Mobile Application Prototyping

Mobile Application Prototyping

Whether you want to build an Android App or iOS App, in many cases the customer wants to build a prototype first. Prototypes usually lack the actual functionality of the final product, but the UI screens are connected to each other to define the work flow of the actual application.

Prototyping of iOS and Android applications is particularly useful in cases where you need to get a proof of concept approved from your board of directors or stakeholders. Startups building mobility products also invest in building prototypes so that they can pitch their product idea to an investor or board of investors. Prototypes give a strong signal to your investors that you are serious about your business, plus they get an idea of what problem it is you are trying to solve.

At Confianz Global® we use different tools to build prototypes. If you have an idea and want to learn more about mobile application prototyping, please contact us at 704 2154622 or email us at [email protected]

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