Gridizen is one of the largest property management company in London, UK. The Gridizen app helps house owners to find local vendors and accept their offers using QR code. The app also features a social platform where owners or tenants can interact with each other securely.


Tastebuds Popcorn has been creating the world's best popcorn since 2011. The idea was created by Jay Pithwa by using decades-old recipes for caramel that he brought over and perfected from his hometown in England. Each of their 200+ flavors are hand crafted in a true artisan style using authentic ingredients such as imported Madagascar vanilla, European sea salts, and high-end chocolates like Godiva, Ghiradelli, and Lindor.

Tastebuds iPhone app helps customers to order their favorite popcorn easily from their smartphone. Push messaging helps Tastebuds to send out offers and new flavor introductions to their loyal fans.


Mednet is one of the largest healthcare solutions provider in the Middle East and Europe.

MedNet mHealth App is a customer-centric solution designed exclusively for MedNet members. It enables beneficiaries to interact with their respective MedNet and facilitates dealing with health-related matters in a digitalized way.


Glenway is a chain of restaurants in the US. This customer facing app helps loyal customers to order food for pickup in an interactive way. App has a lot of features including secure payments, unlimited customization of the menu and ordering food in advance.