It will be highly beneficial to a manufacturing plant for machinery to inform personnel prior to a possible failure. For example, a hydraulic system can warn that there is a 30% chance of failure in the next 20 days; or a temperature sensor can notify workers when the system is out of spec. Using IOT will alleviate the need for dedicated workers to stay in one place monitoring one system, which will increase efficiency.

Such continuous monitoring also helps investigators trace back to a possible cause in case of product flaws, enabling management to take preventive action in the future.

With Internet of Things, the manufacturing process is going to be smarter. This is the new industrial revolution where manufacturing businesses have more visibility into their processes. Instead of batch level visibility in production, it will be possible to have a unit level visibility for products in each step. Many manufacturing facilities are offline today, but recent research by SCM World suggests that it will drop to zero by 2020. Manufacturers understand the value that Internet of Things can bring to increase visibility, improve productivity and most importantly meet business demands.

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