24/7 support

24/7 support

Confianz Global. is the first in the world to provide 24/7 support and maintenance for Odoo customers. Not only do we provide 24/7 Odoo support to our existing clients, we also accept new clients already running Odoo who need support.

What Support means

24/7 Monitoring

Our NOC/Development team will monitor your Odoo server and items using smart technologies. These intelligent monitoring tools make sure we don’t wait for something to fail. Monitoring includes server health, hard disc health, and more.

Attending to a Problem

Our Odoo 24/7 support customers can reach out to our NOC teams via a ticketing system, phone or chat to get their problem assessed. They talk to a real human during the process. Based on the criticality of the problem and service level agreements in place, the NOC team will fix the problem on a timely basis.


In case it’s a problem that needs developer assistance, the NOC team will escalate it to an Odoo developer in our US office or Indian office based on the time. Any urgent problems will be fixed with high priority making sure you can continue using the system with minimal down time.

What if I already have Odoo from another provider, can I get 24/7 support?

We understand you need 24/7 Odoo support and maintenance. For customers already using OpenERP/Odoo from another vendor or partner, we are happy to get you onboard this process. We evaluate your existing code base and integrations to make sure the system is something we can support and maintain. In many cases we need to train our NOC team on your specific customizations to make sure they can maintain and support the system.

We always reserve the right to refuse support and maintenance to certain customers if their code is buggy and if best programming practices are not followed. In such cases, Confianz Global can take it as a project to improve the whole Odoo instance to make it reach a point or certain metrics where Confianz Global can support the system. Such project rescues will be separately billed and will be a fixed cost project.

If you want to know more about our Odoo 24/7 support and maintenance packages, please call +1 704 215 4622 or email us at sales@confianzit.biz

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