No Third party outsourcing

No third party outsourcing

No third party consultants

No contractors involved

As a commitment to our customers, Confianz Global® will not outsource your projects to any third party. We understand how important your business is for you. Your sensitive business data, Trademarks and intellectual property rights need to be protected. Every human who works on your project, whether he/she is a designer, QA tester, developer or architect, will be a direct employee of Confianz Global®. We own our development centers and all identified employees have strict NDAs with the company. We also have strict data compliance when it comes to who can access what within our organization.

Confianz Global® is different from large software players who send resources to projects in large numbers including consultants, contractors or subcontractors. We believe such a level of engagement will leave a bad reputation for Confianz Global® Global®, as a result we don't use any external consultants, contractors, or subcontractors. We strongly believe saying "No" to a project where we have no expertise is better in the long term than outsourcing or subcontracting.

We are a privately owned corporation with no external investors. We will continue to keep our head high against any third party outsourcing to safeguard our reputation, quality of service and most importantly, protect our customers from fraud.

What our customers say....

Over our 2 year business relationship with Confianz Global®, I have found them to be people who stand behind their word and a company that fulfills expectations. Their developers are skilled professionals who make themselves available to meet the customer's needs. As a leader in applying technology to sourcing of custom metal products, our company must provide a platform that effectively services our customers' needs. The experience and expertise Confianz Global® has brought to our development program has helped Short Run Pro create a platform that provides operational efficiency now and growth potential far into the future.

Scott Toal
President, Shortrunpro LLC, North Carolina, USA

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