100% Quality Code

100% Quality Code

Anyone in the world can learn to write a computer program. We believe coding is an art unto itself. We are passionate and proud of writing the best quality code, whether it's mobile application development, web application development, big data analytics, or internet of things.

We have implemented some of the best practices to make sure source code quality is maintained across the team. Such practices include:

Peer Code Review

At the end of the day every developer reviews his team member's code and gives suggestions. Any changes suggested in peer review are bound to be fixed unless the original programmer was able to satisfy their peers as to why it is done a specific way.

Manager Code Review

Randomly, the code committed to the GIT repository will be reviewed by a Project Manager, Team Leader, Project Lead, or the CTO. All software developers working with Confianz Global® are given clear instructions on the Do's and Don'ts.

GIT Restrictions

We have lexical analyzers implemented on the GIT level so that software developers cannot check in a poor quality code. Such GIT requests will trigger an email to the Project Lead.

While all of these quality assurance checks are in place, we keep our software developers happy and effective by encouraging their passion for writing beautiful code rather than it being a chore.

What our customers say....

Over our 2 year business relationship with Confianz Global®, I have found them to be people who stand behind their word and a company that fulfills expectations. Their developers are skilled professionals who make themselves available to meet the customer's needs. As a leader in applying technology to sourcing of custom metal products, our company must provide a platform that effectively services our customers' needs. The experience and expertise Confianz Global® has brought to our development program has helped Short Run Pro create a platform that provides operational efficiency now and growth potential far into the future.

Scott Toal
President, Shortrunpro LLC, North Carolina, USA

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