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Retail and manufacturing businesses seek unified solutions to simultaneously manage offline processes and online stores. Confianz GlobalĀ® has developed an ERP-integrated solution which is a single interface for overall management. Many businesses function with a unique workflow that proprietary systems cannot address with ease. Odoo - Magento integration has produced excellent results when implemented for retailers, owing to the flexibility it provides to tune the system for a customized workflow. Our Odoo - Magento connector is very user friendly. Odoo and Magento integration provides the ability to set up fully functional online stores while managing multiple stores. It can also generate an impressive set of reports, manage shipping systems such as UPS or FedEx and payment gateways such as PayPal. Confianz GlobalĀ® actively works on Odoo - Magento integration based projects, and has developed the Magento Connector for Odoo to address the highly pressing need for a stable solution for a wide community of users and developers.

Odoo Magento Connector

The Magento Connector is made available as an easily installable and configurable module for Odoo. Users can manage multiple e-commerce systems through a single interface, as well as multiple stores within a single e-commerce system. Real-time sync of the inventory system is mandated in order to maintain quick response time, while others are rendered configurable. This new version of Odoo-Magento Connector is an ideal, bug-free solution for businesses looking to effectively connect and sync their Odoo system with the feature-rich Magento to address various custom requirements. This Magento Connector build that resulted from a good understanding of real-time business cases has enabled Confianz GlobalĀ® to successfully handle the integration for various workflows, generating several satisfied customers. Further, the Magento-Odoo integrated system when deployed on cloud hosted servers proves to be a quick-responding, highly scalable, secure and cost-effective technological solution that not only helps you grow, but can also grow with you.


Odoo  Connector

Import and Export of product and Product Categories

Odoo Connector for Magento

Import and Export of multiple images of products between Magento and Odoo

Odoo Magento Bridge Connectors

Real time Import of Customers

Odoo ERP Magento Connector

Real time Import of Shipping and Invoice address

Odoo Magento Bridge Connector

Export to Magento option within a customer

Odoo 11 Magento Connectors

Export customer activate status in real time to Magento

Odoo 12 Magento Connector

Real time Sale Order import from Magento

Odoo ERP Magento Connector

Real time Order Status Update/export to Magento

Odoo Magento Connector

Manual Sale Order Import

Magento Odoo Connectors

Import carrier and tracking references of order to Magento

Odoo Connector Magento

Update Delivered Status to Magento by creating Magento Shipment Order

Odoo Magento Bridge Connector

Multiple websites support

Install Odoo Connector for Magento

Real Time Inventory Sync

Odoo Magento Bridge Connector

Manual Import/Export facility available


4.9 out of 5.0 for Odoo Magento Connector by 100+ clients on over 250+ Odoo ERP projects