Does it Work for Us?

Does it Work for Us?

We often hear from our prospective customers that another company or team burned them in the past.

Offshore developers work for some customers and sometimes it is not a fit at all. So before considering running an extended offshore team, it’s better to evaluate the following:

Offshoring is Not Cheap

Good developers in India or Eastern Europe, etc. are well paid. The purpose of having offshoring should be driven for skilled labor, hours of work and market needs and not for saving a lot of money. With the economies of scale, there will be some financial benefits, but if you pay really cheap rates, the quality of the software code will reflect that. At Confianz Global® we have well defined best practices in place for hiring to onboarding to working on a project. This is the reason we will never be the cheapest in the market for providing services, but we will be competitive.

International Laws

The laws are different in every country. Business litigation with a company overseas is difficult, expensive and in some cases it may not even be possible. Since inception nine years ago, Confianz Global® has never had any business legal issues with any customers. We are present in the United States, so your contract is going to be with a US corporation.

Privacy/ Intellectual Property Rights

Your data is valuable. We have sophisticated physical as well as software layers to protect your data and valuables. We have strong NDAs and policies in place to project you, and to protect us.

Just Offshore is Not Recommended

You have equal responsibility in getting a project successfully completed using offshore developers from Confianz Global®. If you are a one-person team or a team having no IT expertise at all, we recommend that you discuss your needs with us. Doing a Fixed Price project where the responsibility is completely on our shoulders is a great way to evaluate our services and company.


Patience is required when working with an offshore team. There are cultural differences, difference in accent, etc. It can take a month or so to have everything working like a well oiled machine. We recommend that you look at your priorities and tell us what your expectations are. It's always better to see if it’s a fit earlier rather than later.

If you are looking to build a world class technology team to build a software product, please call us at +1 704 215 4622 or email us at [email protected]

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