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Incubate 3.0 is an exciting new concept developed by Confianz Global right here in Charlotte, North Carolina. The program helps tech startups grow with equity-based product development services. We provide mentorship and resources in exchange for equity in your business.

A typical incubator or accelerator only provides mentorship and seed funding. We go above and beyond that by providing you highly experienced architects, developers, AWS experts, QA test managers, and fractional CFOs to get your product to the market. If you have a great idea for a technical product or software but lack the technical expertise to develop it, you’re exactly the type of business owner we want to work with!

In exchange for getting exclusive access to our expertise and resources, we get equity in your business. With our equity on the line, you know we’re going to do everything we can to help you crush your business goals!

Grow Your Software Startup with Incubate 3.0!

  • Scale up or down
  • Equity-based product development
  • Get office space plus every tool you need
  • Piggyback on our 11+ years of technology expertise


Confianz Global was a startup back in the early days of tech, and we have 11+ years of experience under our belt building a successful tech business. We know your pain points because we’ve lived them. We’ve had a lot of successes and failures along the way that have gotten us to where we are today as a global organization.

By participating in Incubate 3.0, you can benefit from all of our experience without making the same mistakes that we did. Think of it as a fast-tracked way to get your business from startup to fully scaled.

With our unique twist on incubators, your success is directly tied to our equity. That means that it’s in our best interest to give you all the tools and resources we can offer to help you develop your product and grow your business.

In addition to technical knowledge and tools, we provide community to our Incubate 3.0 participants. Entrepreneurship can be extremely isolating. Working with us opens up a whole community of other like-minded entrepreneurs. You don’t have to build your business alone! You’ll share office space with other entrepreneurs who will energize you and motivate you at every step of the way.

We’re here to guide you and all of our Incubate 3.0 participants with mentorship and events that will help you develop your product and build a business that’s able to continue to grow after you graduate from the program.

How is Incubate 3.0 different from other incubators?

We’re not your typical incubator. To start with, Confianz provides equity-based product development services. That means we help your business grow in exchange for an equity stake in your business. This gives us skin in the game—your success is our success.

We’re focused on tech startups who need expertise and resources to develop their product or service. Incubate 3.0 makes it easier for innovators who have a great tech startup idea but lack software skills to move forward.

Along with resources like tools and office space, we provide mentorship from experts in the industry who know what it takes to build and grow a business. We’re technical experts who can help you develop your product. All you need is a great idea. We’re here to help you develop it.

By participating in Incubate 3.0, you get instant access to our vast network. This means you’ll have access to more funding along with opportunities to be acquired. We don’t just introduce you to investors and walk away. We actively work with you to connect with the right investors who can give your company the jumpstart it needs to go from small startup to global enterprise.

Our mentorship also includes working with you on how to formulate and articulate your investor pitch. This culminates in our annual demo day, which is a day dedicated to Incubate 3.0 participants making their pitches in front of an elite panel of investors. This is your chance to get real money from real investors who believe in your product. It’s the kind of opportunity you can only get from Incubate 3.0.

How to apply to Incubate 3.0 and what to expect

  • The process begins once you sign an NDA.
  • You pitch your idea by sharing your business plan* with us.
  • Our board and team of panelists will review your information and decide whether or not accept your application.
  • If your application meets our criteria, we’ll search for prior art or patent conflicts to protect you and protect ourselves. If you’re accepted, we will apply for a provisional patent to protect your idea.
  • Our elite panel will review all materials and make the final decision to move forward.
  • Once we have decided to move forward, we will develop your product for you against equity.
  • You get shared office space plus access to all the tools and resources you need to build your product and take it to market!.

Once you’re in Incubate 3.0 we’ll walk you through every step of your product journey. Your success is our success!

*We recommend using a business plan building software such as LivePlan for help creating a clear business plan.!


We can’t accept every application, unfortunately. If your application was rejected because of the idea itself, either because it’s not a marketable product or it violates another company’s intellectual property and isn’t patentable, you are welcome to apply again with a better idea that is unrelated to your original application.

If our panel rejects your application, you’ll receive a detailed explanation of why it wasn’t accepted. If your application is rejected for clarity, you can reapply with a better, more focused business plan that includes things that you missed the first time around.


As you can probably tell by now, we’re passionate about technology companies. We know the difference having a partner at the early phase of development can make in determining whether or not a product makes it. We were a startup 11 years ago, and it's always a great feeling to help young and like-minded entrepreneurs.

Over the last 11 years, we have sat down and listened to some of the best startup ideas in the world. What we’ve learned is that, in most cases, startups don’t fail because of a lack of effort. Rather, it's the lack of money, mentorship, motivation, or software skills that keep those ideas from becoming products in the market today. We want to bridge that gap by providing the mentorship, skills, motivation, and investment that entrepreneurs need to develop a viable product and build a scalable business.

Our location is unique for helping young businesses. People tend to think of New York or the Bay area when they hear about startups. We want startups to consider a fast-growing city like Charlotte, North Carolina, where the cost of living is significantly lower and the quality of life is far better. On top of all that, we have access to outstanding, talented technology graduates who want to stay in the area.

Last, but not least, investing money and time in early-stage startups comes with a lot of risks. This is why we’re very careful about which companies we accept into the Incubate 3.0 program. We want your startup to succeed since we also share a fraction of your success.


We only help early-stage technology companies, and you need to be a US-based startup.
Every product is different. For instance, the cost of building your product idea for an iPhone app, which only takes four weeks, will liquidate less equity than a product that takes ten months of continuous development.

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