OpenERP / Odoo-Salesforce Connector

OpenERP/Odoo Salesforce Connector

OpenERP/Odoo-Salesforce Connector

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Odoo Salesforce Connector
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Odoo - Salesforce Connector syncs in real time between Odoo and Salesforce. Currently we support Odoo Versions 7, 8 and 9 (Community & Enterprise). This module is exceptionally useful for businesses who already have Salesforce and want to keep it even after adopting the Odoo ERP System.

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OpenERP/Odoo-Salesforce Connector

Confianz has built an OpenERP 7.0 - Salesforce connector and launched it under AGPL V3.0 on Launchpad.

Here is how it works

Confianz has built an OpenERP 7.0 - Salesforce connector and launched

1) Install the module salesforce integration and a new menu called "Salesforce" becomes available.

Step 1

2) If you go to Settings > User Groups, you will find that two new user groups have been added: Salesforce Manager and Salesforce User.

Step 2

3) The Manager can view all the connection details and configurations while User privileges are limited to only import and export of the database.

Step 3

4) Under "Configuration" menu, a submenu called Synced Objects is made available. This refers to those objects that are currently integrated with the Salesforce API.

Step 4

5) Synced Fields represent the fields which will be integrated with corresponding Salesforce field, the type of sync and integration method.
These get automatically populated when the module is installed.

Step 5


The connector therefore, enables the integration of more modules in future. Also, if any custom fields are added, it can be easily integrated without any hassles and with minimal technical aid. Once everything is integrated, you need to go to your Salesforce account and fill in your connection information. Your account needs to be confirmed by the manager. Once an account is confirmed, you get access to buttons for import and export of data under the "SalesForce Sync" Tab.


You can integrate more than one Salesforce account with OpenERP, as need arises. Once you click the buttons for import and export, the data gets integrated.

Finally, a pop-up provides you with:

  • Number of records imported
  • Successful imports
  • Any failed imports

If there is any failed data integration, you can find the reason of failure in the Salesforce Log.

Some DelightedCustomers

What our customers say....

Over our 2 year business relationship with Confianz, I have found them to be people who stand behind their word and a company that fulfills expectations. Their developers are skilled professionals who make themselves available to meet the customer's needs. As a leader in applying technology to sourcing of custom metal products, our company must provide a platform that effectively services our customers' needs. The experience and expertise Confianz has brought to our development program has helped Short Run Pro create a platform that provides operational efficiency now and growth potential far into the future.

Scott Toal
President, Shortrunpro LLC, North Carolina, USA

What our customers say....

All in all, we've had a very positive experience working with the Confianz development team ... Compared to our previous team, Confianz has been by far better.

Kevin Creedon,
VP & Partner, Element Designs

What our customers say....

Overall, Confianz has delivered what was promised. The solution works well, so they're pretty solid from a coding perspective.

Denise Shields,
Co-Founder, Wambam Fence

What our customers say....

Confianz is a local company, so its easy to get face-to-face time with them. The work was done within the stated time and under-budget.

Jay Pithwa,
President, Tastebuds Popcorn

What our customers say....

They always had great ideas about different approaches we could take ... Confianz did everything which they promised to do and provided full support to us.

Benny Bells,
Partner/COO , Loyal 9 Marketing

What our customers say....

It was such a big challenge for me to replace our decades-old central system with OpenERP,a very sophisticated ERP platform which was totally new to me. However they relieved me from that pressure by answering my hundreds of questions, asking me even more questions that I could not come up with by myself, and having so-detailed live demonstration and hearing sessions via Skype before actually kicking-off the project. Sales persons were never late to reply to my message and always open to discussion, while engineers are incredibly knowledgeable not only about the technology itself but also about practical business operations. They always provided the best solution for each demand taking the great balance of simplicity and functionality. I deeply appreciate their more-than-6-months continuous support and cooperation for bringing this challenging project to a success. No need to mention that I'd repeat to hire them on more jobs as I do know that's always among the best choices, particularly for OpenERP related jobs.

Kazuhiro Mori
DMR Co., Ltd.

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