the current employee module and allows managers to keep track of your employees’ resumes, skills, training, and more in one spot.

4. Embed product videos on your website
With Odoo 13, you can feature product videos directly on your eCommerce website. This can lead to higher conversion rates for your site.

5. HR and payroll features
HR payroll is moving to the Enterprise version of Odoo 13. There’s also a new payroll planning feature along with some HR features. Odoo 13 will automatically be able to detect whether an employee is present or absent based on their activity. In addition, “leave” has been renamed “time off.” You can set up an automatic “out of office” message when you take time off.

6. Chartjs available
Chartjs opens up a range of possibilities for highlighting specific statistics and building advanced portals.

7. Odoo 13 has renamed “delivery method” “shipping method.”

8. Odoo 13 is going to run on jQuery 3.

9. Additional after-sales services
You’ll be able to manage returns, coupons, refunds, and repairs from your helpdesk tickets on Odoo 13. You can integrate your support teams with other departments, like sales, projects, warehouse, and accounting.

10. Odoo survey updates
You’ll be able to manage online certifications with Odoo Survey in Odoo 13. This includes managing attempts, test deadline, on-screen timer, and scores. You can also send and print certificates. There’s also a new answer type, “date time,” in Odoo Survey.

11. HTML editor support is now in checklists.

12. Improved invoicing process
There have been several improvements to invoicing sales orders. Invoicing has improved wording along with the ability to choose whether you want to include the option to deduct down payments.

13. FedEx labels
You can directly print FedEx return shipping labels. You can also generate and print return labels for other carriers.

14. New signature widget
With Odoo 13, you can add signatures anywhere using Odoo Studio. You can also request signatures in any process, such as on delivery receipts and purchase orders.

15. Timer displayed on work orders.

16. New field service management app

17. Search panel now in Kanban view.

18. Lazy loading for java-script files

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Confianz Global Named an Industry Leader by Clutch


Efficiency is what separates the good from the great in the world of business, regardless of size or services offered. We are proud to offer services that utilize the latest technology to improve efficiency for businesses across a vast array of industries, addressing any number of unique challenges. Our work is unparalleled, and our results speak for themselves, but we are fortunate enough to have people that agree with us.

We are pleased to share that we have once again been ranked number one among the top ERP consultants in the world. This recognition comes to us courtesy of Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform that helps businesses form smarter partnerships with service providers. Clutch uses several metrics, including marketing presence, previous work, and verified client reviews to gauge the quality of service providers across a number of industries. After being the subject of this research, we maintained our status as an industry leader on the platform, firmly establishing us as a trusted provider of Odoo solutions.

media_image2 (1)

 In addition to being named top ERP consultants, we have also been highlighted as one of the top web developers in India by Clutch’s sister-site, The Manifest. The Manifest is a resource that offers industry insights, how-to-guides, and recommendations of top service providers like us. They featured us for our ability to deliver for our clients, as well as for a project we completed with a mining company to bolster their digital presence. We are proud to be recognized as top web developers, and our inclusion on both Clutch’s directory and The Manifest speaks to the quality of the work we provide.

 Industry authorities are not the only people to highlight the quality of our work, our clients have also been kind enough to share stories of their time working with us. When asked what they found impressive about Confianz Global( App Design & Development Company ) , one of our clients responded,

 “They understood the business and process level issues we needed to be resolved in a way that other companies didn’t pick up on. They delivered on their promises and consistently met the scheduled deadlines. We also appreciated the forthcoming nature of their updates.”

 Our approach to every project centers on our clients’ needs, and their feedback is our most important metric for measuring our success. Check here to read the full review and see what else our clients are saying about us.

 We take pride in the success that we have found, but we recognize that we did not achieve it alone. Thank you to all of our amazing clients and partners for trusting us with your digital solutions and presence. Your support empowers us to do what we love, and we cannot wait to keep working with you.